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Your new wrestler is almost complete! There are five more holds for you to choose. Again, print the numbers of the holds on the piece of paper, and do not use any hold more than once.

61. Atomic Leg Drop
62. Backbreaker
63. Big Splash
64. Boston Crab
65. Brainbuster
66. Camel Clutch
67. Cobra Clutch
68. Cradle Suplex
69. Cutter
70. DDT
71. Death Valley Driver
72. Diving Headbutt
73. Figure Four
74. Gorilla Press Slam
75. Gourdbuster
76. Guillotine Choke
77. Hurricanrana
78. Moonsault
79. Neckbreaker
80. Piledriver
81. Powerbomb
82. Powerslam
83. Scorpion Deathlock
84. Sleeper
85. Slingshot Suplex
86. Spear
87. Spinebuster
88. Stunner
89. Sunset Flip
90. Superplex

Does your wrestler have a special finishing move, like a "Doom Drop" or "Face Eraser"? If so, let us know what it is! Print your custom finisher below your strategy. If your wrestler wins a match using his final (15th) hold, the results will show that he won by this special maneuver instead.

Congratulations! You've completed the creation of your first ring warrior. Now, who should he fight? For his first round in the IWA he can prove himself by beating some of our "cannon fodder" -- namely, the 10 scrubs shown below. After that, he'll start pounding on wrestlers owned by real-life managers like yourself (we will send you a bulletin containing the outcomes of these first 10 matches plus a list of new opponents to choose from).

Big Ben

Ace Stevens

Jaeger van Dorn

Bodybag Jones

Wildfire Johnny Rage

Eric Darkstrom

Nook the Secret Weapon

Derek Craven

El Diablo Sanchez

Tygar Singh

Okay, there's just one more step. Put the piece of paper with your wrestler's information on it in an envelope. Enclose $3 to cover his 10 exhibition matches, and mail it to:

IWA Rookie
Box 5275
Willowick, OH 44095

(Remember to put postage on the envelope.)

In no time at all you'll be facing off against the grapplers created by other pro wrestling fans and winning great prizes, like engraved plaques and real-life championship belts!

Please bookmark THIS LINK (right click on it and choose "Add to Favorites...") so you can return to our site easily. Also, be sure to check out our official Handbook while we sign you up!


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