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5/18/22 -- IWA Report (sneak peek)
5/18/22 -- Results and Hold Values (May cycle, Jade Federation)
5/10/22 -- Leagues (added BWL; removed NML)
4/14/22 -- Hall of Fame (2 new inductees)
9/9/19 -- Prices (free matches)
1/3/19 -- Contact Us (email)
8/7/18 -- Handbook (prizes)



After some much needed time away from Wicked City after everything that has transpired over the years, the Gold Standard has returned to reclaim his place atop the land of the wicked. This cycle marks the return of one of the greatest commissioners the game has ever known... the return of none other than the trendsetting, and always controversial, Melvin Mayhem! And for the lucky few who currently call the WWL home, they are in for one hell of a swan song! Mayhem has some unfinished business, and plans to go out with a BANG!!!

To all the managers in the league wanting to get their filthy hands on his Report, and anyone else interested in potentially joining the land of the wicked, you may do so by contacting him directly, as his infamous Reports are always "off the grid" and exclusive only to the managers in the league. Why is this, you may ask? Because for all of you who have been living under a jockstrap, the WWL Report is and always will be... UNCENSORED! So, if any of you managers want to try your luck in a league that has no boundaries or limits with what you say in your comments, then sign on the dotted line and get in on the fun!

The WWL is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! With the return of some of the game's best managers, as well as the notorious Wicked Wordz Podcast, there has never been a better time to be a part of the league that broke the mold and ushered in the age of customized bulletins. What else does Mayhem have planned this time around? Find out for yourselves and take the plunge. Transfers are free this cycle and next and, as always, the WWL has one of the very best match deals in the game.

Let us all rejoice as the Gold Standard has finally come......... HOME!!!

(Click HERE for the full-size image. Commissioner Melvin Mayhem's email address is iwawarz followed by the @ symbol and then gmail.com.)



"It's Gold Tuesday, and you know what that means... The 173rd edition of the IWAR Magazine has arrived!

"Our cover story is the birth of the IWA's next great league and the fourth league in the IWAR Network, the Black Widow League. The BWL is a women's league with a roster limit of one wrestler per player, and with a commish team of Michael Cook and Matt Riley, it will have the best of both styles of play to enjoy. Take a look, and if you want to join in the acton, sign up for the BWL and get going.

"This issue also contains updates on the spring events, as the Johnny B Cup rolls into the final eight, the 26th Marano Memorial Tag-team tournament comes down to the final three teams -- the IWL's Chase brothers, Whoop @$$, Inc., and the Mannequins -- while the trio of Playboy Mic Ferrari, Owen Bolek, and the Total Package U.S. Mayle won the Lethal Lottery: The Trifecta. Summer will be here before you know it, and that means more events: the second annual Lethal Lottery Tag Tournament, where random IWAR stars are teamed up, the fifth annual Summer Series, and the ninth Best of Seven Series are all going to start in a few weeks, so check out the details in this issue on how to enter. Of course, we cover all the IWAR leagues, the Best of the Best series, and the latest rankings. We have a big reveal as the IWAR Network Shop opens, and we make it official: the IWAR Network $12 match deal gives players 20 matches and 30 scrub wins, which will be a nice way for the rookies to build up their records. Also inside are the IWAR Rankings and more!" (The Redbubble page will open in a new browser window. The IWA is not responsible for its content.)

"The IWAR Network offers the IWAR Tubecasts -- one to review the results, and then a second to review Trash Talk -- and we are working on holding the long-awaited Advanced Strategy Workshop, too. If you are craving even more wrestling fun, the RetroWrestling Games YouTube page covers wrestling's history, video games, and more." (The YouTube page will open in a new browser window. The IWA is not responsible for its content.)

"The IWAR Creative Team wants to thank all the players whose contributions make the IWAR Network the IWA's best. Check it out and see for yourself."
-- IWAR Commissioner Matt Riley

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 6.5MB).



Pull up a chair and enjoy a pint with ORDER: Bodybag Clark (EPW) and IRS: Jerrad Syn (BBL) -- who go by Timothy L. Clark and Joseph Cockrell for tax purposes -- as they regale you with a dramatic reading of the best moments from the 2022 IWA Irish Pub Showdown! The 2021 Commissioner of the Year, Tommy Christopher, has worked his magic and turned the entire recording into a high-class production you won't want to miss.

The IWA thanks the trio for all the time and effort they put into this project, and for all the fun they created for their fellow players.

So, without further ado, grab a generous supply of your favorite beverage and click HERE. (The YouTube page will open in a new browser window. Johnny B is responsible for most of the spoken content, so take it up with him if you're offended by the joke about Natty Light.)


WILD KINGDOM RADIO (updated 5/1)

"Another Bronze cycle is over, and with that comes the latest episode of Wild Kingdom Radio! Join Timothy Clark as EPW's Bodybag Clark and Rob Ratliff as EPW's Catfish Rob as they break down everything that has been going down in both EPW and the NRL!"

(Click HERE for the new episode [April tour], and HERE for the previous episode [Spring tour]. These YouTube pages will open in new browser windows. The IWA is not responsible for their content.)



"A lot of craziness went down during the brawl at the 2022 IWA Irish Pub Showdown involving EPW, QQW, and the BBL! Who won the $134 credit, and who went home as a losing drunk-as-a-skunk? Be sure to check out this amazing write-up by Johnny B himself to find out! We can promise you it is one heck of a story!"

(Click HERE for the PDF with a file size of 284KB.)



"For the last several years, the Non-stop Action League has been the exclusive home for the Best of the Best tournament. The annual event is now in its ninth edition, and the action is as exciting as ever. The Second Chance contest will give those eliminated in the first round the opportunity to earn an $18 NAL match deal and up to 60 free matches.

"Today will also likely be the last cycle for the 2021 Best of the Best, and let me be the first to congratulate whomever the winner may be.

"The NAL has returned to the Top 10 most active (#4 last cycle, #10 the prior cycle), which also means the IWA credit our League Champion earns has been steadily rising, as well! There is a reason the NAL is known for its fierce competition, but if you're looking to give yourself a fresh challenge, there is no better place."

(Click HERE for the full-size image, or HERE for the April cycle commissioner's report with a file size of 476KB.)



"Out of the ashes of Tommy Christopher's Sugoi Nippon Akushon Puroresu! and Dragon Kingdom Wrestling will rise the Fighting Tiger of Nippon Retsuden! Bringing together the puroresu of Odo -- The King's Road Style -- and Japanese Strong Style, Nippon Retsuden will seek to bring a new era of greatness to the Land of the Rising Sun! Join and see if you have what it takes to be crowned the King's Honor Champion!"

(Click HERE for the full-size PDF with a file size of 511KB, or HERE for the latest league bulletin.)



Learning the ropes in a game where those ropes are imaginary can be confusing, but this unofficial How to Win in the IWA video is here to help. Join IWAR and BRL Commissioner Matt Riley as he walks you through the fundamentals of the game to help you get a better grasp of the IWA.

Click HERE for the YouTube page. (This link will open in a new browser window. The IWA is not responsible for its content.)



"The Unofficial History of the IWA, as brought to you by the IWA Ringside Magazine. This special edition is loaded with pictures, stories, and nostalgia from over 30 years of the IWA."

For this issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 14.1MB).




The current bulletins from all our leagues are now available on our Results page. These PDF files are updated the same day the federation results are posted and include everything the snail mail versions have, with the added bonus that some feature pages in color.

Match results are also available in HTML format from that same page.

If you want us to continue providing results this way, contact Kimberly and tell her you'd like to "go green." We'll stop sending you printed bulletins, which will help keep our prices low, and you'll get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you just helped save the planet. Everyone wins!



Keep a copy of every email you send us. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), resend your message. Kimberly replies to all legitimate email.

Also, make sure to email any matches, strategy changes, etc. at least 24 (and preferably more than 48) hours before your league will be processed.



Your wrestler's number of stars, current point flow, and previous strategy total are now used as additional tie-breakers in our league rankings system. The new progression is as follows: activity status (active or inactive -- see next paragraph), having at least one win, number of wins over losses, total number of wins, number of stars, amount of imaginary money, number of ties, point flow, and strategy total from the previous cycle.

Also, each wrestler must initiate a one-on-one match to be considered active. Tag-team matches, six-man matches, and battle royal entries do not count toward activity. Inactive wrestlers cannot compete for major titles, so if you'd like to see your grappler's name in the IWA Report, don't forget to have him sign at least one singles match!



From now on, managers may not create new wrestlers or transfer existing wrestlers into rookie leagues without permission from both the league commissioner and IWA Management. This protection does not expire after a certain number of cycles: it ends when it is agreed that managers in the league are ready to compete against more experienced players.

We hope this change will provide those who are new to the game with a chance to hone their skills on a more even playing field.

The Leagues page contains a list of our rookie leagues.



Our policy against changing stable initials after a league has been processed, but before The IWA Report has been published, failed to address the special nature of the World Wrestling League. Since this league does not allow stable initials, managers are prevented from gaining recognition for their group on an IWA-wide basis should they win a major title.

Attaching stable initials in The Report alone should have zero impact on in-league angles and storylines, since the WWL doesn't even use them (and by "them" we mean stable initials; the WWL certainly uses angles and storylines!). Because we are also able to afford our snail mail players the same option, we see no reason to prohibit managers from having Report-only initials in this league.

Several members of the WWW stable pointed out this shortcoming in our policy, although it just as easily could have been any other stable had its wrestlers won major titles from that league. We're glad this special circumstance occurred at the beginning of the year since it allows all groups to start on equal footing. (Remember that the January issue of The IWA Report actually lists the major champions from the final cycle of the previous year.)



Effective immediately, wrestlers may only change their names and/or stable initials at the time their league is processed. As usual, Kimberly has been too nice in honoring requests, and we feel the situation is getting out of hand. Allowing these changes to occur between bulletin mailings can create confusion, and leave managers who choose to play via snail mail feeling "out of the loop" or like less-valued members of our wrestling family.

We want to use the Internet to provide conveniences for all who play our game, but that must be balanced with keeping the emphasis on the league bulletins -- where the action is! When wrestlers are permitted to change these attributes between bulletin mailings, it makes online activity just as important as league activity; it's as if time doesn't "pause" between bulletins #34 and #35 like it should, but instead continues on in some arena that exists only on the Internet. That's obviously not fair to our snail mail players.

So from now on, wrestler information must remain a reflection of what is printed in the league bulletins. This should ensure that everyone -- whether online or not -- will be on the same page. You can decide for yourself if that was intended to be a pun. :)



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