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World Champion

NME: Hades (BRL)

U.S. Champion

SOS/ARMY: "The Mauler" Perro DeGuerra (HRL)

King of the Ring

SOS/BG: Lord Sheldon Bishop (KHL)

Iron Federation Champion

NME/VIP: King Carver (XPL)

Steel Federation Champion

NME/FRM-16: Porky the Kid (CFL)

Gold Federation Champion

NME: Hades (BRL)

Diamond Federation Champion

NME/FRM-16: Giant Bee (NSL)

Bronze Federation Champion

SOS/ARMY: Sugar Skull Whiskey (HRL)

Jade Federation Champion

SOS/ARMY: Hootie's Bodyguard Bareback (CZL)

American Champion

NME: Hades (BRL)

Asian Champion

NME: Dominant Factor Courage (LLL)

Elite Champion

NME: Hades (BRL)

Hardcore Champion

NME/FRM-16: Porky the Kid (CFL)

International Champion

SOS/IND: Uncle Phil (YJL)

Metropolitan Champion

NME: Hades (BRL)

Rookie Brawl Winner

"Angel of Light" Angelina Blanco (NWL)

National Champion

NME: Cool Hand Luke (TGL)

Central Plains region

SOS/IND: Yom Thorke (YJL)

East Coast region

Gran Ramada (IWL)

Great Lakes region

TOXIC: Buster Gerry Zags (DZL)

Mid-Atlantic region

NME: Jack Daniels (FAL)

Northeast region

TOXIC: JD Disaster (DZL)

Pacific Northwest region

NME: Cool Hand Luke (TGL)

Rocky Mountains region

EDGE: Dr. Manhattan (AAL)

Southeast region

SOS/ARMY: Sugar Skull Echo (XWL)

Southwest region

VIRUS: "The Prodigy" F.B.III (DXL)

West Coast region

SOS/ARMY: Ironhorse (XWL)

Ladies' World Champion

NME: Dominant Factor Courage (LLL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

VIRUS: Zsa Zsa Gavor (LLL)

Queen of the Ring

COT: Karate Hottie (FFL)

Ladies' National Champion

COT: Jenna Tools (VUL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

DOD/ORDER: Maddie Van Slaughter & Tinkerbell (PDL)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

ORDER: Amazing Amy Blitz & Deadly Darlene Blitz (PDL)

World Six-woman Champions

VIRUS: Brain Buster Beauty, Pandora's Box, F. Burger (VUL)
BNC: Bernice Buttafoogli, Geraldine Buttafoogli, Janice Buttafoogli (PDL)
NME: Dominant Factor Vanity, Dominant Factor Lust, Dominant Factor Affection (LLL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS: Valley B., Sweatin' B., Quinn Guzzy (VVL)

World Tag-team Champions

LPPF: Voiceless Henchman #1 & Voiceless Henchman #2 (XPL)
VIRUS: Little Chic & Big Chic (WWL)
VIRUS: "The Swamp" E.C. Rotte & "The Anomaly" Savannah Dexter (WTL)
TBABIT: Tony "Zippy" Dog & Tommy "Puppy" Dog (UNL)
EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 16 & EDGE/GiFt: Beast (MEL)
VIRUS: Edge Neckbeard & Ebola Zaire (LPL)
SOS/BG: Blood Threat 1 & SOS: Rich "Corinthian" Leather (KHL)
NME: Carver in a mask #4 & Dean Flamingo (CSL)
VIRUS: Shining Star & Wild Thing (AWL)
EDGE: Silver Surfer & Galactus (AAL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

DOD: Timbo Slice & Jimbo Slice (WWL)
EDGE: "Luxurious" Lenny Lamb & TML Gardiner (MEL)
VIRUS: Encrypted & Code Red (LPL)
DOD/ORDER: Indian Joe & Monkey Eyed Tim (CAW)

World Six-man Champions

SOS/ARMY: "Cueball" Andy Skidmore, "Disposable Hero" Titus Watts, SOS: Mitch Please (XWL)
LPPF: Voiceless Henchman #3, Voiceless Henchman #4, Voiceless Henchman #5 (XPL)
ORDER: Demolisher Basher, Demolisher Masher, Demolisher Thrasher (WWL)
SOS/OMR: God of War, Lord of the Ring, The Last Emperor (UNL)
NME/FRM-16: Terry Crunk, Dick the Cruiser, Cruiser Crody (STL)
NME/FRM-16: Atari 187, Frontera Coyote, Totem Faux (NSL)
IMT/AR15: Fourth Amendment, Libertarian, Bad Dude Elrod Corn Pop (NDL)
VIRUS: Quatro, Fiver, Syxx (NAL)
SOS: Duke Hauser, Dennis Condrey, Stephan "Frontman" Jenkins (LBL)
COT: "Sultan of Ice" Herb Brooks, Buffwell, Blackjack Sullivan (KHL)
Doug "Double Bass" Brocky, Gene "The Machine" Conrad, Thad Clayman (IWL)
VIRUS: The Big Nasty, The Killer Kangaroo, Roderick Rampage (HWL)
COT: The Liberal Reformist, Dicky Thunderbird, "The Very Evil" Jimhausen (FAL)
EDGE: Lightning Warrior, "One-Eyed" Felix Lucha, EDGE/GiFt: Mind Driller (DZL)
BNC: Slaughterdog Kreo, Slaughterdog Cujo, Slaughterdog Rex (CWL)
NME: Performance Center Trainer 5, The Big Guy Rhys Hoskins, The Trail Blazer (CSL)
BNC: Justin Baltimore, Johnny Jacksonville, Daniel Detroit (CAW)
BNC: Maximo The Purple Hateable Dinosaur, Jacko The Red Hateable Dinosaur, Barnabas The Blue Hateable Dinosaur (BBL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

DOD: Catfish Bucky, Catfish Giant, Catfish Monster (WWL)
COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crew IV, Minnesota Wrecking Crew XX, Minnesota Wrecking Crew XIX (NFL)
SOS: "Georiga Peach" Ty Cobb, Dos-Puncher, "Hardknocks" Diamond SQ (NDL)
VIRUS/CTI: Brock Callihan, VIRUS: Grim Reafer, Creeper (HWL)
NME: "The Duke" Wesley Sterling, "The Baron" Clyde Bixby, "The Count" Chauncy Reynolds (ECL)
EDGE/GiFt: Vex, EDGE: Creeping Death, EDGE/RF: "Roaring" Roger Thomas (DZL)

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