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Card 1 -- Held in Hamburg (Attendance: 34,379)

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy beat Sentoryu 4 at 1:09 (rolling scissors) by 128.
Stan Steve pinned Taco Lucha at 2:55 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 134.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy beat Crusher Joe at 0:45 (scorpion deathlock) by 112.
"The Machine" Mason Clark destroyed Intolerant Fritz at 29:16 (Rolling Cradle) by 2.
Texas Deputy #2 overpowered Dr. Pepper I at 7:01 (Russian sickle) by 47.
Texas Deputy #2 annihilated Texas Deputy #3 at 2:46 (Russian sickle) by 128.
Texas Deputy #1 decked "The Machine" Mason Clark at 22:07 (Strait-Jacket Lung-Blower) by 6.
Stan Steve, "The Machine" Mason Clark, and The American War Veteran* outmuscled "All Business" Aaron Hole*, "Awesome" Anthony Hole, and "Rock Hard" Rod Cox at 11:40 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 17.
MAIN EVENT: Intolerant Fritz decked TT Taylor at 35:00 (The Claw) by 2.

Card 2 -- Held in Nuremberg (Attendance: 5,612)

Texas Deputy #1 overpowered Marky "the Sharky" Mako at 2:11 (flying drop kick) by 85 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Taco Lucha at 2:45 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 164.
Stan Steve bested Ed McMahon at 6:07 (airplane spin) by 90.
Intolerant Fritz defeated G6 at 17:25 (The Claw) by 11.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy decked Jumpin' Jimmy Frye at 1:33 (rolling scissors) by 81.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy beat "All Business" Aaron Hole at 28:08 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 1.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated Douglas Adams at 5:13 (airplane spin) by 94.
Texas Deputy #3*, Texas Deputy #2, and Texas Deputy #1 defeated "All Business" Aaron Hole, "Awesome" Anthony Hole, and "Rock Hard" Rod Cox* at 8:34 (Hit with Nightstick) by 22 (Six-man title).
MAIN EVENT: Guy Fieri defeated Intolerant Fritz at 37:50 (Surf-N-Turf Up) by 8.

Card 3 -- Held in Tokyo (Attendance: 9,292)

The Sooner defeated Smasher McGee at 5:01 (overhead toss) by 85.
Texas Deputy #2 pinned Taco Lucha at 2:00 (Package Shoulder Breaker) by 167.
Texas Deputy #2 won over Ed McMahon at 2:45 (overhead toss) by 138.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy won over Intolerant Fritz at 27:55 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 5.
Texas Deputy #2 decked Jumpin' Jimmy Frye at 2:42 (overhead toss) by 139.
Texas Deputy #2 won over "Awesome" Anthony Hole at 29:15 (Package Shoulder Breaker) by 4.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Baby Kaba Tenryu at 9:37 (disqualification -- manager in ring).
MAIN EVENT: Texas Deputy #2 drew Guy Fieri (double count out).

Card 4 -- Held in Jaipur (Attendance: 32,350)

The Sooner decked The Body Slaminator at 5:18 (overhead toss) by 80.
Texas Deputy #1 defeated Taco Lucha at 1:17 (Texas cloverleaf) by 145 (non-title).
Intolerant Fritz pinned The Grammar Hammer at 19:18 (The Claw) by 10 *** won the Hardcore title.
Texas Deputy #2 bested Intolerant Fritz at 20:02 (Package Shoulder Breaker) by 8.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated Wakaru Kushiro at 7:47 (rolling scissors) by 62.
Texas Deputy #2 annihilated Martin Crane at 2:11 (giant swing) by 125.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy annihilated Coconut Kid at 5:09 (atomic drop) by 86.
MAIN EVENT: Guy Fieri defeated "Superstar" Anthony Cassidy at 29:02 (Surf-N-Turf Up) by 3 (Guest referee: Mr. John Walsh).

Card 5 -- Held in Valencia (Attendance: 30,273)

J C T over The Body Slaminator at 12:09 (disqualification -- used brass knuckles).
The Sooner overpowered Husker at 2:26 (choke slam) by 120 (football helmet).
The Sooner over The Grammar Hammer at 8:16 (disqualification -- tied opponent up) (non-title).
Texas Deputy #1 destroyed Intolerant Fritz at 15:14 (Strait-Jacket Lung-Blower) by 8.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy annihilated Bubba Lou Ray at 6:07 (atomic drop) by 57.
Guy Fieri beat "Rock Hard" Rod Cox at 12:10 (Surf-N-Turf Up) by 11.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy annihilated Firecracker Kid at 3:37 (rolling scissors) by 70.
MAIN EVENT: Guy Fieri bested "The Pitbull" Preston Clark at 27:28 (Surf-N-Turf Up) by 7.

Card 6 -- Held in Santiago de Cuba (Attendance: 8,520)

Stan Steve decked Frankie T. at 3:49 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 118.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy annihilated Husker at 2:43 (Boston crab) by 162.
The Grammar Hammer defeated J C T at 3:18 (I Before E) by 100.
Intolerant Fritz tied The American War Veteran (time limit).
Texas Deputy #2 outmuscled Jax Fujimaru at 2:47 (giant swing) by 111.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy decked Chief Standing Elk at 4:22 (slingshot suplex) by 100.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Washi Wajima at 4:58 (rolling scissors) by 83.
MAIN EVENT: Texas Deputy #1 tied Guy Fieri (time limit).

Card 7 -- Held in Herzliya (Attendance: 37,746)

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Frankie T. at 0:27 (scorpion deathlock) by 133.
Texas Deputy #1 overpowered Husker at 3:14 (grapevine) by 72 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy decked Johann Fiddlesticks at 3:12 (rolling scissors) by 93.
The Sentinel bested Intolerant Fritz at 23:45 (Patriot Missile) by 10.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy bested El Dorado Kid at 1:09 (scorpion deathlock) by 174.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over American President Dr. Jack Silverhawk at 7:46 (count out).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated El Hijo Del Muta at 3:09 (rolling scissors) by 96.
MAIN EVENT: Guy Fieri over The Grammar Hammer at 14:18 (disqualification -- pushed ref).

Card 8 -- Held in Hat Yai (Attendance: 5,749)

Texas Deputy #2 overpowered Frankie T. at 3:05 (Russian sickle) by 89.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy won over Barry O'Toole at 1:43 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 150.
Texas Deputy #1 decked Johann Fiddlesticks at 6:02 (grapevine) by 91 (non-title).
Nightwing decked Intolerant Fritz at 20:01 (Bat-A-Rang Suplex) by 6.
Texas Deputy #2 defeated A1 A1 Star at 3:08 (scorpion deathlock) by 124.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy pinned "The Wrestling Doctor" Dr. Baker at 2:38 (Texas cloverleaf) by 137.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled Komainu at 6:20 (rolling scissors) by 60.
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel defeated Guy Fieri at 58:29 (Patriot Missile) by 2.

Card 9 -- Held in Tampere (Attendance: 20,077)

Texas Deputy #1 destroyed Frankie T. at 0:31 (Texas cloverleaf) by 136 (non-title).
Texas Deputy #1 beat Barry O'Toole at 2:59 (Strait-Jacket Lung-Blower) by 153 (non-title).
Intolerant Fritz outmuscled John Romney at 15:06 (The Claw) by 17.
Stan Steve over Dr. Pepper I at 15:17 (disqualification -- razor in boot).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated The Gambler at 2:01 (Boston crab) by 126.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled The Crippling Chiropractor at 4:40 (rolling scissors) by 83.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled Fly Horse Kid at 0:37 (rolling scissors) by 114.
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel defeated "The Fabulous" Richard Hard at 14:13 (Patriot Missile) by 23.

Card 10 -- Held in Belmopan (Attendance: 13,081)

J C T over Frankie T. at 8:11 (count out) (cage).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Blake Bloom at 12:23 (disqualification -- tied opponent up).
Captain Jones won over John Romney at 7:51 (Brass Knuckle Punch) by 19.
Stan Steve outmuscled Jumpin' Jimmy Frye at 4:02 (airplane spin) by 75.
Texas Deputy #1 destroyed The Gambler at 4:21 (grapevine) by 66 (non-title).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Dr. Jack McIntyre Sr. at 14:39 (disqualification -- razor in boot).
J C T over Firecracker Kid at 13:10 (disqualification -- used steel chair).
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel defeated Nightwing at 47:36 (Patriot Missile) by 4.

Card 11 -- Held in San Pedro (Attendance: 32,500)

Stan Steve decked Rudy G. at 3:35 (airplane spin) by 100.
Stan Steve bested "Farm-Fed" Beef Stroganoff at 5:29 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 63.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy pinned Xavier P. Xavier at 5:14 (rolling scissors) by 69.
Stan Steve pinned Jax Fujimaru at 3:15 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 114.
Texas Deputy #1 decked Buddy Valentine at 2:35 (turnbuckle smash) by 126 (non-title).
Texas Deputy #2 bested Sheriff Joe Arpaio at 3:51 (Package Shoulder Breaker) by 87.
The Sentinel pinned The American War Veteran at 23:46 (grapevine) by 8.
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel pinned Captain Jones at 42:22 (Patriot Missile) by 8.

Card 12 -- Held in Varazdin (Attendance: 12,306)

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy overpowered Rudy G. at 4:38 (rolling scissors) by 106.
Texas Deputy #2 bested "Farm-Fed" Beef Stroganoff at 1:30 (Package Shoulder Breaker) by 96.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated Wilbur McBurger at 1:21 (scorpion deathlock) by 114.
Stan Steve bested A1 A1 Star at 3:39 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 109.
Texas Deputy #2 beat The Peninsula Prince at 10:30 (overhead toss) by 33.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy bested "The Wrestling Reverend" Reverend Alden at 0:47 (rolling scissors) by 101.
The Sooner and Really Tall Jim* annihilated Soda Pop Paul and Dr. Pepper I* at 7:27 (choke slam) by 66.
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel destroyed Really Tall Jim at 15:52 (Patriot Missile) by 12.

Card 13 -- Held in Fairbanks (Attendance: 28,718)

Texas Deputy #2 defeated Rudy G. at 4:21 (Russian sickle) by 103.
Dutch Schaefer over Stan Steve at 7:04 (count out).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy won over Wrestlermeister at 5:34 (rolling scissors) by 96.
Stan Steve over The Peninsula Prince at 9:29 (count out).
The Peninsula Prince bested J C T at 7:57 (Royal Octopus Stretch) by 44.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy bested Former Gov. George Pataki at 1:16 (Cassidy's Powerbomb) by 131.
Texas Deputy #2 and Texas Deputy #1 over Sheik Adnan Al-Atari and The Peninsula Prince at 12:19 (disqualification -- razor in boot) (non-title).
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel bested "Rock Hard" Rod Cox at 29:46 (Patriot Missile) by 13.

Card 14 -- Held in Pittsburgh (Attendance: 48,644)

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy pinned Thunder Puncher at 4:02 (atomic drop) by 98.
Dutch Schaefer annihilated Texas Deputy #2 at 29:31 (Hog Tie Suplex) by 1 *** won the European title.
Texas Deputy #1 won over Jason Adams III at 0:32 (Russian sickle) by 112 (non-title).
Stan Steve over Tokyo Bullets - Mitsutoshi at 13:45 (disqualification -- hit opponent with microphone).
Texas Deputy #2 over Tokyo Bullets - Mitsutoshi at 7:18 (disqualification -- tied opponent up).
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy decked The Stepfather at 5:42 (rolling scissors) by 50.
Texas Deputy #2* and Texas Deputy #1 won over "Superstar" Anthony Cassidy* and J C T at 18:24 (Diving Bulldog) by 12 (non-title).
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel over John Romney at 9:58 (count out).

Card 15 -- Held in Dodge City (Attendance: 16,993)

Texas Deputy #1 beat Thunder Puncher at 2:45 (flying drop kick) by 100 (non-title).
Dutch Schaefer bested J C T at 3:10 (avalanche) by 119.
Intolerant Fritz over Stan Steve at 12:40 (disqualification -- nail file).
Stan Steve overpowered The Chicago Brawler at 1:02 (airplane spin) by 106.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy outmuscled El Fantastico at 6:13 (rolling scissors) by 70.
Texas Deputy #1 over The Stepfather at 7:18 (count out) (non-title).
Texas Deputy #2* and Texas Deputy #1 decked J C T* at 3:28 (abdominal stretch) by 112 (handicap).
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel decked "Awesome" Anthony Hole at 22:04 (Patriot Missile) by 6.

Card 16 -- Held in Chiang Mai (Attendance: 26,490)

"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy destroyed Redbeard at 5:34 (rolling scissors) by 48.
Stan Steve won over Mr. Grapple at 1:55 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 135.
Intolerant Fritz defeated "The Fabulous" Richard Hard at 14:54 (The Claw) by 13 (non-title).
Stan Steve bested Dr. Yanpoi at 1:54 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 140.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy defeated Bo Bradley at 6:10 (rolling scissors) by 84.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy over Bob "The Beautiful" Bodybuilder at 13:42 (disqualification -- refused to break choke).
Texas Deputy #2* and Texas Deputy #1 won over The American War Veteran* and The Sentinel at 15:21 (Diving Bulldog) by 6 (Tag-team title).
MAIN EVENT: The Sentinel pinned "All Business" Aaron Hole at 46:13 (Patriot Missile) by 6.

Card 17 -- Held in Hiroshima (Attendance: 42,452)

Stan Steve pinned The Bayou Bandit at 4:48 (airplane spin) by 87.
Texas Deputy #2 over Mr. Grapple at 4:47 (count out).
"The Pitbull" Preston Clark won over Intolerant Fritz at 28:14 (Top Rope Bulldog) by 1.
Stan Steve won over Texas Deputy #3 at 2:23 (airplane spin) by 125.
The Sooner outmuscled The Chicago Brawler at 2:54 (overhead toss) by 113.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy overpowered Ted Koppel at 1:51 (rolling scissors) by 79.
Dutch Schaefer, The Sooner, and Really Tall Jim over "All Business" Aaron Hole, "Awesome" Anthony Hole, and "Rock Hard" Rod Cox at 13:32 (disqualification -- hit ref).

Card 18 -- Held in Kladno (Attendance: 12,457)

Texas Deputy #2 destroyed The Bayou Bandit at 6:02 (Russian sickle) by 90.
Stan Steve defeated Sheik Adnan Al-Atari at 7:08 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 63.
Guy Fieri beat Intolerant Fritz at 23:10 (Surf-N-Turf Up) by 8.
Stan Steve won over Martin Crane at 1:54 (pole ram) by 124.
Texas Deputy #2 defeated The Chicago Brawler at 4:27 (Russian sickle) by 109.
Nightwing outmuscled Really Tall Jim at 20:38 (Bat-A-Rang Suplex) by 8.
John Romney, The American War Veteran*, and The Sentinel annihilated "All Business" Aaron Hole, "Awesome" Anthony Hole*, and "Rock Hard" Rod Cox at 15:53 (Big Time Tax Cut) by 20 *** won the Texas TV Six-man titles.

Card 19 -- Held in Assisi (Attendance: 28,227)

Texas Deputy #1 destroyed The Bayou Bandit at 2:03 (grapevine) by 91 (non-title).
Texas Deputy #2 won over Sheik Adnan Al-Atari at 6:33 (scorpion deathlock) by 91.
The Sooner won over Intolerant Fritz at 17:38 (belly to belly) by 10 *** won the Texas Television title.
Stan Steve defeated Sheriff Joe Arpaio at 7:23 (Stan Steve Stunner) by 54.
Texas Deputy #2 beat Dr. Yanpoi at 1:57 (scorpion deathlock) by 155.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy bested Bob Britton, Sr. at 1:52 (Boston crab) by 130.
Texas Deputy #3*, Texas Deputy #2, and Texas Deputy #1 annihilated Stan Steve*, "The Machine" Mason Clark, and The American War Veteran at 28:12 (Hit with Nightstick) by 5.

Battle Royal -- Held in Dusseldorf (Attendance: 18,924)

J C T was awarded $1,000 after "Superstar" Shaun Cassidy catapulted him out.
TT Taylor was given $1,100 after "Superstar" Shaun Cassidy threw him out.
"Superstar" Shaun Cassidy got $1,200 when he got thrown out by "The Franchise" Shane Cassidy.
"The Franchise" Shane Cassidy took $1,300 when he got thrown out by "Superstar" Anthony Cassidy.
"Superstar" Anthony Cassidy won the battle royal and its $30,000 prize.

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