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The first step in creating your very own IWA wrestler is deciding on a name. Don't just use the name of a real pro wrestler (that's no fun). Remember, this is a character you are going to be playing! Spend a few minutes thinking up his gimmick, or his background, or maybe a catch phrase he is known for. Is he a fan favorite or a heel? What is his entrance music? Take some time to come up with the details so your wrestler is more than just a name on a piece of paper.

Okay, now let's put his name on a piece of paper! Neatly print your name and complete mailing address on a blank sheet of paper (including your street address, apartment number, city, state, and ZIP Code). Print your wrestler's name below that.

NOTE: If you have a printer, or want to see an example of how to arrange your information, click HERE.

Next, choose 10 holds from the list below, and print the numbers of the holds on the paper. Do not use any hold more than once!

01. Ankle Lock
02. Arm Drag Takedown
03. Arm Wrench
04. Atomic Drop
05. Back Elbow Smash
06. Bear Hug
07. Big Boot
08. Bodyslam
09. Bulldog
10. Catapult
11. Chair Shot
12. Chickenwing
13. Chokeslam
14. Clothesline
15. Crescent Kick
16. Cross-Armbar
17. Double Axehandle
18. Dropkick
19. Eagle Split
20. Elbow Smash
21. Enzuigiri
22. European Uppercut
23. Eye Gouge
24. Face Rake
25. Fallaway Slam
26. Flying Body Press
27. Flying Dropkick
28. Flying Elbow Drop
29. Forearm Smash
30. Full Nelson
31. Hammerlock
32. Headbutt
33. Headlock
34. Hip Toss
35. Irish Whip
36. Knee Drop
37. Knee Lift
38. Knife-Edge Chop
39. Lariat
40. Leg Sweep
41. Low Blow
42. Mongolian Chop
43. Monkey Flip
44. Mounted Punches
45. Palm Strike
46. Pumphandle Slam
47. Rear Naked Choke
48. Rib Breaker
49. Rope Burn
50. Savate Kick
51. Shoulder Block
52. Shoulder Breaker
53. Side Slam
54. Snapmare
55. Spinning Back Fist
56. Step-Over Toe Hold
57. Suplex
58. Tree of Woe Kicks
59. Turnbuckle Smash
60. Wristlock


>> Ready for battle, sir!




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  4. Ready for battle, sir!
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