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Way back in 1985, IWA President Johnny B. came up with the idea of "play by mail" wrestling, where you get to create your own professional wrestler and manage his career. The editor of Wrestling World magazine tried out the game, and liked it so much that he mentioned it in his column! And so the Imaginary Wrestling Association was born.

More than 21 years later, it's still going strong. We have provided the fun that only pro wrestling can deliver to thousands of players from all over the world. Many of our managers have been playing for over 10 years! They have enjoyed competing for personal glory and prizes, plus some have made friends for life. (And what could be better than finding quality people who share your interests, even if your interests involve seeing your guy bash in the other guy's face?)

The IWA is not an e-fed or a computer game. You don't even need a computer to play. You tell us your wrestler's name, decide on his personality, and list the maneuvers you want him (or her) to use. Then, you climb in the ring! You are the one who picks his opponents and makes all the decisions about his career. We just act as the referee and commentator, and send you the outcomes of all the matches by regular mail.

How do you know who wins?



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2. How do you know who wins?
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