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Shown below are the six federations in the IWA, listed in the order in which they are processed. Click on the name of the federation that your league belongs to for a list of the current hold values, which are used to determine the match outcomes. (If you don't know what federation your league is in, look on the back of your league bulletin or consult the list of leagues at the end of the online IWA Report.)

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This information is updated each week, along with the Champions of each league, so check back often.



Every cycle (a "cycle" is three weeks long), the IWA assigns a random value to each of the 90 available holds. These values determine how effective a particular maneuver will be during that round of play. For example, if your wrestler's first move is a drop kick worth 19 points and your opponent's first hold is a hair pull worth 4 points, the match begins with your wrestler drop kicking the other guy, and the point difference is 15 in your favor.

No hold can have the same value two cycles in a row, so it's a good idea to change your wrestler's strategy often. You should also save your league bulletins and pay close attention to the hold values.

It's important to put your holds in a certain order. If the point difference in a match is exactly the disqualification or count out value, the match ends at that hold. If your opponent is ahead in points, you have just been disqualified or counted out! You will also lose if your opponent has six holds in a row that are worth more than your wrestler's six holds. Try to put your best holds in the fifth and tenth positions of your strategy to avoid losing by this "six holds in a row" rule.

For your set-up holds (the last five holds in your strategy), place your best holds earlier in your strategy and weaker holds last. If you tie with another wrestler for a major title like the IWA World Championship, you'll have a better chance at winning by "point flow" (see your official Handbook for details).

In tag-team, six-man tag-team, or handicap matches, you should pair up wrestlers whose best holds are in different locations in their strategies. These types of matches use a "team strategy" to determine the winners. For instance, if your wrestler's first hold is a bear hug worth 30 points and the first thing your partner wants to try is a forearm smash for 14 points, your wrestler will be the first one in the ring. If your second maneuver is a 12-point clothesline and your partner chose a bear hug as his second hold, it will be his turn to enter the ring. If the match is a six-man contest, your other partner could have a bear hug as his third hold; that would make the first three holds in your team strategy the same thing!

Add up the values of all 15 holds in your strategy to find your wrestler's "point total." The highest total a single wrestler can achieve is 501 points. Since tag-team strategies can contain the same hold twice, the highest possible total is 516. Six-man team strategies can be worth up to 521 points.

We strongly recommend that your read your IWA Handbook so you understand how our play system works. After all, it's pretty tough to do well at any game if you don't know the rules!

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