Vol. 25, No. 16 -- December 2020
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Hawaii welcomed 298 IWA wrestlers to 20 of its most beautiful beaches for this massive event, and eight million imaginary dollars were available to those tough enough to outlast their competitors. The final grappler standing at each location below received $250,000 in earnings, and their managers were awarded 10 free matches! Second-place finishers had a $100,000 payday, and third place was worth $50,000.

As if they hadn't been through enough punishment already, the newly-crowned champions then had to face each other in one last battle royal on Waikiki Beach. Wildfire Dan van Love emerged victorious, winning a real-life championship belt (or 50 free matches) for his manager, John Woodford!

Thanks to everyone who made this working vacation the opposite of relaxing -- in a good way. We'll be posting the full results on our website. Watch for them!


Banzai Beach Champion

COT: Christina Franklin (FFL)
Wade Reinhard of Pennsylvania

2. NOBLE HOUSE: "Da Black Superstar" Bobby Bedlam (IWL)
Kendall Marlin of South Carolina
3. AGF: John "Big Cat" Irons (NDL)
Eric Jones of Maryland

Bayview Beach Champion

Mr. "Too Sexy" John van Love (NWL)
John Woodford of Iowa

2. Dangerous Dan Sparetime (LSL)
John Woodford
3. COT: Electron Warrior (GWL)
Wade Reinhard

Big Beach Champion

GO/NRA: Lady Fang Gogh (LRW)
Brandon Madden of Michigan

2. GRSF: "The One, The Only" Noah Phoenix (BBL)
Tommy Christopher of North Carolina
3. The Wrestler with No Name (CWL)
Spencer Dobson of Tennessee

Coconut Island Champion

BUCS: Vicious Vic Voltage (LPL)
Trevor Riley of Michigan

2. COT: Air Assault W.C. Reinhard, Jr. (BOL)
Wade Reinhard
3. The Reaper (NWL)
David Lunt of New York

Donkey Beach Champion

WRSTLING: The Franchise Zach Gargus (EHL)
Zach Gargus of Des Moines, Iowa

2. YETI: Steve Silver (GWL)
Calvin Harrell of Virginia
3. SOE: Barry's Best Friend (FAL)
Jaime Lysoby

Eternity Beach Champion

3MM: Murder (NWL)
Joe Slade of New York

2. Alec von Snapp (CWL)
Matt Riley of Massachusetts
3. POE: Otis Gruzer (TND)
Brandon Madden

Fort Kamehameha Beach Champion

The Wrestler with No Name

2. GRSF: "Showtime" Tommy Christopher (EPW)
Tommy Christopher
3. Jordan Drake (IWL)
Jordan Drake of Louisiana

Glass Beach Champion

DV8 Verge Glam (DZL)
John Woodford

2. COT: Baduhenna (MDL)
Wade Reinhard
3. Dan Sparetime

Hideaway Beach Champion

The Wrestler with No Name

2. John van Love
3. Dan the Man (AOL)
Dan Hicks of Texas

Magic Sands Beach Champion

John van Love

2. The Dream Ali Atari (IWL)
Matt Riley
3. SOE: Omen (FAL)
Jaime Lysoby

Pounders Beach Champion

Wildfire Dan van Love (NWL)
John Woodford

2. SOE: Titan Terror (FAL)
Jaime Lysoby
3. YETI: Rip Rapidrock (NSL)
Calvin Harrell

Queen's Beach Champion

SOE: Jason Mann (FAL)
Jaime Lysoby

2. Barb Dwyer (BRL)
Larry Sullivan of California
3. EPIC: "Aerial Queen" Nao Tokido (QQW)
Tommy Christopher

Radio Bay Champion

Steve Silver

2. GRSF: "Spirit of Rock" Reina Fukuda (LRW)
Tommy Christopher
3. Omen

Red Sand Beach Champion

COT: Sensational Sydney Reinhard (NML)
Wade Reinhard

2. POE: Pravus (TND)
Brandon Madden
3. COT: Warlord Agony (IGL)
Wade Reinhard

Secret Beach Champion

Dan van Love

2. The Wrestler with No Name
3. 3MM: Scream (NWL)
Joe Slade

Shipwreck Beach Champion

YETI: "Jelly Cake" Jerry Flay (XPL)
Calvin Harrell

2. Crazy Upchuck (LSL)
John Woodford
3. Dan van Love

Sunset Beach Champion

Paradice John Thunderstar (NWL)
John Woodford

2. John van Love
3. Jordan Drake

Tunnels Beach Champion

COT: Demon Spite (IGL)
Wade Reinhard

2. COT: Lady Devastation (FFL)
Wade Reinhard
3. John van Love

Turtle Beach Champion

Titan Terror

2. Dan van Love
3. Jason Mann

White Plains Beach Champion

John van Love

2. COT: Bobbi Franklin (FFL)
Wade Reinhard
3. Dan van Love



The manager known as "The Game" picked up the eighth World title of his career this cycle! In other news relating to majors which award a real-life belt, it was a mere 40 cycles ago that Louis Ruggiero proved he had G.A.M.E. by winning the Gold, American, Metropolitan, and Elite titles (the very first Elite belt) with "The UNnatural" Vic Villain! The battle for this cycle's Elite Championship ended with Tommy Christopher coaching three of his wrestlers to an unbreakable tie. Coincidentally, it's the third time he's held the gold! The only other time the Elite title was disputed occurred in the September 2019 cycle, when Joseph Glen Clark and Robert J. Ratliff watched from ringside as DOD members Catfish Louie and Indian Joe fought to a draw.

We have our Imagimania winners, so be sure to check the list for your wrestlers' names. Manager Zach Gargus requested that we provide the full results of the battle royals, just like we used to do for the Waikiki Beach Rumble. Good news, Zach: they're coming soon to PlayIWA.com!



World Champion

"Beautiful" Bill Parcells (MML)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; $250,000 + 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches, 10 free matches for MML managers next cycle; manager's 8th career World title

U.S. Champion

SOS: Crazy Gangster (LBL)
"The Smooth One" Jeff Manning of Ohio; 501; $100,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches

King of the Ring

"The Trust Fund" Carson Wingate (CWL)
Jason Davis of Florida; 500; $50,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; 273 KotR total; hold positions were 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15; battle royal hold positions were 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14


FEDERATION TITLES -- $50,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

COT: Barbarian King (BOL)
Wade Reinhard of Pennsylvania

Steel Federation Champion

AI: "King of Country" Blake Shelton (WDL)
Jeremy Nace of Pennsylvania; 501

Gold Federation Champion

"Beautiful" Bill Parcells (MML)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; edged SOS: "The Machine" Mason Clark (KHL)

Diamond Federation Champion

Michael Cook of Kentucky; manager retained title; 499

Bronze Federation Champion

COT: X-Factor Xavier Rosario (IGL)
Wade Reinhard; 501; edged ARMY/IMT: Sugar Skull Charlie (HRL), SOS: The Bingo Warrior (AOL), EPIC: "Demonic Queen" Kayako Yamamura (TND), GRSF: "Showtime" Tommy Christopher (EPW), IMT: 976-EVIL (BKL)

Jade Federation Champion

B.A. Baracus (PKW)
"The Game"; 501


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

Reina Fukuda

Asian Champion

ARMY/IMT: Sugar Skull Charlie (HRL)
Donald Henry of Illinois; manager retained title; 501

Elite Champion

EPIC: "Demonic Queen" Kayako Yamamura (TND)
GRSF: "Spirit of Rock" Reina Fukuda (LRW)
GRSF: "Showtime" Tommy Christopher (EPW)
Tommy Christopher of North Carolina; 501; 60 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 10 free matches

Hardcore Champion

COT: X-Factor Xavier Rosario (IGL)
Wade Reinhard of Pennsylvania; 501; edged B.A. Baracus (PKW), Kayako Yamamura, IMT: 976-EVIL (BKL)

International Champion

AI: "King of Country" Blake Shelton (WDL)
Jeremy Nace of Pennsylvania; 501; edged Tommy Christopher

Metropolitan Champion

Kayako Yamamura



National Champion

IMT: Masked Mauler (ASL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; Central Plains region; edged SOS: Wonderful Wally Warhead (NSL), Sith: Huntress Vestara (TND)

East Coast Champion

Alfalfa (MML)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; edged EDGE: Otis "Brick" Hooper (AOL)

Great Lakes Champion

POE: Pravus (TND)
Brandon Madden of Michigan; 501

Mid-Atlantic Champion

EDGE: Rabid Robert Anderson (IIL)
Brad Norman of North Carolina; 501; edged The Creepy Cupid (EHL)

Northeast Champion

SOS: Notorious H.A.M.M.Y. (DZL)
Hamilton Ortiz of New York; 500; edged IMT: The Masked Pervert (NBL)

Pacific Northwest Champion

IMT/LPPF: Fireball (NAL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont; 501

Rocky Mountains Champion

EDGE: Bronze Stud (AOL)
Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; manager retained title; 501

Southeast Champion

SOS: Chris Jones (NAL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; 500; edged "Deadly" Derek Carr (SVL), "Masterful" Matthew Stafford (MML)

Southwest Champion

SOS: The Masked Scorpion (CZL)
Robbie "Blood" Pawelek of Texas; 499

West Coast Champion

SOS: Zitz (OSL)
Derek Tuttle; 501; edged EDGE: Candy Land (IGL)



Ladies' World Champion

GRSF: "Spirit of Rock" Reina Fukuda (LRW)
Tommy Christopher of North Carolina; 501; $50,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches

Ladies' U.S. Champion

VIRUS/VD: Krabby Patty (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; manager retained title; $25,000

Queen of the Ring

AA: Tatiana-Leyte (LLL)
Eric Jones of Maryland; 269 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

JNR: "Social-Distancing" Kendall Jenner (FFL)
Matt Yunick of New York; 501; edged COT: Anna "The Unstoppable" Forss (LRW)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

AI: "Lovely" Lacey & "Mermaid" Merida Pureheart (QQW)
Jeremy Nace of Pennsylvania

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

AI: "Chaotic" Carly & "Maniacal" Mary Pureheart (QQW)
Jeremy Nace

World Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Black-Eyed Susan, Betty Johnson, Juicy Lucy (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager retained titles

COT: "Ego Maniac" Michelle Sleaves, "Drama Queen" Kendra Maplewood, "Little Lost Puppy" Toni Adud (FFL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota; 521

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Barbara Bush, Rosanne Bar, P*mp of the Nation (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III



World Tag-team Champions

IMT/LPPF: Death Machine & LPPF: Lost Misfit #5 (NAL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont & Keith A. Maple of Ohio; $50,000 + 15 free matches

Top Contenders

2. "Player 1" Pascal Stallworth V & "Player 2" Xander B. Oxstein (GCL)
ranked #14 last time, #16 before that

3. DOD/ORDER: The Saskatchewan Sasquatch & The Zombie Hunter Matthew Porter (BRL)

4. VIRUS: Shots of Intensity (AOL; Mr. Shots & Mr. Intensity)

5. VIRUS/Luniz: Mr. S. Knuttz & VIRUS: "Mr. Infection" F.B.III (DXL)
EDGE/ROT: B.Lo & True Soldier (WEW)
EDGE: Crosby Stillsan Kevin Nash & Scott Holland Oats (PKW)

8. EDGE/GiFt: Doppelganger & EDGE: Dragon Variation (TGL)
ARMY/IMT: "Homicidal" Jose Medina & "Hardcore Icon" Jason Webb (CZL)
last of the teams with 516

10. FAM: Leroy & Elroy (TND)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Terry Funkadelic & Terry Taylor Swift (PKW)
Caleb Crawdad of Florida; share of $25,000

EDGE: Mr. White & Glass City Assassin Riot (CZL)
Jeff Annable of Canada & Caleb Crawdad; 516; edged EDGE/GiFt: Nightmare & Paradise Lost (TGL), "Late Night" Logan Kane & EDGE: Handsome Hollywood Starr (BRL)



World Six-man Champions

VIRUS: XL Herpes, Syphilis, VIRUS/Luniz: Satch-Stealer Johnson (NAL)
Frank Jay Belcher III & Mitchell Johnson (Johnson), both of Michigan; moved up from U.S. titles; Belcher held titles 18 cycles in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

SOS: Jumpin' Jeff Farmer, Enthusiastic Soccer Mom, Extremely Tired Teacher (XWL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; manager held titles 7 cycles in a row

EDGE/GiFt: Newt Diddy, EDGE: Bip Bipley, EDGE/ROT: Rye Guy 1 (MEL)
Caleb Crawdad of Florida, Brad Norman of North Carolina, Rich Reilly of New Jersey; Reilly held titles 3 cycles in a row

COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crews XV, XVII, XIX (NFL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota

FAM: Leroy, Elroy, The Menacing Minister (TND)
Robert Lawson of Colorado

JNR: "Bronze Medalist" Kim Kardashian, "Silver Medalist" Kris, "Gold Medalist" Kylie Jenner (ECL)
Matt Yunick of New York

Top Contenders

7. EDGE/GiFt: Deadened, Masamune, Diabolic Crush (TGL)

8. MWC: Streetmaster Paul, Kevin Savage, Midnight Rider (FAL)

9. SOS: Doc Greer, Ace Armbruster, Airborne Talltree (AAL)
last of the teams with 521

10. DOD/ORDER: Anthony, Matthew, Sebastian Zastempowski (CWL)
DOD/ORDER: Guts, Hillbillies Red, Fred (BBL)
VIRUS: Jim "Doctor Fellgood" Johnson, Maybe Maybe, VIRUS/Luniz: "The King of Swing" M.J. (MUL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

EDGE/ROT: Disciples of Terror 4, 5, 6 (JDL)
Rich Reilly; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row; share of $25,000

EDGE: "The Cornerstone" Chad Adams, Bill Lapointe, Jr., EDGE/GiFt: J-J-J-J-Joe (PKW)
Caleb Crawdad

COT: "Ravishing" Larry Nightmare, Guy from Minnesota, Minnesota Wrecking Crew I (IGL)
Steven M. Shotliff

TAMMY: Boo Bradley in Black Shorts, Chris Candido in Black Trunks, Tammy Fytch in a Black Dress (KHL)
Matt Yunick; 521; edged EDGE/GiFt: ROCKS, ROOOOOCKS, RRROOOOOXXXXX (TGL), SOS: Jim Mentten, Sundown, S.A.T. Santiago Garcia (AAL)



1. BRL (1,523 matches) 491.323

2. NWL (1,349 matches) 488.193

3. TND (1,262 matches) 492.561
highest average strategy total (active wrestlers only); 10 free matches for managers next cycle

4. IWL (961 matches) 492.425

5. QQW (834 matches) 469.080

6. GNW (576 matches) 455.000

7. YJW (539 matches) 479.288

8. EPW (538 matches) 491.250

9. AWL (533 matches) 483.308

10. LSL (524 matches) 482.394


TOP 20 MANAGERS -- 2020

1. Frank Jay Belcher III 2,500

2. Caleb Crawdad 2,445

3. Brad Norman 1,595

4. Gerald Robinson 1,355

5. Robbie "Blood" Pawelek 1,215

6. Derek Tuttle 1,200

7. Rich Reilly 1,170

8. Seth Brubaker 1,140

9. Donald Henry 1,115

10. Kyle Devlin 1,045

11. Jeff Annable 1,040

12. Mitchell Johnson 1,010

13. "The Game" 985

14. Michael Drake 965

15. Michael Cook 955

16. Steven M. Shotliff 895

17. "The Smooth One" Jeff Manning 815

18. Timothy L. Clark 740

19. Big Marchand 690

20. Randall Angel 650


TOP 20 STABLES -- 2020

1. EDGE 4,610

2. SOS 4,125

3. VIRUS 3,705

4. IMT 3,455

5. ORDER 1,400

6. COT 1,325

7. GiFt 1,250

8. TBABIT 1,190

9. ROT 1,180

10. ARMY 1,115

11. GOAT 1,035

12. LUNIZ 1,010

13. LPPF 850

14. RWS 770

15. DOD 705

16. FRM-16 690

17. AI 625

18. VD 615

19. BNC 550

20. TAMMY 490


TOP 20 MONEY HOLDERS -- active wrestlers only

1. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) $47,741,700

2. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (HWL) $35,689,100

3. LPPF: Medieval Tymes (ASL) $26,708,800

4. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (HLL) $21,333,500

5. IMT/LPPF: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (ASL) $19,107,400

6. LPPF: Misfit Messiah (NAL) $18,816,700

7. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $18,561,138

8. VIRUS: Cpl. Punishment (LBL) $16,560,300

9. Dan the Man (AOL) $15,539,000

10. NGAA: Hawkeye Science (HLL) $15,505,000

11. The Survivor (WARZ) $14,521,700

12. SHS: "Money-Driven" Mike Sebastian (BRL) $14,170,300

13. COT: Pete the Geek (IGL) $13,748,400

14. NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL) $13,133,100

15. Death Warrant (LBL) $12,816,900

16. IMT/LPPF: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) $11,843,600

17. "Mr. Everything" Kirk Lockran (AWL) $11,711,500

18. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (LWL) $11,222,800

19. COT: "Mr. Minnesota" Olaf Gustavson (QPL) $10,326,300

20. SHS: Punk Rock Mike (BRL) $10,317,100



Iron Federation

Black Ops, Center Stage, Evil Eye, Generation Next Wrestling, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Main Event, NEVER Puroresu, Quantum Pro, Unknown Wrestler, Vixens United, Xtreme Poison, Yellow Jacket Wrestling

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Coffin Filler, Gorgeous Amazon, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana Swamp, Mobsters' Underground, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries, World Domination

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Conquest Wrestling, Danger Zone, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Masked Mayhem, Mystic Diva, New Wave, Ninja Dojo, Queen's Quest Wrestling, Snake Venom, Western Trails

Diamond Federation

Action Packed, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Flying Aces, Lethal Brawling, Native Sensation, Night Falcon, No Man's, Non-stop Action, Saber Tooth, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Brass Knuckles, Celebrities Only, Elite Prestige Wrestling, Extreme Hardcore, Federation Superstars, Grim Reaper, High Rollers, Iron Glove, Ladies Revolution Wrestling, The Nightmare Dimension, United Nations, Wicked Warz

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Global Championship, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer Wrestling, Super Hero, True Grit, Worldwide Elite Wrestling, Zig Zag

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