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World Champion

Texas Jesse Tombstone (IWL)

U.S. Champion

Hot $tuff Adam Ca$h (BRL)

King of the Ring

COT: "Mr. Minnesota" Olaf Gustavson (QPL)

Iron Federation Champion

VIRUS: The Mighty Mockingbird (XPL)

Steel Federation Champion

VIRUS: "Under Contract" Randy Couture (HAL)

Gold Federation Champion

Texas Jesse Tombstone (IWL)

Diamond Federation Champion

SOS/ARMY: "Half-Blind Brawler" Otis Bascomb (XWL)

Bronze Federation Champion

EDGE: Sledge Hammer (UNL)

Jade Federation Champion

VIRUS: The Heartbreaker (GCL)

American Champion

Masked Prince (ASL)

Asian Champion

RFD: Midnight Scorpion (CWL)

Elite Champion

Texas Jesse Tombstone (IWL)

Hardcore Champion

SOS/IND: Riley Reynolds (BWL)

International Champion

Texas Jesse Tombstone (IWL)

Metropolitan Champion

Texas Jesse Tombstone (IWL)

Rookie Brawl Winner

"A Complete Scumbag" Caesar Sterling (NWL)

National Champion

Tony "Zippy" Dog (IWL)

Central Plains region

The Total Package U.S. Mayle (BRL)

East Coast region

EDGE: Dionysus (HRL)

Great Lakes region

SOS/ARMY: "Blackheart" Brett Severance (JDL)

Mid-Atlantic region

EDGE/RF: "Steady" Eddie Thomas (CSL)

Northeast region

EDGE: "Y2B" Chris Babylon (CZL)

Pacific Northwest region

NME: Johnny Justice (CWL)

Rocky Mountains region

Tony "Zippy" Dog (IWL)

Southeast region

SOS/IND: Uncle Ebeneezer (PKW)

Southwest region

ORDER: The Gamehead Kenneth Jerkowski (CAW)

West Coast region

VIRUS: Creepy Crawler (NRL)

Ladies' World Champion

SOS/IND: Riley Reynolds (BWL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

GC: Shilo Wallace (BWL)

Queen of the Ring

VIRUS: Penny Punk (VUL)

Ladies' National Champion

COT: Anna "The Unstoppable" Forss (MDL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

COT: Cayonne & Ms. Perfect (MDL)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

COT: Woman of the Knight #1 & Woman of the Knight #2 (FFL)

World Six-woman Champions

VIRUS: Batteries "Not" Included, Rocket Man, Pocket Rocket (VVL)
NME: Revelation, Revolution, Epiphany (LLL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS: Bruce Jenner "The Male Version", Bruce Jenner "The It Version", Bruce Jenner "The Female Version" (LLL)

World Tag-team Champions

HIGHER FLYERS: Graig Gagne & "Jumpin" Jim Brazil (QPL)
EDGE: TML Nylander & EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 11 (MEL)
VIRUS: Sly Smith & Arnold Swarzamijigger (HWL)
EDGE: The Puppetmaster & Flying Felipe Fernandez (DZL)
NME: Erebus & Archangel Raphael (CSL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

VIRUS: Big Frank Country & Bruiser Buck Dewitt (QPL)
SOS: Torpedo Leialoha & Snow Job Moore (NAL)
EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 21 & EDGE/CHOSEN: Keith Scott (MEL)
NME: Ultimo Calamari & Chimp Goto (LPL)
COT: Dudley Smiley & Tig O'Bitty (KHL)
VIRUS: Points Race Spendah & Sly Smith (DZL)

World Six-man Champions

VIRUS: Hijacked, Superstar Billy Green, The Executioner (XPL)
SOS/WAI: Alpha Male #11, Alpha Male #12, Alpha Male #13 (SHL)
COT: The Rockin' Redneck, The Scramblin' Hillbilly, Jimmy "The Body" Janos (QPL)
Alpha Male #3, Alpha Male #2, Alpha Male #1 (NPL)
SOS/ARMY: "Ice Pick" Marwon Kray, SOS: Big Helen 6, Pacific Champ Mike Cook (NAL) (NBL)
VIRUS: MJ Cochise, Crazy Horse Johnson, Satch Stealer Johnson (NAL)
VIRUS: Johnny "Numbknutzz" Johnson, Maybe Maybe, Yur Papa (MUL)
EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 3, EDGE: Quadavious "Quads" Santino, Hooded Justice (MEL)
SOS: Hannah Lama Ding Dong, Tammy Lahren, April Fools (KHL)
Doug "Double Bass" Brocky, Gene "The Machine" Conrad, Thad Clayman (IWL)
VIRUS/CTI: Brock Callihan, Duke Iron, VIRUS: Headhunter B (HWL)
VIRUS: Kuku Racha, Lawrence, Half Amazing (GRL)
EDGE: Steel Horse, Steel Guitar, Canada Steel (CZL)
ORDER/FAM: Elroy, Leroy, The Menacing Minister (CWL)
NME: "The Dream" Joey Lance, Archangel Uriel, Performance Center Trainer 2 (CSL)
PPA/ORDER: Mr. Smith, Cpl Punishment, Pork Rind (BBL)
VIRUS: Looney Knutzz, ICE ICE DADDY, The Sniffer of Biden (ASL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

SOS: Mitch Please, SOS/ARMY: "Punisher" Desperation Williams, "The Worm" Cadillac Gaskins (XWL)
VIRUS: Johnny Fame, Hunter Harrison, Ace Anderson (OSL)
COT: Hooded Soldier III, Hooded Soldier II, Hooded Soldier I (KHL)
VIRUS: Triple Lindy, Plague, Old Dirty One Eye (HLL)
EDGE: Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange (CZL)
NME: New Breed Legend #1, Performance Center Trainer 12, The Sixth Seal (CSL)
EDGE: Steel Magnolia, Stainless Steel, Steel Toe (AAL)

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