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2/2/23 -- Results and Hold Values (AWL [new design debuts tonight!], VVL)
1/26/23 -- IWA Report (sneak peek)
1/13/23 -- Hall of Fame (4 new inductees)
1/13/23 -- Leagues (added PDL; removed NRL; BRL prizes)
9/9/19 -- Prices (free matches)
1/3/19 -- Contact Us (email)
8/7/18 -- Handbook (prizes)



"Hello, all my friends in the IWA. How would you like to take a trip to a new league? We want to test you! We will have a 3-wrestler limit. Our $12 deal includes 20 matches, free matches against the 30 lowest-ranked wrestlers, plus 1 free battle royal entry -- or you can try our $14 deal with 26 matches, free matches against the 40 lowest-ranked wrestlers, plus 2 free battle royal entries! The winner of the battle royal receives free matches equal to the total number of entrants! This, ladies and gentleman, is the Final Impact League! We will be making our home in the Gold Federation. Transfers of up to 500 wins per wrestler will be allowed. Just tell Kim you want your wrestlers in Final Impact, and we hope to see you there!"

(Tag-team and six-man matches are not permitted in the FIL. The League Champion will compete for the IWA Asian, Elite, and Gold Federation titles. Click HERE for the full-size image.)



Presenting the definitive almanac for the Blood Bath League! The BBL is one of our oldest leagues, and Commissioner Hank Hammerlock is attempting to capture its rich, storied history in a celebration of the many achievements by past and present competitors. Download the PDF and enjoy lists of all-time records, statistical leaders, Commissioner's champions, events history, year-end award recipients, major titles secured by BBL grapplers, and BBL Hall of Fame members.

Right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 3.5MB).



"It's Gold Monday, and you know what that means... time to spend a day off with the IWAR Magazine!

"The cover of the 185th issue features the controversial return of Senor Lucha and his House of Lucha, which includes his personal rapper, Billy Jack Novack, his personal bodyguard, Sandy the Bear Francisco, and a massive monster of a man, his protege, Agua Congelada! We take a deeper look at how his being snubbed for a Hall of Fame induction somehow set him on a path of destruction and betrayal in the IWL.

"This issue includes the brackets for all the match-ups for the Johnny B Cup, Marano Memorial Tag-team Tournament, and Lethal Lottery: The Trifecta tournament, so if you entered, be sure to check those pages and see who your wrestlers or team will face, because these events start with the January cycle!

"Don't forget to take advantage of the IWAR Network $12 match deal, which gives players 20 matches and 30 scrub wins, and is a nice way for the rookies to build up their records. Also remember the IWAR battle royal deal in the IWL and BRL that offers two entries for just $1, and it means even more, as the winner of the IWL battle royal gets free matches! In the BRL, the home of the IWA's biggest credit prize, this cycle marks the start of the BRL splitting that credit 50/50 between the battle royal winner and the BRL Champion!

"The IWAR Network offers the IWAR Tubecasts -- one that reviews the cycle's results, and another that reviews the trash talk -- and we hold the IWAR Gold Strategy Workshop with strategy expert Mike Cook, who offers advice that will help you score higher. If you are craving even more wrestling fun, the RetroWrestling Games YouTube page covers wrestling's history, video games, and more." (The YouTube pages will open in new browser windows. The IWA is not responsible for their content.)

"The IWAR Creative Team thanks all the players who make the IWAR Network the best place to play in the IWA."
-- IWAR Commissioner Matt Riley

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 2.9MB).



Download the latest issue of the IWA Gauntlet Magazine and treat your eyes to the recipients of the 2022 Players' Choice Awards, the Commissioner Champion rankings, manager and player rankings, hot takes, PBM Hall of Fame inductions, all-time records, and some genuinely helpful pointers on getting the most out of the game in a special piece by the Editor. You won't want to miss it!

To get your very own copy, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 1.3MB).



"Greetings, IWA managers. Leather Foxx here, in my new capacity as Commissioner of the ASL. I'm here to invite -- no, to challenge you to try out the All Star League, the IWA's oldest league. For the next three cycles, you can transfer or create a wrestler in this Gold Federation league for free!

"The ASL is a credit league where, depending on league activity, the League Champion can collect up to $50 in IWA credit every cycle! Do we have perks? You bet your sweet bippy we have perks! Just listen to this: in addition to the League Champ earning credit, every cycle, the battle royal winner gets five free matches. When you take the match deal, you get free matches against the bottom 30 wrestlers. In addition, if you take the match deal and submit trash talk, you get 2-for-$1 battle royal entries. Do you like talking trash? We like you, too -- so much that we pay you to talk. Take five free matches just for submitting trash talk. Plus, every cycle, whoever is deemed to have the best submission gets five more free matches!

"We have a PPV every two to three cycles where the commish titles are defended. Our report is old school, so don't expect multiple pages of pretty pictures of the same old stuff every cycle. We are always striving to provide entertainment for the ASL managers. Join now, and you'll be here in time for the 2023 Mr. ASL tournament. There's more to come, but you have to be here to be part of the excitement. Don't wait any longer. JOIN NOW!

"P.S. We aren't vegans in the ASL, so keep your plants at home!"



"Come on over to the brand new ladies' league in the Bronze Federation, the Pretty Deadly League. This is not your run-of-the-mill ladies' league; this is a ladies' league with some bite, venom, and hard-hitting action that you can only find in the PDL! Perks, because everyone wants some perks these days: with the $12 match deal, you can send one lady grappler against the bottom 20, or you can split it and send two wrestlers against the bottom 10 -- double the fun for the same amount of cash! That's a great deal! There is a 6-ladies limit, and transfers are limited to wrestlers with fewer than 200 wins -- this gives everyone an equal footing upon entering the field of play. That's also a great deal! This is going to be the premier Ladies' Wrestling Federation league. Best you get in on the get-go! Sign up today, and let Kim know to make your ladies... PRETTY DEADLY!"



This year-long marathon will begin with the January bulletins, and is open to all wrestlers in our ladies' leagues. Earn points every cycle in categories such as singles action, team matches, battle royal performance, and quality of trash talk. Those with the highest scores following the January 2024 issue of the IWA Report will receive 25 free matches and $250,000 in i-cash!

Since the results will be determined over the course of 17 cycles, this tournament will prove which of our female athletes are consistently the best. You don't want to be late to the party, so click this link for all the exciting details!



"In honor of the 10th year of the Johnny B Cup and the 27th Frank Marano Memorial Tag-team Tournament, in 2023, the field for these events will expand beyond the IWAR Network's Battle Royal League, Independent Wrestling League, and New Wave League to also include the Blood Bath League, Celestial Wrestling League, Danger Zone League, and Western Trails League! Click on this link to see the details of how to join, how to compete, when it will be run, and how much your wrestlers can win! Special thanks to the commissioners of these additional leagues -- Rob Lawson, Mike Drake, Joseph Cockrell, and Dave Silliman -- for making sure their players don't miss out. The deadline to enter is December 25th, so don't get coal in your stocking by not joining in the fun of these events in 2023.

"Thank you for playing."
-- Matt Riley, IWAR Commissioner



Learning the ropes in a game where those ropes are imaginary can be confusing, but this unofficial How to Win in the IWA video is here to help. Join IWAR and BRL Commissioner Matt Riley as he walks you through the fundamentals of the game to help you get a better grasp of the IWA.

Click HERE for the YouTube page. (This link will open in a new browser window. The IWA is not responsible for its content.)



"The Unofficial History of the IWA, as brought to you by the IWA Ringside Magazine. This special edition is loaded with pictures, stories, and nostalgia from over 30 years of the IWA."

For this issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 14.1MB).




The current bulletins from all our leagues are now available on our Results page. These PDF files are updated the same day the federation results are posted and include everything the snail mail versions have, with the added bonus that some feature pages in color.

Match results are also available in HTML format from that same page.

If you want us to continue providing results this way, contact Kimberly and tell her you'd like to "go green." We'll stop sending you printed bulletins, which will help keep our prices low, and you'll get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you just helped save the planet. Everyone wins!



Keep a copy of every email you send us. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), resend your message. Kimberly replies to all legitimate email.

Also, make sure to email any matches, strategy changes, etc. at least 24 (and preferably more than 48) hours before your league will be processed.



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