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World Champion

SOS: Cujo (LBL)

U.S. Champion

CURE: Pulsar Stargave (TGL)

King of the Ring

COT: "Mr. Minnesota" Olaf Gustavson (QPL)

Iron Federation Champion

COT: Bruno Bloodfangs (CSL)

Steel Federation Champion

EDGE: Mr. Justice Trace Tensen (NBL)

Gold Federation Champion

CURE: Midnight Rocker (GWL)

Diamond Federation Champion

SOS: Cujo (LBL)

Bronze Federation Champion

EDGE: Repulsive Rodney Stevens (UNL)

Jade Federation Champion

CURE/VD: Mr. Krabs (AAL)

American Champion

COT/FRM-16: Castor Salvaje (NSL)

Asian Champion

CURE/VD: Krabby Patty (LLL)

Elite Champion

CURE: Midnight Rocker (GWL)

Hardcore Champion

SOS: Cujo (LBL)

International Champion

CURE: Midnight Rocker (GWL)

Metropolitan Champion

EDGE: Shaggy 2 Dope (SHL)

Rookie Brawl Winner

Double "D" Christoph (NWL)

National Champion

SOS: The Leprechaun (LBL)

Central Plains region

TBABIT: Hayseed (UNL)

East Coast region

EDGE: Anivar (HRL)

Great Lakes region

SOS: The Yeti (XWL)

Mid-Atlantic region

SOS: The Leprechaun (LBL)

Northeast region

SOS: "This Is" Howie Dewitt (CWL)

Pacific Northwest region

EDGE: The Ghastly Grinner (DZL)

Rocky Mountains region

CURE: Giant Kong (WDL)

Southeast region


Southwest region

COT: Storm God (WEW)

West Coast region

CURE: Jap. Bomb Squad 3 Sensei Eta (YJL)

Ladies' World Champion

CURE/VD: Krabby Patty (LLL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

COT/PPA: Hillbilly Holly (MDL)

Queen of the Ring

AOD: Majestic Misty Fjords (VUL)

Ladies' National Champion

COT/GUN: Charley Chairshot (MDL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

PG: Dr. BB & Catfish Josie (BBW)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: "Captivating" Christy Lance & "The River Queen" Betsy Beau (BBW)

World Six-woman Champions

COT/ABC: Evil Edna, Fantastic Francine, Dangerous Doris (VVL)
COT: Superstar Carey Stasko, Devious Dawn Stasko, Mad Dog Michelle Brosious (MDL)
BDE: Brutal Brenda Boom Boom, Atrocious Amy Arrogant, Enormous Emily Empire (LLL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

EDGE: "Mad Love" Melissa Warner, "Sweetness" Stacy Warner, "Sensational" Samantha Stewart (PDL)

World Tag-team Champions

COT: Local Worker in a Machine Mask & Super Machine (ZZL)
EDGE/RF: "Forging" Franklin Thomas & EDGE: Morphy The Machine (TGL)
EDGE: "Ice Man" Raven Phoenix & "Blackjack" Rip Gamble (SVL)
PG: Redust & Bludust (RDL)
COT: "Flamboyant" Johnny Stewart & "Sexy" Lenny Nightmare (KHL)
SOS/|: Jell-O Duckins & Carnage Dodge (FSL)
EDGE: Pain & The Terminator (DZL)
PG: 2 Quick J.G. Brenner & Dr. Savage (CAW)
SOS: "Pacific Northwest Champion" Mike Cook & Omega Man (AAL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Nick Danger & Dick "The Dude" Danger (DZL)

World Six-man Champions

CURE/VD: Tuesday Doomsday, Monday Recuperater, Stretch Marks (WWL)
COT: Indian Assassin Vijay Diep, Indian Assassin K'nie Diep, Indian Assassin Bhauls Diep (UCW)
BDE: I'm His Daddy, Make a Wish, Smash n Grab (TGL)
EDGE: Prestige, Roulette, Called your Bluff (STL)
TBABIT: The Joker, TBABIT/RABBIT: Jambalaya Jake, "The Camper" Lewis N. Clark (NSL)
IMT/AR15: Play By Mail Besties, Comedy and Podcast Hero, Noble Savage Dixie Champ Elrod (NDL)
COT: Ron Gorman in a Machine Mask, Prof. Vitali Medved in a Machine Mask, Bob Starr in his Usual Mask (NAL)
CURE/CTI: Callihan Corino, CURE/VD: Skin Infection, Staph Infection (LPL)
BDE: Muffman, Jr., Insane Hairbag, "Stunning" Steve Eaton (LBL)
COT: Hooded Soldier III, Hooded Soldier I, Buffwell (KHL)
Andrew "Ace" Armas, Alex "Arriba" Armas, Boink, the Child Entertainer (IWL)
EDGE: "The Senator" Alfred Hurley, Triton Mercury, Ultra Warrior (DZL)
EDGE: The Big Guy Rhys Hoskins, Tails, Performance Center Trainer 3 (CSL)
COT/POLR: "Tiny" Joronen, Crusher Knuutila, Low Blow Lehtimaki (BRL)
PG: Timbo Kingston, Big Moe, Kendall Woods (BKL)
PPA/COT: Mr. Smith, Cpl Punishment, Pork Rind (BBL)
SOS/TWGWK: Masked Trainee, Store Greeter Frank Friendly, Siena Savings, Official Spokeswoman (APL)
SOS: "Mid Atlantic Champion" Mike Cook, Doc Greer, S.A.T. Santiago Garcia (AAL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

SOS: Ricki Starr, SOS/ARMY: Bruiser Dog, SOS: The Uninvited House Guest (XWL)
COT: Professor Vitali Medved, Pretty Good Machine, So-So Machine (UCW)
EDGE: Flyin' Brian, Dominance, Bronze Stud (STL)
TBABIT: "Pirate" Petey Palatine, "Mount" Pedro Prospect, "Saxon" Sean Schaumburg (NSL)
EDGE: Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury (NDL)
TBABIT: Dr. Nothing, Patient Zero, Le Yeti Chauve (NAL)
CURE/CTI: Dzzz Knutzz, CURE/VD: Mrs. Puff, CURE: Brain Buster Butcher (MML)
SOS: Cold Stone Austin Steve, Dennis Condrey, Stephan "Frontman" Jenkins (LBL)
COT: Awilda Kleinsteiner, COT/SHS: Brendan McFlaherty, Ruairi McFlaherty (BRL)
AOD: The Bad Man, Sultan Bloodspill, King Mongol (BBL)
COT/ATC: Jogger With Sunglasses, COT: Banjo Skootles, COT/ATC: Nondescript Van Driver (APL)
SOS: "Central Plains Champion" Mike Cook, Torpedo Leialoha, "Southeast Champion" Mike Cook (AAL)

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