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Card 1: Held in Prague (Attendance: 867)

Gutbuster annihilated "Superstar" Tom Cassidy at 9:32 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 38 (non-title).
Gutbuster outmuscled Spiderman at 1:30 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 90 (non-title).
Gutbuster over Sheriff Bud Powers at 3:54 (Disqualification: pushed ref) (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy defeated Knuckles at 2:45 (Palm Strike) by 87.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy destroyed Crusher Joe at 1:04 (Superplex) by 105.
Mandi overpowered Debbie Ocean at 6:03 (Side Slam) by 98 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Douglas Adams at 6:54 (Ankle Lock) by 87.
Main event: Gutbuster outmuscled Genetic Freak Justin Stone at 45:38 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 4.

Card 2: Held in Matanzas (Attendance: 470)

Gutbuster over Dr. Robert Schuller at 7:10 (Disqualification: used steel chair) (non-title).
Gutbuster decked A1 A1 Star at 2:10 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 86 (non-title).
Gutbuster over Mr. Bob Feller at 2:22 (Count Out) (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Ivan the Less Terrible at 7:57 (Palm Strike) by 67.
J C T won over Ed McMahon at 0:37 (Bodyslam) by 100.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over The Wrestling Barber at 3:17 (Disqualification: refused to break choke).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy won over Washi Wajima at 0:53 (Superplex) by 135.
Main event: Gutbuster destroyed "Superstar" Anthony Cassidy at 28:32 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 2 (Guest Referee: Wakaru Kushiro).

Card 3: Held in Winnipeg (Attendance: 742)

Gutbuster bested Sentoryu 4 at 4:16 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 120 (non-title).
Gutbuster outmuscled Sheriff Gerald McFaul at 4:39 (Back Elbow Smash) by 99 (non-title).
Gutbuster decked "Superstar" Anthony Cassidy at 27:55 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 2 (non-title) (Guest Referee: Sentoryu 4).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy decked Soda Pop Paul at 2:56 (Palm Strike) by 87.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy pinned Xavier P. Xavier at 6:47 (Palm Strike) by 70.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy defeated Bo Bradley at 2:21 (Palm Strike) by 91.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy outmuscled Baby Kaba Tenryu at 2:11 (Ankle Lock) by 113.
Main event: Mandi tied Gutbuster at 9:17 (Double Disqualification).

Card 4: Held in New Delhi (Attendance: 639)

Gutbuster over Fr. George Wright at 2:45 (Disqualification: used steel chair) (non-title).
Gutbuster pinned John P. Seiz at 0:26 (Figure Four) by 127 (non-title).
Gutbuster won over Baby Kaba Tenryu at 2:00 (Back Elbow Smash) by 118 (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy outmuscled The Body Slaminator at 1:36 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 158.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy outmuscled Xavier P. Xavier at 4:58 (Palm Strike) by 70.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled The Chicago Brawler at 2:53 (Palm Strike) by 105.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy decked Coconut Kid at 4:32 (Chickenwing) by 124.
Main event: Gutbuster overpowered Tara Bull at 6:39 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 83.

Card 5: Held in Cologne (Attendance: 677)

Gutbuster defeated Smasher McGee at 5:03 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 84 (non-title).
Gutbuster defeated The Wrestling Barber at 4:50 (Fallaway Slam) by 90 (non-title).
Gutbuster decked Coconut Kid at 2:44 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 63 (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy annihilated Frankie T. at 1:58 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 146.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy beat Wilbur McBurger at 4:38 (Palm Strike) by 56.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy destroyed Bill Pearl at 0:37 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 155.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy annihilated El Hijo Del Muta at 1:07 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 154.
Main event: Gutbuster beat Bad Bad Leigh Roy-Brown at 12:42 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 93.

Card 6: Held in Indore (Attendance: 954)

Gutbuster annihilated Frankie T. at 0:29 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 148 (non-title).
Gutbuster over Tokyo Bullets - Mitsutoshi at 2:10 (Count Out) (non-title).
Gutbuster defeated Washi Wajima at 2:38 (Figure Four) by 138 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Rudy G. at 1:48 (Palm Strike) by 105.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Wrestlermeister at 2:40 (Palm Strike) by 79.
J C T defeated The Father in Law at 1:49 (Bodyslam) by 96.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy overpowered Tora Tanashini at 1:33 (Palm Strike) by 76.
Main event: Gutbuster pinned Navarro at 36:03 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 3.

Card 7: Held in Guadalajara (Attendance: 913)

Gutbuster defeated Rudy G. at 0:32 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 108 (non-title).
Gutbuster annihilated The Chicago Brawler at 1:36 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 108 (non-title).
Gutbuster decked El Hijo Del Muta at 1:46 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 156 (non-title).
J C T overpowered Redbeard at 8:16 (Bodyslam) by 46 (walk the plank).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy beat Navarro at 27:04 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 1 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Cardinal Karl McBride at 3:16 (Disqualification: used belt to hit opponent).
J C T overpowered Tank at 29:45 (Million Dollar Dream) by 2 (army) (Guest Referee: Mr. Alex Trebek).
Main event: Gutbuster won over "Superstar" Shaun Cassidy at 51:17 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 2 (Guest Referee: El Fantastico).

Card 8: Held in Saint Petersburg (Attendance: 623)

Gutbuster over "Abs" O'Lutely at 9:32 (Disqualification: used brass knuckles) (non-title).
Gutbuster destroyed Fr. Carl Hansen at 3:19 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 87 (non-title).
Gutbuster over Komainu at 16:17 (Count Out) (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy overpowered Taco Lucha at 2:31 (Superplex) by 151.
Japan title: J C T pinned Navarro at 29:09 (Million Dollar Dream) by 5 (Hell in a Cell).

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy annihilated "The Wrestling Doctor" Dr. Baker at 0:20 (Backbreaker) by 160.
TV Tag-team titles: Gutbuster and Tora Tanashini over Wakaru Kushiro and Robert Duvall at 4:20 (Disqualification: used powder).

Main event: Gutbuster outmuscled The German Cyborg at 41:12 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 1.

Card 9: Held in Bozeman (Attendance: 320)

Gutbuster outmuscled Taco Lucha at 1:27 (Figure Four) by 154 (non-title).
Gutbuster defeated Dr. John H. Snevel at 5:02 (Pumphandle Slam) by 82 (non-title).
Gutbuster defeated Fly Horse Kid at 3:58 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 102 (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy beat Barry O'Toole at 0:24 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 159.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Wakaru Kushiro at 6:45 (Disqualification: razor in boot).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy decked Robert Duvall at 2:45 (Palm Strike) by 95.
Tag-team titles: Godlike Johnny Phoenix and Magnus 'Atlas' Samuelsson* annihilated Navarro and The German Cyborg* at 29:02 (From the Ashes) by 1.

Main event: Gutbuster outmuscled God Complex Legion Cage at 56:28 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 3.

Card 10: Held in Courbevoie (Attendance: 549)

Gutbuster pinned Blake Bloom at 2:24 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 103 (non-title).
Gutbuster won over Mr. Bob Barker at 1:55 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 142 (non-title).
Gutbuster over Tora Tanashini at 11:29 (Count Out) (non-title).
Canada title: The German Cyborg outmuscled Tara Bull at 6:05 (Hammerlock) by 78.

"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy over Wakaru Kushiro at 7:33 (Disqualification: used rope to choke).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy decked The Crippling Chiropractor at 3:47 (Palm Strike) by 89.
Gutbuster, Navarro, and The German Cyborg* beat "Abs" O'Lutely, "The Tourist" Sue Venir, and "Awesome" Anthony Hole* at 3:09 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 56 (Six-man title).
Main event: Gutbuster bested Death Dealer Seth Phoenix at 57:25 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 4.

Card 11: Held in Pittsburgh (Attendance: 304)

Gutbuster pinned Wilbur McBurger at 7:31 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 59 (non-title).
Gutbuster bested "Awesome" Anthony Hole at 4:31 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 104 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled Sentoryu 4 at 4:31 (Palm Strike) by 117.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy bested Blake Bloom at 4:58 (Palm Strike) by 100.
J C T pinned The Masked Marvel at 3:15 (Bodyslam) by 59.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated "The Wrestling Reverend" Reverend Alden at 2:52 (Palm Strike) by 94.
Main event: Gutbuster decked Justin Beiber at 32:35 (Pokoponesia Clutch) by 2 (Guest Referee: Odyssey Oz Baker).

Card 12: Held in Hat Yai (Attendance: 302)

Gutbuster destroyed Dr. Adam Bricker at 1:45 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 107 (non-title).
Gutbuster decked Robert Duvall at 5:05 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 98 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated Smasher McGee at 6:26 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 89.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy won over Blake Bloom at 2:48 (Palm Strike) by 100.
Justin Beiber drew "Superstar" Shaun Cassidy at 3:45 (No Contest).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy decked "The Wrestling Reverend" Reverend Alden at 2:39 (Palm Strike) by 94.

Card 13: Held in Sturgis (Attendance: 713)

Gutbuster won over Wrestlermeister at 3:11 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 82 (non-title).
Gutbuster decked The Sheriff at 0:26 (Pumphandle Slam) by 160 (non-title).
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy defeated Smasher McGee at 4:22 (Turnbuckle Smash) by 89.
Russia title: Navarro pinned Bad Bad Leigh Roy-Brown at 1:52 (Back Elbow Smash) by 90.

"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy destroyed A1 A1 Star at 1:37 (Palm Strike) by 83.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed "Wrestling Master" Mark Hlavin at 1:14 (Chickenwing) by 146.

Battle Royal: Held at Arena Royale, Montreal (Attendance: 937)

Mandi was paid $1,000 when Navarro threw him over the turnbuckle.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy was awarded $1,100 when he got thrown over the turnbuckle by The German Cyborg.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy nabbed $1,200 in imaginary earnings when J C T threw him out.
Navarro earned $1,300 after he got thrown outside the ring by J C T.
The German Cyborg took home $1,400 after J C T hurled him out.
J C T took home $1,500 after getting thrown out of the ring by Gutbuster.
Gutbuster was the winner of the battle royal and its $30,000 prize.

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