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Due to the upcoming holiday, we must receive your matches and strategies for all Iron Federation leagues by Monday morning at 8 AM, Eastern Time. Results will be posted later that day.

Matches and strategies for all Steel Federation leagues must arrive by Tuesday morning at 8 AM, with results being posted later that day.

Stay safe! Thanksgiving is the #1 day for home cooking fires, and the day before it is #4. Don't leave cooking unattended, which is by far the biggest contributing factor. If you're planning to use a turkey fryer, also plan to use extreme caution. Test your smoke alarms, keep all IWA materials away from open flames, and enjoy the long weekend!



11/13/18 -- League Champions and Hold Values (November cycle, Bronze Federation)
11/13/18 -- Special Leagues (updated WWL)
10/30/18 -- IWA Report (Vol. 23, No. 15 -- November 2018)
10/30/18 -- Hall of Fame (1 new inductee)
8/7/18 -- Handbook (prizes)
12/31/11 -- Prices
2/25/05 -- Contact Info



For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 3.7MB).



"Welcome back to Refresh Tuesday. This issue is jam-packed, so definitely give it a read. Also, don't forget to check out the IWAR's How to Win in the IWA tutorial (video link below), which has been viewed almost 400 times! If you need to kill time until Gold posts, the IWAR has you covered. Thanks to everyone who supports the IWAR Network and makes playing there so much fun."

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 3.9MB).



For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 602KB).



Presenting the newest league to join the Jade Federation: the War Zone League! This is a new stable-based league, where each manager is allowed up to three wrestlers as they fight for the honor and respect of their stables. There have been so many great stables and managers since the IWA opened its doors, and now it's time to show everyone why you and your stable are the best!

  • Managers are allowed a total of three wrestlers.
  • Each wrestler must be represented by a stable, and the points will be added to the annual stable wars for all federations.
  • At least one of the three wrestlers must be the manager's name. A first initial can be used with the last name.
  • With a minimum of $12 spent, one wrestler can be placed in the battle royal for free.
  • League champions will receive a $12 credit with a minimum of 50 cards.
  • The TV champion receives five free matches.
  • Transfers are free for the first cycle!
  • Wrestler creation is also free for the first cycle! (That wrestler must stay in the league for three cycles.)

Want to see the title names the WZL will use? Right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 140KB).



"The LWL: the most challenging league in the IWA! Only the strongest survive, and that's why we dominate the Inter Fed! Coming soon is the first-ever Survivor Series PPV and the newest event debuting in 2019, Winter Warfare!"

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 1.5MB).



"Be sure to check out the fastest-rising angle-based league in the entire IWA, the All Star League! This is the cover for our next upcoming issue to whet your appetite! Stay tuned for a PDF copy of the report. If you are interested in joining, please contact Frank Snow or me, Peter Houston, through the IWA.

"Can you stop the juggernaut tag-team of Mt. Crushmore? Can you discover the truth about Pato The Duck? Is he the greatest hero, or an unstoppable monster?! This and more can be found in the ASL report, The Grappler!!!"



"Our incredible managers have spoken, and the greatest commissioner in the game has answered the call! The WICKED WARZ LEAGUE is now a reality, and this game will never be the same again! A special thanks to everyone already registered in the WAR ROOM, and to those two precious souls looking down upon our newly-formed league: THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! So, for any of you wondering what league to be a part of during your new year shake-up, crack open my debut report, as I let my work do all the talking for me! Maybe you are not ready to be a part of history... maybe you love being stuck in dead end leagues... maybe you are hesitant to try something new. Just know this... SOMETHING WICKED HAS NOW ARRIVED!"

The WWL: "Home to the IWA's GREATEST Report and FIRST-EVER customized bulletin title and back pages. Don't believe me? Happy hunting!"

For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 5.4MB).



For the latest issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 1.4MB).



There were rumblings about the potential return of the greatest commissioner to ever step foot in the IWA. Many brushed off the notion, stating that he would never return -- that the days of the "Gold Standard" were long gone.

Well, I am here to tell you all... I'M BAAAAACK! And not only am I returning to the game, but I am unleashing the brand new Wicked Warz League, beginning the following Diamond Federation cycle!

Yes, my friends, the one and only Melvin Mayhem has returned to take his new league to heights never seen before in the IWA. It is no secret that the quality of my work is unrivaled, but I am taking my vision to a whole new level and raising the bar yet again. It is time to shake things up around here and let the way of the wicked engulf the IWA.

So, for any manager who dares to enter the War Room and see what their wrestlers are really made of, look no further than the WWL. And rest assured that all those who take part in this league are in for an experience like never before, and can bank on that! But you must hurry, because transfers are only free during the debut cycle. After that, any manager wanting to join must contact me directly in order to be considered as a worthy manager to join my vision.

Let us all soak in this glorious news, and make sure to contact Kim and let her know that you want to be a part of history!!! I will be waiting! See you all in the Realm of the Wicked!

Yours truly,
The Gold Standard: Commissioner Melvin Mayhem!

(Contact the commissioner at newbloodmayhem followed by the @ symbol and then gmail.com. Be sure to check out the league details by right clicking HERE and choosing "Save Target As..." You will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 553KB.)



Learning the ropes in a game where those ropes are imaginary can be confusing, but this unofficial How to Win in the IWA video is here to help. Join IWAR and BRL Commissioner Matt Riley as he walks you through the fundamentals of the game to help you get a better grasp of the IWA.

Click HERE for the YouTube page. (This link will open in a new browser window. The IWA is not responsible for its content.)



"The Unofficial History of the IWA, as brought to you by the IWA Ringside Magazine. This special edition is loaded with pictures, stories, and nostalgia from over 30 years of the IWA."

For this issue, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a PDF file with a size of 14.1MB).




The current bulletins from all our leagues are now available on our League Champions page. These PDF files are updated the same day the federation results are posted and include everything the snail mailed versions have, with the added bonus that some feature trash talk pages in full color.

Match results are also available in HTML format from that same page, for those who want a searchable option.

If you want us to continue providing results this way, contact Kimberly and tell her you'd like to "go green." We'll stop sending you printed bulletins, which will help keep our prices low, and you'll get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you just helped save the planet. Everyone wins!



If you need another match form, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a file with a size of 63KB).

For another Imagimania contest form, right click HERE and choose "Save Target As..." (you will be downloading a file with a size of 49KB).

These are PDF files, so Windows users will need to install the free Adobe Reader to print them out. Click HERE to open the download page in a new browser window.



Keep a copy of every email you send us. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), resend your message. Kimberly replies to all legitimate email.

Do not use attachments since your message will automatically be erased BEFORE it is opened or even previewed. This is to prevent the spread of computer viruses.

Finally, make sure to email any matches, strategy changes, etc. at least 24 (and preferably more than 48) hours before your league will be processed.



Your wrestler's number of stars, current point flow, and previous strategy total are now used as additional tie-breakers in our league rankings system. The new progression is as follows: activity status (active or inactive -- see next paragraph), having at least one win, number of wins over losses, total number of wins, number of stars, amount of imaginary money, number of ties, point flow, and strategy total from the previous cycle.

Also, each wrestler must initiate a one-on-one match to be considered active. Tag-team matches, six-man matches, and battle royal entries do not count toward activity. Inactive wrestlers cannot compete for major titles, so if you'd like to see your grappler's name in the IWA Report, don't forget to have him sign at least one singles match!



From now on, managers may not create new wrestlers or transfer existing wrestlers into rookie leagues without permission from both the league commissioner and IWA Management. This protection does not expire after a certain number of cycles: it ends when it is agreed that managers in the league are ready to compete against more experienced players.

We hope this change will provide those who are new to the game with a chance to hone their skills on a more even playing field.

The Special Leagues page contains a list of our rookie leagues.



Our policy against changing stable initials after a league has been processed, but before The IWA Report has been published, failed to address the special nature of the World Wrestling League. Since this league does not allow stable initials, managers are prevented from gaining recognition for their group on an IWA-wide basis should they win a major title.

Attaching stable initials in The Report alone should have zero impact on in-league angles and storylines, since the WWL doesn't even use them (and by "them" we mean stable initials; the WWL certainly uses angles and storylines!). Because we are also able to afford our snail mail players the same option, we see no reason to prohibit managers from having Report-only initials in this league.

Several members of the WWW stable pointed out this shortcoming in our policy, although it just as easily could have been any other stable had its wrestlers won major titles from that league. We're glad this special circumstance occurred at the beginning of the year since it allows all groups to start on equal footing. (Remember that the January issue of The IWA Report actually lists the major champions from the final cycle of the previous year.)



Effective immediately, wrestlers may only change their names and/or stable initials at the time their league is processed. As usual, Kimberly has been too nice in honoring requests, and we feel the situation is getting out of hand. Allowing these changes to occur between bulletin mailings can create confusion, and leave managers who choose to play via snail mail feeling "out of the loop" or like less-valued members of our wrestling family.

We want to use the Internet to provide conveniences for all who play our game, but that must be balanced with keeping the emphasis on the league bulletins -- where the action is! When wrestlers are permitted to change these attributes between bulletin mailings, it makes online activity just as important as league activity; it's as if time doesn't "pause" between bulletins #34 and #35 like it should, but instead continues on in some arena that exists only on the Internet. That's obviously not fair to our snail mail players.

So from now on, wrestler information must remain a reflection of what is printed in the league bulletins. This should ensure that everyone -- whether online or not -- will be on the same page. You can decide for yourself if that was intended to be a pun. :)



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