Vol. 26, No. 7 -- May 2021
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As promised, State Wrestling is back to find 50 new champions! Check your envelope for the sign-up form, or grab the PDF from the Results page of our website. Include your entries with your matches for the upcoming June cycle, and remember that UWL wrestlers are not allowed to participate, since they actually belong to another league (our thanks to manager Jeff Brown for the reminder).

Congratulations to manager "The Game," who fought his way to a 10th career World Championship this cycle! That incredible accomplishment makes him the fifth player in IWA history to reach that mark. Who will be next?

I'm afraid the final announcement this time is not a happy one. All of us here at IWA Headquarters were shocked and saddened to learn that we lost longtime manager Brandy Willis on April 5th. Her main wrestler for most of her career was Brandy Cole, who competed in the LSL and the AWL. Among other family and friends, she is survived by her husband, Shane Cole, and their son, both of whom are also IWA players.

Shane wanted to share the following words with her many fans: "Brandy loved writing trash talk and winning the few titles that she did. Her happiest time was winning the tag-team titles. She was too young to leave us at 31. She always thought of the LSL as her home, since she was there from the beginning of the league. She did multiple interviews with its management, IWA Flip and Lucky Stars. The LSL is holding a tournament in her honor, with the winner receiving a trophy! Please don't let her name and honor be forgotten. Brandy Cole, you'll be missed and NEVER forgotten."

Our thoughts are with Shane and his family during this difficult time.



World Champion

COT: "Beautiful" Barrack Obama (WEW)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; $250,000 + 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches, 10 free matches for WEW managers next cycle; manager's 10th career World title

Johnny B is sitting at home, watching the conclusion of the IWA's May TLC Pay-Per-View, which just ended with the crowning of a brand new IWA World Champion, COT's "Beautiful" Barrack Obama! Grabbing a handful of Cheetos, he stuffs them into his mouth as he watches the cameras following Barrack back to the dressing room with the World title slung over his shoulder. As the doors fly open, a raucous celebration can be seen within with a host of Tyrant managers, IWA staff, and others. John Davis, Wade Reinhard, Chris Stevens, and Chris Miler can be seen slamming shots of tequila down in one corner of the room after screaming, "CHEERS!" to Barrack, while Steven M. Shotliff can be seen hustling some IWA staff members in a game of darts in another corner. Jim "Hellwig" Gabbard and Peter Houston are up on a makeshift stage, gyrating around as they sing a terrible karaoke version of "We Are the Champions." Oddly enough, "The Game" Tony Pesante is nowhere to be seen, nor is Kim, which causes Johnny to breathe a sigh of relief. After the last World title celebration back in December, he was glad that Tony wasn't upset about the botched entrance, and he shudders after remembering how Kim's spiked fruit punch gave him a two-day hangover that he won't soon forget.

"Ah well, let's see what else is on the tube," Johnny says to himself as he changes the channel to ESPN's SportsCenter. A Tom Brady commercial is playing, showing TB12's latest line of "7" tee-shirts after winning his last Superbowl. As the "7" tee-shirt logo flashes across the screen along with the words "TB12 G.O.A.T.," the video frizzes out. Baffled, Johnny tries to change the channel, but nothing happens. For 10 seconds or so, the screen is dark, until it frizzes back to life. And to Johnny's surprise, Brady's TB12 "7" G.O.A.T. logo is no longer on the screen: it has been replaced by two new ones, which really doesn't surprise him one bit...

U.S. Champion

IMT/VIRUS: "The Professor" Gerald Robinson (TGL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 500; $100,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; edged LPPF: "Diabolical" Ricky Savage (CFL), EDGE/CHOSEN: Jien Hasegawa (BOL), IMT: "The Main Event" Gerald Robinson (HRL)

King of the Ring

IMT: Robert the Mega-Murderer Chambers (HAL)
IWA Legend Terrence Boyd of Georgia; $50,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; 274 KotR total; hold positions were 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13; battle royal hold positions were 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15


FEDERATION TITLES -- $50,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

NGAA: Aesculapius (HLL)
S. Daniel Stunes of Iowa; 501

Steel Federation Champion

E$T: American Sniper (CFL)
E$T: One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules (HAL)
Zach Gargus of Des Moines, Iowa; 501

Gold Federation Champion

IMT/AR15: Inalienable Rights (NDL)
Kevin Elrod from FEMA Camp Region V; 499; edged VIRUS/BCB: Bart Shatterday (WTL)

Diamond Federation Champion

MC/SOS: Math Jackson (NFL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky; 500; edged SOS: Dr. Xiz Dux (LBL), IMT: Johnny Mayhem (APL)

Bronze Federation Champion

Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan

Jade Federation Champion

COT: "Beautiful" Barrack Obama (WEW)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

TBZ: Silver Falcon (OSL)
Brick D. Hinkley of Canada; 499; edged VIRUS/BCB: Bart Shatterday (WTL)

Asian Champion

E$T: One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules (HAL)
Zach Gargus of Des Moines, Iowa; 501; edged NGAA: Aesculapius (HLL)

Elite Champion

Fatty the Butcher (BRL)
Matt Riley of Massachusetts; 60 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 10 free matches; edged BNC: Shawna Spinelli (GPLL), DOD/ORDER: TC Rip (XPL), COT: "Bottom Line" Joe Milano (FAL)

Hardcore Champion

E$T: American Sniper (CFL)
Zach Gargus; 501

International Champion

COT: "Beautiful" Barrack Obama (WEW)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501

Metropolitan Champion

Fatty the Butcher



National Champion

SOS: Dr. D. Dogbreath (XWL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; Mid-Atlantic region

Central Plains Champion

IMT/VIRUS: "Ultimate Temptation" Gerald Robinson (TGL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501

East Coast Champion

EDGE: Agamotto (AAL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; 501; edged LPPF/FRM-16/RCN: Renegade Submariner (CFL)

Great Lakes Champion

SOS/BAC: Bret "The Hitman" Hart (EEL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky; 500; edged COT: The Dangerous Dwarf (EHL)

Northeast Champion

VIRUS/LPPF: Darren Diamond (SHL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 500; edged EDGE: Stylin' Sycophant (AOL), IMT: "Mr. Torture" Gerald Robinson (AEL)

Pacific Northwest Champion

VIRUS: Yellow Fever (COL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; 501

Rocky Mountains Champion

LPPF/FRM-16: Marchand le Hitman de Boston (CFL)
Big Marchand; 500

Southeast Champion

IMT/VIRUS: "Universal Heartthrob" Gerald Robinson (PKW)
Gerald Robinson; 501; edged COT: Mr. Jones (EHL)

Southwest Champion

LPPF/FRM-16/AFUN: Sly Spallone (LPL)
Big Marchand from the Diamond District and Don Million of Boston, MA; 499; edged IMT/VIRUS: "Ultimate Temptation" Gerald Robinson (PKW), IMT: "TV Champ" Gerald Robinson (HLL), IMT/ARMY: Hothead Boyle (HRL)

West Coast Champion

IMT/VIRUS: "Big Poppa Pump" Gerald Robinson (PKW)
Gerald Robinson; 500



Ladies' World Champion

EDGE/CHOSEN: Madisyn Paige (GAL)
Rob Bream of Pennsylvania; 500; $50,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches

Ladies' U.S. Champion

EPIC/AoS: Pinkee (QQW)
Joseph Cockrell of Michigan; $25,000

Queen of the Ring

American Dream Destiny Rhodes (VUL)
Brian Herbst of Ohio; retained title; manager held title 3 cycles in a row; 10 free matches; 273 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

GR: Edsel Frost (QQW)
Brandon Madden of Michigan; 501

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

SOS: Lana Struh & Naomi Tola (VVL)
Darren Soanes of Canada; 516; edged COT: The Mangler Marjorie & Brawlin' Lynn Brosious (NML), COT: Oksana Borisovna & Anastasia Romanova (FFL), previous champions ORDER: Amazing Amy & Deadly Darlene Blitz (LRW)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

ORDER: Ice Cold Samantha Matthews & VIRUS/Luniz: Judy Sessions (LRW)
Timothy L. Clark of Washington & Chris Schmitt of Kansas; 516; edged SOS: Nakhti & Crabby Patty from the Nati (VVL)

World Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Pandora's Box, VIRUS/Luniz: Crunch-N-Munch, Flower "Pot" Child (VUL)
Frank Jay Belcher III (Box) & Mitchell Johnson, both of Michigan; managers held titles 3 cycles in a row; 521; edged SOS: Leigh Jaynes, Zhang Wei Wang, Jinx Arashikage (VVL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/LPPF/IMT: Arianna Piranha, Prosti, Tute (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; 521



World Tag-team Champions

IMT/ARMY: The Masochistic Freaks (ECL)
Donald Henry of Illinois (Zipperface & The Gimp); share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

COT: The Livid Lawyer & The Terrible Teacher (QPL)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown

VIRUS/RWS: Sami Callihan & VIRUS/VD: Bio-Hazard (HLL)
Michael Drake of New Jersey & Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan

SOS: Betty and the Beast & EDGE: Angelic Kitty Cat (IIL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky & Brad Norman of North Carolina

Top Contenders

5. EDGE: Martin Byrde & "The Perfectionist" O.C. Dee (AOL)

6. EDGE/ROT: The Eighth & The Ninth (OSL)

7. DOD/ORDER: Elizabeth White Owl & SB Vixen Red (AWL)
ranked #19 last time
DOD/ORDER: Big MAMA & Papa Red (LSL)
Performance Center Trainer 4 & LPPF: New Breed Spoiler #5 (YJW)
LPPF: Bucketheads Slicer & Mangler (NAL)

11. COT: Indian Assassins Bhauls & K'nie Diep (FAL)

12. COT: Foot Soldiers #1 & #2 (IGL)
LPPF/VIRUS: Jacques & Ray Renot (UNL)
EDGE/ROT: Terror Squads 2 & 3 (EHL)

15. COT: Best of the Best II & III (MUL)
previous champions
IMT: "Captains Charisma" & "HUSTLE" Gerald Robinson (NBL)
ranked #9 last time
EDGE/GiFt: Yurmahm Ghostacallej & EDGE: Monopoly (WDL)
LPPF: Dominant Factors Fury & Rage (CFL)

19. LPPF/ORDER: "The Heartbreaker" Kip Michaels & Marty Fannetty (FSL)
ranked #9 last time
DOD/ORDER: Indian Joe & Monkey-Eyed Tim (GRL)
ranked #9 last time
DOD/ORDER: Wolfman Joe & Jacob Goodnight (TND)
ranked #9 last time
ORDER: Big D. Ref & "Bloodthirsty" Bradley von Freeman (EPW)
missed U.S. titles by point flow last time
ORDER/LPPF: Billy Bob & Joe Bob Wrestlepants (HRL)
missed U.S. titles by point flow last time

24. COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crews V & XVIII (NFL)
ranked #9 last time
SOS/CHAMP: Caregiver Prozac & SOS: Thug Dionte Russell (LBL)
SOS: Kanumba 1 & 2 (STL)
last of the teams with 516

U.S. Tag-team Champions

VIRUS/VD/LPPF: Scrub-A-Licious & Scrub-Vicious (NAL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager retained titles; 516; $25,000; edged ORDER: Sundogs Razor & Tazer (NBL), VIRUS: Trump's Corona & VIRUS/Luniz: Candyman Chuck (MUL), ORDER: Wreckingballs Sparks & Clark (ECL), SOS: Wrath & Envy (COL), Performance Center Trainer 5 & LPPF: New Breed Spoiler #8 (YJW), EDGE/GiFt: Best Friend Mark & EDGE: Battleship (WDL), VIRUS/VD: Encrypted & Code Red (LPL), DOD/ORDER: Lady Natasha & Sir Nigel Blackheart (UNL; missed titles by point flow last time), SOS: Marionettes drei & vier (TND), LPPF/DOD: Marko & Leonardo Rios (GRL; missed titles by point flow last time), DOD: British Beagles Dynamite Ricky & Robbie Boy Smith (FSL), HIGHER FLYERS: Graig Gagne & "Jumpin'" Jim Brazil (QPL; missed titles by point flow last time), VIRUS/VD: Old Droopy & Old, Dirty One-Eye (HLL)



World Six-man Champions

VIRUS/VD/LPPF: Resident Evil, Umbrella Corps, Bio-hazard (NAL)
retained titles
VIRUS/VD: Grim Peaper, Reaper, Reafer (HWL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; manager held titles 26 cycles in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

LPPF: Tobey Thoroughbred, Kaiser Klamonsh, Kunta Kinta Kobayashi (NDL)
~TZ~ of Virginia; manager held titles 7 cycles in a row

ORDER: Beepo, Meepo, Zeepo The Clowns (NBL)
retained titles
ORDER: Anthony, Matthew, Sebastian Zastempowski (CWL)
ORDER: The Chaos Bringer David, The Riot Bringer Lloyd, The Pain Bringer Benjamin Wittstruck (ECL)
ORDER: Sundogs Blitz, Rex, Stitch (SNAP!)
Timothy L. Clark of Washington

BNC: Gags the Clown, The Panda Warrior, Boom Boom Bugelow (AWL)
retained titles
BNC: Johnny "The Swerveball" Macintosh, Swordfish Tim, Sexy Michael McAwesomeness (LSL)
Joseph Glen Clark of Washington

EDGE/GiFt: Chip Sansalsa, Tohuvabohu, EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 23 (MEL)
Caleb Crawdad of Florida, Kyle Devlin of Pennsylvania, Rich Reilly of New Jersey; Reilly held titles 11 cycles in a row, Devlin 4 in a row, Crawdad 3 in a row

EDGE/GiFt: Symbiont, EDGE: Dragon Variation, "Broadway" Billy Certain (TGL)
Kyle Devlin (Symbiont) & Brad Norman of North Carolina; Norman held titles 7 cycles in a row

SOS: Luke, Duke, Father $ane (SVL)
SOS: Finn, Gunter, Jurgen von Muller (QPL)
Darren Soanes of Canada; manager held titles 4 cycles in a row

SOS/BAC: Mike "Crusher" Cook, The American Robbie Blood, SOS: All-American Ron Ocean (EEL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky, Robbie "Blood" Pawelek of Texas, Hamilton Ortiz of New York; Cook retained titles

SOS: East New York Killer, Puerto Rican Terminator, Dominican Disaster (DZL)
Hamilton Ortiz

SOS: Lil Italy, Lion Ted Cruz, Professor URN Payne (XWL)
SOS: "Zippy" Zack, Kid Cupid, Randy Rose (LBL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida

COT: "The Stunning One" Steven M. Shotliff, "Sultan of Ice" Herb Brooks, "Flamboyant" Johnny Stewart (KHL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row

COT: Big Easy Bossman Bill Williams, Colossal Erik Kloiber, The Giant Andrew Holubowski (IGL)
Wade Reinhard of Pennsylvania

IMT: "The Big Red Machine," "The Big Valbowski" Gerald Robinson, Bad News Boyd (CFL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee & IWA Legend Terrence Boyd of Georgia (Boyd); Robinson held titles 3 cycles in a row, Boyd retained titles

IMT: "Central," "Prairie Champs" Gerald Robinson, Bayley (HLL)
Gerald Robinson

TBABIT: "Dream Crusher" C. Split, "Heavy" Chevy Well, "Wrecked" Ford Dunn (MML)
Seth Brubaker of Ohio

Top Contenders

23. IMT: Comedy and Podcast Hero, Mister Fight from America, Play-By-Mail Besties (ASL)
previous champions

24. LPPF/VIRUS: Nightmare Nick, Brutal Barry Stryker, ORDER: The Human Torture Machine (PKW)
last of the teams with 521

U.S. Six-man Champions

VIRUS/VD: Obama's, Osama's Mamas, The Murphy (MML)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager held titles 8 cycles in a row; share of $25,000

LPPF/CHAMP: Hardcore Tommy Valentine, LPPF/VIRUS: Lost Misfits #5, #7 (NAL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont (Valentine) & Keith A. Maple of Ohio

LPPF: Paul Rome, Vergil, Katanka (CFL)
~TZ~; manager retained titles

EDGE/GiFt: Bargeld, Chip Sandip, EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 25 (MEL)
Kyle Devlin, Caleb Crawdad, Rich Reilly; Crawdad held titles 5 cycles in a row, Devlin 3 in a row, Reilly retained titles

EDGE/GiFt: The Golden Bough, EDGE: Sam Mon, "Purple Suede" Chandler Morado (DZL)
Kyle Devlin (Bough) & Brad Norman; Norman held titles 4 cycles in a row

SOS: Mike Maverick, SOS/BAC: Dos-Puncher, Los Blood (EEL)
Hamilton Ortiz, Michael Cook, Robbie Pawelek; managers held titles 4 cycles in a row

SOS: Stalker Wilkinson, Short-Fuze Friestadt, King Kong Grundy (QPL)
"The Smooth One" Jeff Manning of Ohio

COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crews VIV, XIX, XX (NFL)
Steven M. Shotliff; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row

AI: Axle, Slash, Crown (LSL)
Kyle Queen of Texas

ORDER: Demolishers Thrasher, Masher, Basher (ECL)
Timothy L. Clark

IMT/ARMY: "El Loco" Miguel Juarez, Sugar Skull Echo, "Deathmatch Siren" Shanay Doakes (XWL)
Donald Henry of Illinois

TBABIT: King of the County, Lord of the Manor, Lenny (SVL)
Seth Brubaker; 521; edged TBABIT: "Weeping" Willow, Rock "Paper" Scissors, Bill Bonham, Jr. (NBL)



1. TND (1,482 matches) 489.425

2. NWL (1,452 matches) 473.240

3. BRL (1,120 matches) 490.184

4. IWL (964 matches) 489.185

5. EPW (773 matches) 489.300

6. DZL (731 matches) 491.542

7. ASL (642 matches) 487.128

8. NAL (633 matches) 490.834

9. QQW (629 matches) 491.865
highest average strategy total (active wrestlers only); 10 free matches for managers next cycle

10. DXL (602 matches) 490.826


TOP 20 VICTORIES -- active wrestlers only

1. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (HWL) 13,886-1,508-357

2. LPPF: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (ASL) 10,269-807-245

3. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (HLL) 9,637-1,646-327

4. SHS: "Money-Driven" Mike Sebastian (BRL) 9,501-2,179-446

5. LPPF/VIRUS: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) 7,845-613-224

6. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 7,677-1,172-301

7. "Mr. Everything" Kirk Lockran (AWL) 7,667-1,904-403

8. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (ASL) 6,805-1,023-164

9. LPPF/LOTTERY: Medieval Tymes (ASL) 6,800-1,008-184

10. NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL) 6,233-1,878-348

11. RIZE: Vitamin Z (AAL) 6,121-683-127

12. LPPF: Sinister Steve Stryker (ASL) 5,931-600-207

13. MC: White Tiger Mask (STL) 5,707-2,573-76

14. NGAA: Hawkeye Science (HLL) 5,481-1,412-232

15. DOD: Ghost Lee Shadows (BRL) 5,400-506-144

16. IMT/ARMY: "Public Enemy" Roderick Hughes (BRL) 5,347-580-107

17. SHS: Punk Rock Mike (BRL) 5,316-953-229

18. COT: Pete the Geek (IGL) 5,259-1,167-185

19. Connecticut Yankee (AWL) 5,153-1,218-276

20. E$T: The Franchise Zach Gargus (JDL) 5,127-615-105



2021 Managers (MC)

1. Rich Reilly 1,175

2. Frank Jay Belcher III 970

3. Brad Norman 960

4. Caleb Crawdad 865

5. "The Game" 735

6. Robbie "Blood" Pawelek 730

7. ~TZ~ 665

8. Michael Cook 640

9. Seth Brubaker 575

10. Michael Drake 565

11. Donald Henry 485

12. Darren Soanes 475

13. "The Smooth One" Jeff Manning 465

14. Jeff Annable 440

15. Kevin Elrod 425

16. Steven M. Shotliff 390

17. Mitchell Johnson 375

18. Big Marchand, Wade Reinhard 355

20. Kyle Devlin 310

2021 Managers (TDS)

1. Rich Reilly 908

2. Frank Jay Belcher III 800

3. Brad Norman 757

4. "The Game" 668

5. ~TZ~ 607

6. Seth Brubaker 575

7. Caleb Crawdad 562

8. Donald Henry 485

9. Jeff Annable 440

10. Kevin Elrod 425

11. Michael Cook 418

12. "The Smooth One" Jeff Manning 410

13. Michael Drake 400

14. Big Marchand, Wade Reinhard 355

16. Steven M. Shotliff 323

17. Timothy L. Clark 278

18. Mitchell Johnson 232

19. Kyle Queen 192

20. Kyle Devlin 187

2021 Stables

1. EDGE 2,325

2. SOS 1,780

3. VIRUS 1,710

4. IMT 1,250

5. ROT 1,200

6. COT 1,100

7. LPPF 1,090

8. VD 630

9. TBABIT 585

10. Free agents 515

11. ARMY 485

12. ORDER 420

13. GiFt, Luniz 380

15. FRM-16 355

16. BAC 320

17. AR15 250

18. AI 245

19. E$T 200

20. CLOWNZ 195


Both models use the same scoring system, but when managers team up to win tag or six-man titles, TDS splits the points among them rather than award each player the full amount. The title values are: World, 70; U.S., 90; KOTR, 20; federations, 70; Specialty, 15; National, 90; regionals, 10; Ladies' World, 15; Ladies' U.S., 10; QOTR, 5; Ladies' National, 10; ladies' multis, 5; World Tag, 50; U.S. Tag, 30; World Six-man, 40; and U.S. Six-man, 20. These rankings are not officially recognized or endorsed by the IWA.



Iron Federation

Black Ops, Center Stage, Evil Eye, Generacion Proximo Lucha Libre, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Main Event, NEVER: Puroresu Legacy, Quick Pin, Vixens United, Xtreme Poison, Yellow Jacket Wrestling

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Coffin Filler, Gorgeous Amazon, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, Louisiana Swamp, Mobsters' Underground, MvG Sports Louisiana Purchase Ligue, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries, World Domination

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Conquest Wrestling, Danger Zone, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Masked Mayhem, Mystic Diva, New Wave, Ninja Dojo, Queen's Quest Wrestling, Snake Venom, Sugoi Nippon Akushon Puroresu!, Western Trails

Diamond Federation

Action Packed, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Flying Aces, Lethal Brawling, Native Sensation, Night Falcon, No Man's, Non-stop Action, Saber Tooth, Unknown Wrestler, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Brass Knuckles, Celebrities Only, Elite Prestige Wrestling, Extreme Hardcore, Federation Superstars, Grim Reaper, High Rollers, Iron Glove, Ladies Revolution Wrestling, The Nightmare Dimension, United Nations, Wicked Warz

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Global Championship, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer Wrestling, Super Hero, True Grit, Worldwide Elite Wrestling, Zig Zag

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