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7/20/17 -- IWA Report (sneak peek)
7/20/17 -- League Champions and Hold Values (July cycle, Jade Federation)
7/3/17 -- Hall of Fame (1 new inductee)
7/3/17 -- Special Leagues (renamed ABL to APL, removed HLL)
1/13/12 -- Handbook (removed wrestler limits)
12/31/11 -- Prices
2/25/05 -- Contact Info



Save trees while cutting down your wait time! (Don't get those confused.) Contact Kimberly and mention that you would like to "go green." She will email your league bulletins the same day the federation results are posted on our website. These PDF files include everything the snail mailed versions have, with some leagues featuring trash talk pages in full color.

The environment gets a helping hand, you get faster results, and Kimberly gets something to do during her 15-minute break. Go green!




Commissioner Anderson: "It is my honor to introduce the creation of the United Nations League. The UNL will feature characters from all around the world competing for the prestige of calling themselves the absolute best in their profession. As is stated in the announcement, each manager will have exactly two wrestlers ? no more, no less. In addition, the regional titles will feature most of the world?s most influential countries. There is no special spending minimum, so $5 can keep your wrestlers active every cycle!""




"Hello, all IWA managers. I am Mr. Green. I have been in the IWA on and off since the '80s when it was first created. Now I am trying my hand at being a commissioner of a league I have just created. It is an '80s and '90s-themed league called the World Premier Wrestling League, or WPL, and it is opening in the Iron Federation. Reasonable transfers can be done. Names should be similar to real wrestlers from the '80s and '90s. You may come up with your own wrestler as well, but he must have an '80s or '90s theme. There will be alternate regional title names to go along with the era presented. A possible website for the league is also being worked on. There is a Facebook group I made for now called IWA WPL. Stop by the Facebook group page for ideas that are in progress. Or, sign up with Kimberly to enter your wrestler(s) in the WPL. Can you be the Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair alternative in this league? Come join and find out."




For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 396KB).




Commissioner Pratt: "Several events will begin to take shape this cycle, including the Underworld Championship tournament and the Anarchy Title match at Blood Bash. Who will earn a place in the first Commissioner's Challenge tournament and the chance to win 16 free matches? It's not too late -- join the LNL and take your place among today's darkest and most malevolent competitors!"

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 2.1MB).




"Are you Hardcore? Want to prove it? If you haven't tried the XWL yet, now is the time. Join today and get in on our tournament to crown the first-ever X Supreme Champion. Also, join us on Facebook at XWL Hardcore."

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 395KB).




"Howdy, IWAR fans. This is the issue you don't want to miss. Not only do we have the usual jam-packed IWAR with coverage of the IWAR Network of league (BRL, CWL, IWL and NWL), coverage of Imagibash 15, and the biggest events of the year (4th Johnny B. Cup, 26th Marano Memorial Tag-team tourney), but we also announce the details of our next set of events (3rd annual Ladder Match Battle Royal, 5th Bound for Glory Series, 8th Tripe D Cup Six-man Tournament and 10th Tag-team Derby), and on top of all that, we have a special tribute to the BRL's 500th episode that is 30 years in the making. We look back at the IWA's beginning, noteworthy events over the years, pictures, artwork and a whole heap of stats, records and history like you've never seen before. Other news includes the announcement of a new IWAR-wide Commissioner's championship, the IWAR Network on Facebook, and details on how to check out the Renegade IWAR Tubecasts! All this and more! Thanks to all of you who support the best place to play in the IWA, the IWAR Network."

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 14.1MB).




"Happy" Ralphie Bloodthirst, a face-painted wrestler, is an IWA Hall of Famer and all-around nut job. Sadly, he's been running pretty much the same paint for about five years now. He'd really like to try a new flavor of paint chips!

That's where you come in. Download the JPG image file linked below, fire up your favorite graphics editing program, and forget that extended computer use can cause repetitive strain injuries -- it's time to put the pain in painting!

The players who submit the three best designs will receive $500,000, $300,000, and $100,000 in imaginary money, put up by Ralphie himself. His manager, Jason Groomes, will be the sole judge for this contest.

When you send your entry to Kimberly, feel free to list which programs, tools, and methods you used to edit the image; that will help add color to the results.

Now, get to work putting all your experience on the canvas to use -- on canvas. You can choose face paint or you can choose heel paint, but make sure it's The Color of imaginary Money!

(To download the JPG file with a size of 93KB, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As...")




For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 5.9MB).




If you need another match form, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a file with a size of 63KB).

This is a PDF file, so Windows users will need to install the free Adobe Reader to print it out. Click HERE to open the download page in a new browser window.



If you're a manager in the Center Stage League, click HERE to see the latest match results.



Managers in the Deluxe Wrestling League can click HERE for the latest match results.



If you're a manager in the Lone Wolf League, click HERE to see the latest match results.



Managers in the National Wrestling League can click HERE for the latest match results.



Keep a copy of every email you send us. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), resend your message. Kimberly replies to all legitimate email.

Do not use attachments since your message will automatically be erased BEFORE it is opened or even previewed. This is to prevent the spread of computer viruses.

Finally, make sure to email any matches, strategy changes, etc. at least 24 (and preferably more than 48) hours before your league will be processed.



Your wrestler's number of stars, current point flow, and previous strategy total are now used as additional tie-breakers in our league rankings system. The new progression is as follows: activity status (active or inactive -- see next paragraph), having at least one win, number of wins over losses, total number of wins, number of stars, amount of imaginary money, number of ties, point flow, and strategy total from the previous cycle.

Also, each wrestler must initiate a one-on-one match to be considered active. Tag-team matches, six-man matches, and battle royal entries do not count toward activity. Inactive wrestlers cannot compete for major titles, so if you'd like to see your grappler's name in the IWA Report, don't forget to have him sign at least one singles match!



From now on, managers may not create new wrestlers or transfer existing wrestlers into rookie leagues without permission from both the league commissioner and IWA Management. This protection does not expire after a certain number of cycles: it ends when it is agreed that managers in the league are ready to compete against more experienced players.

We hope this change will provide those who are new to the game with a chance to hone their skills on a more even playing field.

The Special Leagues page contains a list of our rookie leagues.



Our policy against changing stable initials after a league has been processed, but before The IWA Report has been published, failed to address the special nature of the World Wrestling League. Since this league does not allow stable initials, managers are prevented from gaining recognition for their group on an IWA-wide basis should they win a major title.

Attaching stable initials in The Report alone should have zero impact on in-league angles and storylines, since the WWL doesn't even use them (and by "them" we mean stable initials; the WWL certainly uses angles and storylines!). Because we are also able to afford our snail mail players the same option, we see no reason to prohibit managers from having Report-only initials in this league.

Several members of the WWW stable pointed out this shortcoming in our policy, although it just as easily could have been any other stable had its wrestlers won major titles from that league. We're glad this special circumstance occurred at the beginning of the year since it allows all groups to start on equal footing. (Remember that the January issue of The IWA Report actually lists the major champions from the final cycle of the previous year.)



Effective immediately, wrestlers may only change their names and/or stable initials at the time their league is processed. As usual, Kimberly has been too nice in honoring requests, and we feel the situation is getting out of hand. Allowing these changes to occur between bulletin mailings can create confusion, and leave managers who choose to play via snail mail feeling "out of the loop" or like less-valued members of our wrestling family.

We want to use the Internet to provide conveniences for all who play our game, but that must be balanced with keeping the emphasis on the league bulletins -- where the action is! When wrestlers are permitted to change these attributes between bulletin mailings, it makes online activity just as important as league activity; it's as if time doesn't "pause" between bulletins #34 and #35 like it should, but instead continues on in some arena that exists only on the Internet. That's obviously not fair to our snail mail players.

So from now on, wrestler information must remain a reflection of what is printed in the league bulletins. This should ensure that everyone -- whether online or not -- will be on the same page. You can decide for yourself if that was intended to be a pun. :)



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