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Shown below are the six federations in the IWA, listed in the order in which they are processed. Click on the name of the federation that your league belongs to for a list of the current league champions. (If you don't know what federation your league is in, look at the list further down this page, or on the back of your league bulletin, or consult the list of leagues at the end of the online IWA Report.)

This information is updated each week, along with the Hold Values, so check back often.



  • IWA-wide Documents (PDF)

These documents apply to all leagues, while the rest of the documents listed below pertain to specific leagues.

  • Contest results: For a list of all the competitors from State Wrestling, click HERE.

  • IWA Report: Click HERE for the latest issue (Vol. 29, No. 9 -- Summer 2024). Due to space constraints, the print version often omits Top 20 lists and/or the current list of leagues; that information is available in the HTML version, which is located HERE.

  • UWL entry form: Click HERE. You can sign up by including the necessary information in an email; you do not have to fill out this form.

  • Match Selection Sheet: Although most of our players submit matches via email using plain text, some prefer to print a match form, fill it out, and send us a photo, while others use a program to add text on top of the PDF form. Click HERE for a printable match form.


  • League Bulletins (PDF)

The current bulletins from all our leagues are available below. These PDF files are updated the same day the federation results are posted and include everything the snail mail versions have, with the added bonus that some feature pages in color.

If you want us to continue providing results this way, contact Kimberly and tell her you'd like to "go green." We'll stop sending you printed bulletins, which will help keep our prices low, and you'll get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you just helped save the planet. Everyone wins!


  • Match Results (HTML)

We also provide timely results in HTML format! While these are currently limited to match outcomes, the files are smaller than their PDF counterparts.

News Join the IWA Handbook Prices Leagues Results Hold Values IWA Report Hall of Fame Archives Contact Us
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