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Card 1 -- Held in Wilmington (Attendance: 447)

Tokyo Kaiju Gojira decked "The Cleaner" Konnor Omega at 5:04 (Fallaway Slam) by 53 (non-title).
Giant Panther destroyed Majoru Suzuki at 27:33 (Panther Lock) by 3.
Hybrid Conchur Clery beat Little Hamada at 0:25 (Busaiku Knee Kick) by 133.
Taijitu Ishimori defeated Ciem Caras at 7:24 (Ankle Lock) by 66.
Taijitu Ishimori outmuscled Kimchi at 6:00 (Ankle Lock) by 65.
Taijitu Ishimori* won over "The Phenomenal" J.A. Styles*, "The Cleaner" Konnor Omega, and "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 4:21 (Ankle Lock) by 40 (handicap, NPL Key Matchup).
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon overpowered Majoru Suzuki at 27:34 (Stunner) by 4.

Card 2 -- Held in Arlington (Attendance: 945)

Dragon King destroyed "The Cleaner" Konnor Omega at 5:02 (Sleeper) by 70.
Giant Panther destroyed Yoshihiro Tanaka at 27:19 (Panther Lock) by 5.
Hybrid Conchur Clery overpowered Shining Star at 29:30 (Busaiku Knee Kick) by 5.
Taijitu Ishimori defeated Juice Robinson at 2:29 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 85.
Taijitu Ishimori over Mitsuharu Misawa at 4:11 (count out).
Majoru Suzuki, Yuudai Kanemaru, and Hybrid Conchur Clery* outmuscled "The Phenomenal" J.A. Styles, "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr., and Tokyo Kaiju Gojira* at 15:36 (Gotch-style Piledriver) by 13 (Six-man title).
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon beat Giant Panther at 31:20 (Stunner) by 1.

Card 3 -- Held in Tehran (Attendance: 302)

2 Gang Fu bested "The Cleaner" Konnor Omega at 5:40 (Freestyle-Fusta) by 73 *** won the North American title.
Giant Panther pinned Shining Star at 27:57 (Panther Lock) by 5.
Taijitu Ishimori annihilated Bob Sapp at 2:31 (Ankle Lock) by 57.
Taijitu Ishimori outmuscled Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. at 5:27 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 96.
Asuma Saratobi defeated Shining Star at 20:41 (Moonwalk DDT) by 10 (non-title).
Majoru Suzuki, Yuudai Kanemaru*, and Hybrid Conchur Clery decked Genichiro Tenryu, Tamakirin*, and Kazuo Yamazaki at 2:52 (Gotch-style Piledriver) by 151.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon won over Kurasawa at 53:33 (Stunner) by 3.

Card 4 -- Held in Lynn (Attendance: 642)

Chris Balor beat Majoru Suzuki at 29:56 (Coup de Grace) by 3 (non-title).
Kenzo decked Giant Panther at 29:04 (Death Craddle Suplex) by 2.
Taijitu Ishimori over Little Hamada at 9:33 (count out).
Taijitu Ishimori destroyed Tamakirin at 1:17 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 167.
Yoshiaki Tenryu pinned Kurasawa at 28:09 (Japanese Sweeper) by 1 *** won the Super J-Cup title.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon destroyed "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 3:04 (Pumphandle Slam) by 102.

Card 5 -- Held in Tampa (Attendance: 900)

Chris Balor drew Falaka (time limit).
Asuma Saratobi beat Giant Panther at 29:42 (Moonwalk DDT) by 5 *** won the G1 Climax title.
Taijitu Ishimori defeated Genichiro Tenryu at 5:09 (Ankle Lock) by 56.
Taijitu Ishimori over The Madman from the Sudan at 17:35 (count out).
Asuma Saratobi beat Kurasawa at 15:41 (Moonwalk DDT) by 7 (non-title).
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon won over Shining Star at 43:27 (Stunner) by 6.

Card 6 -- Held in Maidstone (Attendance: 410)

Khan decked Chris Balor at 28:25 (Stunner) by 2 *** won the Wrestle-1 title.
Tokyo Kaiju Gojira destroyed Majoru Suzuki at 15:53 (Kaiju-driver) by 9 (NPL Key Matchup) *** won the Never Openweight title.
Taijitu Ishimori beat Akebono at 3:04 (Ankle Lock) by 77.
Taijitu Ishimori destroyed Keiji Mutoh at 6:19 (Ankle Lock) by 54.
Asuma Saratobi bested Yoshiaki Tenryu at 21:01 (Moonwalk DDT) by 6 (non-title).
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon defeated Chris Balor at 39:19 (Stunner) by 1.

Card 7 -- Held in Geneva (Attendance: 851)

Asuma Saratobi beat Chris Balor at 29:37 (Moonwalk DDT) by 5 (non-title).
Tokyo Kaiju Gojira defeated Little Hamada at 1:28 (Kaiju-driver) by 139.
Taijitu Ishimori beat Survival Tobita at 2:54 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 94.
Taijitu Ishimori over Orient Express - Tanaka-san at 9:09 (count out).
Yoshiaki Tenryu beat Ku-Do Suzuki at 28:41 (Japanese Sweeper) by 5.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon outmuscled Yoshiaki Tenryu at 33:49 (Stunner) by 2.

Card 8 -- Held in Brussels (Attendance: 855)

Shining Star pinned Kushda X at 27:15 (Sleeper) by 2.
Majoru Suzuki over Little Hamada at 2:46 (count out) (non-title).
Taijitu Ishimori defeated Arachnaman at 3:13 (Ankle Lock) by 58.
Taijitu Ishimori annihilated Orient Express - Haito at 4:48 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 89.
Taijitu Ishimori annihilated Ru-Do Suzuki at 29:57 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 2.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon over "The Cleaner" Konnor Omega at 18:30 (disqualification -- loaded elbow pad).

Card 9 -- Held in Burton (Attendance: 271)

Tako Yez bested Shining Star at 20:57 (Heartpunch) by 9 *** won the Global Honored Crown title.
Yoshiaki Tenryu defeated Majoru Suzuki at 27:36 (Japanese Sweeper) by 2.
Taijitu Ishimori won over Hashif Khan at 5:11 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 82.
Taijitu Ishimori over Fabulous Blitzkrieg at 3:47 (count out).
Tako Yez and Kenzo* bested Majoru Suzuki* and Yuudai Kanemaru at 16:40 (Heartpunch) by 10.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon beat Taijitu Ishimori at 45:51 (Stunner) by 2.

Card 10 -- Held in Lyons (Attendance: 981)

Yuudai Kanemaru won over "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 2:18 (Fallaway Slam) by 95.
Taijitu Ishimori beat Majoru Suzuki at 29:26 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 2.
Taijitu Ishimori outmuscled Shinobi at 0:47 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 126.
Taijitu Ishimori pinned Kazuo Yamazaki at 2:03 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 175.
Tako Yez* and Kenzo annihilated Yoru* and Falaka at 29:32 (Heartpunch) by 1 *** won the Never Openweight Tag-team titles.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon won over Hybrid Conchur Clery at 57:29 (Stunner) by 1.

Card 11 -- Held in El Paso (Attendance: 290)

Lightning Tiger outmuscled "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 5:42 (Ankle Lock) by 99 *** won the Triple Crown title.
Masahito Ukada bested Yuudai Kanemaru at 29:06 (Japanese Spike) by 3 (NPL Key Matchup).
Taijitu Ishimori over Sumo Joe at 7:56 (count out).
Taijitu Ishimori overpowered The Great Fighter at 5:03 (Ankle Lock) by 61.
Yoru* and Falaka overpowered Giant Panther* and Calisto at 21:24 (Deadly Combination) by 7 (NPL Key Matchup).
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon overpowered Yuudai Kanemaru at 47:18 (Stunner) by 6.

Card 12 -- Held in San Antonio (Attendance: 308)

Kurasawa pinned "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 4:26 (Rib Breaker) by 92.
Yuudai Kanemaru outmuscled Little Hamada at 2:53 (Diving DDT) by 128.
Taijitu Ishimori pinned Super Medico I at 10:29 (Ankle Lock) by 42.
Taijitu Ishimori outmuscled Masked Burning #3 at 3:05 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 93.
Hybrid Conchur Clery and Taijitu Ishimori* annihilated Tamakirin* and Kazuo Yamazaki at 1:39 (Busaiku Knee Kick) by 160.
MAIN EVENT: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon decked Masahito Ukada at 33:25 (Stunner) by 3.

Card 13 -- Held in Seattle (Attendance: 864)

Asuma Saratobi overpowered "Legacy" Davey Boy Kidd, Jr. at 1:01 (Pumphandle Slam) by 100 (non-title).
Hybrid Conchur Clery bested Yoshihiro Tanaka at 29:02 (Busaiku Knee Kick) by 5 (NPL Key Matchup).
Taijitu Ishimori annihilated Kenta Kobashi at 2:52 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 152.
Taijitu Ishimori pinned Toshiaki Kawada at 3:48 (Hammerlock Cradle DDT) by 119.
Yoru and Falaka* beat Majoru Suzuki* and Yuudai Kanemaru at 18:20 (Deadly Combination) by 9 (Tag-team title) *** won the International Tag-team titles.
MAIN EVENT: Yoru drew Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon (time limit).

Battle Royal -- Held in Elrodville (Attendance: 751)

2 Gang Fu nabbed $1,000 when he got tossed out by Taijitu Ishimori.
Taijitu Ishimori snatched a quick $1,100 after getting thrown over the top rope by Kenzo and Yoshiaki Tenryu.
Yoshiaki Tenryu took an imaginary $1,200 when Asuma Saratobi catapulted him out.
Falaka pocketed $1,300 after Kenzo catapulted him outside the ring.
Kenzo earned $1,400 after Asuma Saratobi threw him into some fans at ringside.
Asuma Saratobi won the battle royal and the $30,000 prize.

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