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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, mail it to:

c/o ________
Box 5275
Willowick, OH 44095

If you are writing about something that pertains to your league, print your league initials on the line. For all other matters, print "Johnny B" on the line.



You can send us questions, comments, and suggestions by fax. If you pay by credit card (see the back of your Match Selection Sheet), you can submit matches and Trash Talk, as well. Our 24-hour number is (440) 946-0358.



Kimberly is here to handle your questions, complaints, suggestions, and comments by email. If you've written to us by regular mail with your email address and credit card information, you can even send her matches! Simply list your matches, strategy changes, Trash Talk, etc., and say, "Charge my credit card $___." (Remember that you MUST send the email from the address you listed with your credit card info.)

DO NOT attach any files to your email. Your message will automatically be ERASED without being opened or even previewed!

Although Kimberly's computer is equipped with antivirus software, there is always the chance that a manager who doesn't know his computer is infected could send her a question. If she opened -- or in some cases even previewed -- the message, she could end up spreading the virus to everyone else she replied to, including you!

It is also worth mentioning that the IWA computers are physically separate from any other network (as they have always been). They are not connected to the Internet, nor are they connected to Kimberly's PC. This is to keep your information safe.

So, if you agree to the following, you can send us email:

  • I will not attach any files of any kind to my message. I understand that if I do, the message will be erased, unopened.
  • I will not take up Kimberly's valuable time with questions like "When is the __L going to be done?"
  • I will treat Kimberly with respect, just as she will treat me with respect.

Kimberly's address is [email protected] (remove the X's). Never post Kimberly's or your own email address on websites, in forums, or in public chatrooms without disguising it like this. That's because programs called spambots are constantly searching these and other places for new addresses to send junk mail to.

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