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World Champion

VIRUS/CURE: Musclemaker 2000 (AEL)

U.S. Champion

VIRUS/FS: Drake Younger (AEL)

King of the Ring

SOS: "Mr. 4,040" Bruno Sammartino (MUL)

Iron Federation Champion

SOS: Drowned God (MEL)

Steel Federation Champion

EDGE/ROT: The Big Ryebowski (OSL)

Gold Federation Champion

EDGE/ROT: Fighter 2 (MML)

Diamond Federation Champion

LPPF: Poseidon (NSL)

Bronze Federation Champion

VIRUS/CURE: Musclemaker 2000 (AEL)

Jade Federation Champion

IMT/ARMY: "Bloodstained Xtremist" Jefferson Creed (CZL)

American Champion

VIRUS/CURE: Musclemaker 2000 (AEL)

Asian Champion

VIRUS: Shingles (COL)

Elite Champion


Hardcore Champion

IMT/ARMY: "Bloodstained Xtremist" Jefferson Creed (CZL)

International Champion

EDGE/ROT: Fighter 2 (MML)

Metropolitan Champion

EPIC/QHD: "Bend the Throttle" Racer McKay (EPW)

National Champion

IMT/ARMY: "Boozefighter" Hector Carrasco (CZL)

Central Plains region

COT: James Ellsworth (WEW)

East Coast region

IMT/ARMY: "Boozefighter" Hector Carrasco (CZL)

Great Lakes region

EDGE: Steel Wheel (CZL)

Mid-Atlantic region

EDGE/GiFt: Cherith Cutestory (CZL)

Northeast region

IMT/ARMY: "Extreme One" Vic Carver (XWL)

Pacific Northwest region

SOS: "Chainsaw" Cactus Callihan (CZL)

Rocky Mountains region

LPPF: Apollo (NSL)

Southeast region

EDGE/ROT: Triple Threat Rye 2 (WEW)

Southwest region

EDGE/GiFt: Jonathan Acorns of Taxes (CZL)

West Coast region

VIRUS/VD: Chicken Pox (NAL)

Ladies' World Champion

COT: Cayonne (GAL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

VIRUS/VD: Bruce Jenner "The Female Version" (LLL)

Queen of the Ring

American Dream Destiny Rhodes (VUL)

Ladies' National Champion

SOS: Frankii Gotch (LLL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

ORDER: Amazing Amy Blitz & Deadly Darlene Blitz (LRW)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

LPPF: "Mad Love" Melissa Warner & "Sensational" Samantha Stewart (LRW)

World Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Furry Furnace of Fury, VIRUS/Luniz: Cuter, VIRUS: Canadian Hardcore (VUL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

The Phenom Carrie Calaway, American Dream Destiny Rhodes, Nature Girl Olivia Flair (VUL)

World Tag-team Champions

LPPF: The Executioner & LPPF/LOTTERY: The Benchwarmer (XPL)
SOS: Platinum Punch & Declan Xavier (QPL)
IMT/AR15: Bowling For Behave & Close the Borders (NDL)
COT: Best of the Best III & Best of the Best II (MUL)
VIRUS: Dragon King & Lightning Tiger (GPLL)
EDGE/ROT: The Blue Chipper & EDGE/GiFt: Pam Pam (ECL)
LPPF: Sinister Sean Brutal & Fed-Ex Bobby Brutal (AEL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

VIRUS/Luniz: Johnny Lugnutz & VIRUS: Ghouly (MUL)
EDGE/ROT: Disciple of Terror 17 & EDGE/GiFt: Devastating Dennis Morlock (ECL)

World Six-man Champions

AI: Billy Steele, Performance Center Trainer 3, LPPF: Chandler (YJW)
Insider #10, Insider #9, Insider #8 (WARZ)
COT: "The Hot Shot" Tommy Hott, The Plaguing Plumber, Jim Refuses to Wear Pants (QPL)
IMT/AR15: They Them Climate Change Elrod 13th, Inalienable Rights, Second Amendment (NDL)
ORDER: Zeepo The Clown, Meepo The Clown, Beepo The Clown (NBL)
VIRUS/VD: Bio-hazard, Umbrella Corps, Resident Evil (NAL)
EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 22, EDGE: All Out Oliver John, EDGE/GiFt: Light (MEL)
SOS: Ikiku, Uwe Achen, Ameen (KHL)
SOS: Eastern Champ Mike Cook, "Well Respected" Mike Cook, Pacific Champ Mike Cook (NAL) (IIL)
IMT: "Bad Attitude" Gerald Robinson, "Trailer Park Gangsta" Gerald Robinson, 976-EVIL (HWL)
SOS: Keith Brane, Owen Brane, Bruce Brane (HRL)
VIRUS/VD: Avian Flu, Malaria, VIRUS/RWS: Drake Callihan (HLL)
IMT: We Are In This Together, The New Normal, Virtue Signaling Male Karen the 13th (HAL)
EDGE: Vassal, Apostle, Zealot (EPW)
LPPF: New Breed Spoiler #3, Rohan Raines, On Borrowed Time (EEL)
EDGE/ROT: Terror Warrior 3, Terror Warrior 2, EDGE/GiFt: Dinkers (ECL)
SOS: Killian Slain, Karrion Zane, Kripplin Paine (CSL)
BNC: Gags the Clown, The Panda Warrior, Boom Boom Bugelow (AWL)
IMT: Comedy and Podcast Hero, Mister Fight from America, Play By Mail Besties (ASL)
SOS: 'Uli'uli Tagata Fa'asa, Josip Hrvoje Peruzovic, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri (AOL)
SOS: Sleek Dirk Avarice, SOS/CHAMP: The Unavoidable, SOS: Universal Spider (AEL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

LPPF: New Breed Legend #3, New Breed Legend #2, New Breed Legend #1 (YJW)
COT: Jimmy "The Body" Janos, The Odious Owner, "The Swedish Messiah" Bjorn Again (QPL)
VIRUS: F. "The Hitman" B., VIRUS/Luniz: Chest Knutzz, VIRUS: Rooster Fish (MUL)
EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 24, EDGE: "Lefty" Abraham Nunez, EDGE/GiFt: UAIOE (MEL)
SOS/BAC: Blood Green, SOS: Atlantic Champ Mike Cook, Titus Ortiz (EEL)
EDGE/GiFt: Bongo, EDGE/ROT: Terror Warrior 5, Terror Warrior 4 (ECL)
LPPF: Rusty Riggs, Jaxx Justice, Big Money Graem Stembridge (BBL)
SOS: J.J. Stalker, J.F.K. Trumq, Jacquo "The Music Man" Marco (AOL)

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