Vol. 25, No. 2 -- February 2020
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This cycle, we're asking every player to vote on whether we should keep the new look for the bulletins that debuted recently, or return to the old look used from 2002 to 2019. If your league is in the Iron or Steel Federations, please note that we redesigned the bulletins after mailing yours out. An updated January cycle bulletin for your league should have accompanied the February cycle issue, so compare the design from the February cycle to our old look when making your decision.

The ID numbers will remain on the title and rankings pages no matter which look the majority prefers, since that change has been well-received.

We'd also like you to vote on how the information on the rankings pages should be arranged. Review the ballot included with your bulletin, and list the six formats in order from best to worst. Our goal is to create the best-looking bulletins we can, formatted in a way that everyone can live with.

Some managers have expressed confusion over the new champion codes, so we'd like to remind everyone that they are completely optional; you can keep sending your matches in exactly the same way as before. To challenge the league champion, for example, you can still write out his or her full name, or use the ID number, or "league champion," or 501. You could also use 789, since that means the singles, tag-team, or six-man league champions, depending on what type of match you're submitting, while 987 means the TV singles, TV tag, or TV six-man champions. We're just trying to give you more choices, so you can use whichever is easiest for you.

The final announcement this cycle involves our Specialty titles. It's closing in on two years since we made any adjustments to them, so we felt it was time to change a few leagues around to increase the competition for the belts, as well as reward some of the commissioners who have been working to make their leagues a success.

The leagues which will compete for the American title beginning next cycle are the AAL, AEL, ASL, AWL, BRL, COL, EPL, GNL, LPL, SHL, WWL, and XPL. In contention for the Asiatic title will be the CSL, CWL, DXL, ECL, GCL, HLL, HRL, IIL, NAL, NBL, NDL, and UNL. And battling it out for the Hardcore title will be the CZL, EEL, GRL, HWL, IGL, IWL, LBL, LNL, LSL, MUL, PKL, and YJL.

We hope 2020 has been good to you so far. Help us keep it good by voting!


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

John Lala of California

JL6: BIG Dean (HLL) 1,028-788-130, $4,289,600, *45

Sir Strong

TAC: Akumahanta (FFL) 1,033-172-31, $1,695,500, *8
TAC: Psywitch (FFL) 1,039-188-27, $1,985,000, *6

Matt Riley of Massachusetts

Victor von Snapp (CWL) 1,168-508-138, $2,092,200, *42
In 1988, the youngest of the von Snapp brothers started out as a trios specialist in the IWA's Power Packed League. When his brothers Anton, Wilfred, Duncan, and Peter ventured to new homes, he signed with the Battle Royal League, where he stayed until the mid-'90s. The Australian powerhouse had a reputation as an international ladies' man, with his white three-piece suits and mirrored Aviator sunglasses, which played a part in him siring six children on four continents (that we know of!).

Overwhelming child support payments brought him back to the IWA, where he teamed up with his BRL buddy, Badd Co.'s Rick Riley, which would result in 5 BRL tag title reigns and their remarkable IWA Tag-team title win in 2005. He left in late 2006 to spend time with his sons Alex, Axel, and Otto, to train them for their own debut in 2011, where they won the PKL Tag Cup, in part by eliminating their father and Rick Riley! Victor went on a hell-raising tour of the IWA with Riley that crashed the ASL's 400th celebration, nearly won the Mr. GRL tourney, and peaked with a win at Imagimania 25. In 2014, he joined his sons Alex and Axel in the Continental Wrestling League and built a legacy of championship-driven excellence. The von Snapps became a force to be reckoned with as they won 22 league six-man titles and 5 TV six-man titles as a trio. They were the IWAR Six-man Team of the Year three years in a row ('14-'16), won the Triple D Cup Six-man Tournament three times ('14, '16, and '18), and trailed only the IWL's Regulators for most points earned in the first 8 years of the IWAR Network.

Ever the ladies' man, he stopped carousing and focused on his ring career, and it took off. In his six years in the CWL, he racked up 6 league titles, 4 TV titles, 23 regional wins, and 3 battle royal wins for a total of 660 points, which put him second in all-time earnings. While he didn't hold a grudge when his son Axel beat him out for the Wrestler of the Year in 2014, he did have heated rivalries over the Wrestler of the Year race with Doug Gavelon and bloody Continental title defenses against Jon Botti. His feud with the Ethereal Guardian helped guide him through his darkest days to rediscover his connection with the fans.

His most personal rivalry came from the long feud with Black Wrestlers Matter, who pushed the von Snapps like no others and nearly killed Grandpa Vito von Snapp when they tossed Vito and his Hoveround scooter off the entrance ramp! In the wake of their loss, the von Snapps rallied to rid the CWL of the BMW, and soon were joined by their younger brother Alec. When Alec went to the IWL to make it on his own, he fell under the influence of Luthor Alexander's sinister Revolution Extreme stable, so the von Snapps went to the IWL to help him. After a gritty series of battles, the family was drafted back into the CWL via the IWAR Draft, where they were welcomed back as heroes. Meanwhile, his daughter Ava debuted in the BRL and was a top competitor until her pregnancy put her ring career on hold. In 2019, Victor made a final run at the elusive CWL Wrestler of the Year award and tried to defeat Joe Boring to regain the Continental Championship, but it was not to be.

Victor von Snapp finished 6th overall in the IWAR Network's first 8 years with 870 points and a career stat line of 7 league, 7 TV, 36 regional, and 3 battle royal wins. Last year, Victor von Snapp was named as the new Commissioner of the IWAR Network, and he has already put in place some progressive changes, like adding the Blood Bath League, establishing a Women's IWAR World Championship, and more in the works to make a better IWAR.



World Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #4 (HSL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501; $250,000 + 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches, 10 free matches for HSL managers next cycle

U.S. Champion

ARMY/IMT: Bro Shambles (CZL)
Donald Henry of Illinois; 501; $100,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; edged F-IT: Madman Marvin (HSL), VIRUS: Cory "C-Rock" Fowlks (EHL)

King of the Ring

IMT: Horace the Shocker Pinker (BKL)
IWA Legend Terrence Boyd of Georgia; 501; $50,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; 274 KotR total; hold positions were 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15; battle royal hold positions were 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14


FEDERATION TITLES -- $50,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

VIRUS/RWS: Debbie Danger (CSL)
Michael Drake of New Jersey

Steel Federation Champion

TAMMY: "Glorious" Tammy Fytch (MUL)
Matt Yunick of New York; 500; edged WRSTLING: Dave Portnoy (HAL)

Gold Federation Champion

EDGE: Ace up the Sleeve (KHL)
Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; 501

Diamond Federation Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Fabulous One Steve Keirn (STL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501; edged SOS: Terrific Tim Couch (NSL), TBABIT: Eagle Split (NFL)

Bronze Federation Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #4 (HSL)
Gerald Robinson; 501; edged IMT: Horace the Shocker Pinker (BKL)

Jade Federation Champion

TBABIT: "The Tactician" Abraham Wilson (DXL)
Seth Brubaker of Ohio; 499; edged ARMY/IMT: "El Sicario" Oscar Leyva (AAL), TBABIT/SSD: Jambalaya Jake (SHL)


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

SOS: Terrific Tim Couch (NSL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; 501; edged TBABIT: Eagle Split (NFL)

Asiatic Champion

EDGE: Ace up the Sleeve (KHL)
Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; 501

Elite Champion

DOD/ORDER: Victoria von Freeman (RWL)
Timothy L. Clark of Washington; 500; 60 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 10 free matches

Hardcore Champion

VIRUS: Osama (MML)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; 500; edged TAMMY: "Glorious" Tammy Fytch (MUL)

Metropolitan Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #1 (EPL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; retained title; 500; 15 free matches; edged COT/ICE: Dangerous Dennis Canoy (IGL)



National Champion

Tony Montana (TGL)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; manager retained title; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; Pacific region; manager retained regional title

Atlantic Champion

Sith: Queen Maladi (LNL)
Dennis Mooney of New Jersey; 501; edged FAM: Leroy (EPL)

Central Champion

SOS: Lion Ted Cruz (HSL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; 501; edged PERFECT/BNC: Masked Robinson #4 (TTL) (DZL)

Dixie Champion

ARMY/IMT: "Gangland Hero" Willie Henderson (AAL)
Donald Henry of Illinois; 501

Eastern Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Robinson #6 (TTL) (DZL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 500; edged The Deity of Darkness (HSL)

Mountain Champion

DOD/ORDER: Rawhead Rex (LNL)
Timothy L. Clark of Washington; 500; edged SOS/PERFECT: Barack O'Slamma (HRL), PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #5 (HSL), PERFECT/BNC: Masked Robinson #7 (DZL), PERFECT/BNC: The Grappling God Gerald Robinson #34 (EHL), PERFECT/BNC: Assassin 27 (BKL), TAMMY: Most Incredible Blonde Tammy Fytch (ECL)

Northern Champion

DOD/ORDER: Jennifer Brown Bear (EPL)
Timothy L. Clark; 500

Prairie Champion

EDGE: Mr. Blue (CZL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; 501

Southern Champion

EDGE: Operation (IGL)
Jeff Annable; 499; edged DOD/ORDER: Blade the Vampire Hunter (LNL)

Western Champion

Hired Mercenary #3 (HSL)
"The Game"; 501



Ladies' World Champion

VIRUS/VD: Tammy Toe Jam (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager retained title; 501; $50,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches; edged TAMMY: "Goddess" Tammy Fytch (FFL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

TBABIT/REB: "The Starlet" Liberty Monroe (RWL)
Seth Brubaker of Ohio; 499; $25,000; edged VIRUS/VD: Furry Furnace of Fury (VUL)

Queen of the Ring

Liberty Monroe
269 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

DOD/ORDER: Ice Cold Samantha Matthews (RWL)
Timothy L. Clark of Washington; 499; edged PERFECT/BNC: Assassin 21 (NML), PERFECT/BNC: Assassin 20 (NML), TAMMY: "Beautiful Blonde" Tammy Fytch (VVL), TAMMY: WWF Icon Tammy Fytch (VVL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

SOS: Lil Ladybug & Nasti Natalie from the Nati (VVL)
"The Smooth One" Jeff Manning of Ohio

TAMMY: "Smart" & "Intelligent Blonde" Tammy Fytch (LLL)
Matt Yunick of New York

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

TAMMY: "Admirable" & "Inspirational" Tammy Fytch (LLL)
Matt Yunick; retained titles

World Six-woman Champions

TAMMY: "Loyal," "Faithful," "Supportive" Tammy Fytch (LLL)
Matt Yunick; manager retained titles; 521; edged SOS: Charismatic Olivia Tyson, "Misery" Sharon Payne, Aunt Flo (VVL)

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Pandora's Box, VIRUS/Luniz: Flower "Pot" Child, F. Burger (VUL)
Frank Jay Belcher III (Box) & Mitchell Johnson, both of Michigan; Belcher held titles 5 cycles in a row



World Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Galen Jackson & Glass City Assassin Madness (CZL)
Jeff Annable of Canada & Caleb Crawdad of Florida; managers retained titles; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

TAMMY: Tammy Fytch in Pink & Silver Dresses (AEL)
Matt Yunick of New York

Top Contenders

3. VIRUS/Luniz: Family Jewels & VIRUS: Palsy (HRL)
ranked #11 last time
VIRUS: Protozoa & "Drunk" Terry Flunk (COL)
EDGE: "The Expert" Lee Dunn & EDGE/CHOSEN: Bruce Scott (NDL)
TAMMY: "Sensational" & "Breath-Taking" Tammy Fytch (HSL)
TBABIT: Bearer of Palls & "Rising" Pete ZaGood (AAL)

8. VIRUS/AI: Thief in the Night & The Raider (SVL)

9. VIRUS/FMY: Brain Busters Bane & Blood (DXL)
VIRUS: Duke Danger & A.M. Sapteunick (GCL)

11. VIRUS/AI: Assassin & Akbar (UNL)
TBABIT: Chuckles & Manslaughter (BBL)

13. TBABIT: "Party Time" Eddie Ghoulardi & "The Journeyman" Ryker Green (YJL)
VIRUS: Rico & IMT/LPPF: Hardcore Tommy Valentine (NAL)
TAMMY: SMW Star & Superstar Tammy Fytch (IGL)

16. IMT/LPPF: Paul "The Butcher" Duchaine & SLVN/ORDER: Hardcore Jeannie Lane (LSL)

17. IMT/FRM-16/iWWF: Briscoe Black & Mad Patterson (LPL)

18. TAMMY: "Loyal" & "Faithful" Tammy Fytch (BKL)
EDGE: Metal Raine & Metal Reign (ASL)

20. "Late Night" Logan Kane & EDGE: Handsome Hollywood Starr (BRL)
SOS/ORDER: Beast Boy & SOS: Mike Cook's Manager (EEL)
last of the teams with 516

U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Dungeon Master & Blue J. Foyt (NDL)
Jeff Annable & Caleb Crawdad; managers retained titles; 516; $25,000; edged VIRUS: Masked Millionaire #10 & VIRUS/Luniz: Rectal (HRL), VIRUS: Tonsillitis & Norovirus (COL), TAMMY: "Incredible" & "Divine" Tammy Fytch (AEL), EDGE: Bronze Studs #2 & #3 (HSL), COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crews II & III (IGL), SOS: April Fools & SOS/PERFECT: Gold Medalist Al Saputra (SVL)



World Six-man Champions

EDGE: Rip Ripley, Brute, Chip Sanguac (MEL)
Brad Norman of North Carolina, Kyle Devlin of Pennsylvania, Caleb Crawdad of Florida; Crawdad held titles 11 cycles in a row, Devlin 6 in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

VIRUS/Luniz: Johnny Lugnutz, Chest Knutzz, VIRUS: Ghouly (MUL)
Mitchell Johnson & Frank Jay Belcher III (Ghouly), both of Michigan; Belcher held titles 4 cycles in a row

TAMMY: "Spectacular," "Sensational," "Awesome Blonde" Tammy Fytch (XWL)
Matt Yunick of New York; manager retained titles

SOS/PERFECT: "Netflix and Steel" Al Saputra, SOS: Jim Mentten, LE Williams (OSL)
Ali Saputra of Georgia, "The Smooth One" Jeff Manning of Ohio, Derek Tuttle of Florida; Saputra & Tuttle retained titles

PERFECT/BNC: Gerald "The Body," "Wildman," "The IWA Soul Smasher" Robinson (HWL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee

ARMY/IMT: "Hardcore Legend" Lance Severance, Stitches O'Malley, Botch Armstrong (AAL)
Donald Henry of Illinois

Top Contenders

7. SOS/ORDER: Pigeon Boy, Quailman, Recyclops (IWL)
SOS/ORDER: Robin, SOS: Mike Cook's Best Friend, The American Robbie Blood (EEL)

9. TBABIT: "The Riverdancer" Mike Collins, TBABIT/FAM: Piper "The Goofball," "The General" Ulysses Monroe (CZL)
last of the teams with 521

10. TBABIT/RF: Tom Ice, Tom van Bam Bam Bigelow, EDGE/RF: "Forging" Franklin Thomas (WTL)
VIRUS: Buff, Runt, Skip Stonewall (WWL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

EDGE: Bip Bipley, Dogma, Chip Sanqueso (MEL)
Brad Norman, Kyle Devlin, Caleb Crawdad; Crawdad held titles 11 cycles in a row; share of $25,000

EDGE: Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange (CZL)
Jeff Annable of Canada

VIRUS/VD: Cramps, Menstrual, Period (IGL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager held titles 4 cycles in a row

TAMMY: Tammy Fytch in a Turquoise Dress, Beige, Green Heels (WDL)
Matt Yunick; manager retained titles

SOS/PERFECT: "Steel Monger" A. Sap, SOS: Count Onlosing, Lifeguard Wade (OSL)
Ali Saputra, Jeff Manning, Derek Tuttle; Saputra & Tuttle retained titles

PERFECT/BNC: The Grappling Gods Gerald Robinson #6, #18, #19 (HLL)
Gerald Robinson; 521; edged PERFECT/BNC: Gerald "The IWA Heartthrob," "Macho Man," "Russian Stomper" Robinson (HWL), SOS: Blood Green, Mike Cook's #1 six-man wrestler, SOS/ORDER: Dragovic Kasun (EEL)



1. BRL (1,052 matches) 491.566

2. UWL (816 matches) 476.015

3. IWL (799 matches) 485.108

4. EPL (697 matches) 494.019
highest average strategy total (active wrestlers only); 10 free matches for managers next cycle

5. NWL (692 matches) 470.581

6. IGL (684 matches) 493.489

7. RWL (640 matches) 493.114

8. ASL (573 matches) 486.694

9. NAL (571 matches) 491.672

10. LSL (531 matches) 491.190


TOP 20 STARS -- active wrestlers only

1. IMT/LPPF: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) 180

2. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Sinister Steve Stryker (ASL) 164

3. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (ASL) 151

4. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Nightmare Sam Hell (ASL) 129

5. LPPF/T-SANITY: Misfit Messiah (BRL) 122

6. LPPF/T-SANITY: Medieval Tymes (GRL) 120

7. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Lord of Illusions (ASL) 119

8. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (HWL) 114

9. IMT/LPPF: Mark the Master Duchaine (GRL) 109

10. IMT/LPPF: Buda von Blitzen (NAL) 105

11. IMT/LPPF: The Executioner (XPL)
IMT/LPPF: Inferno (GRL) 104

13. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (CSL) 100

14. Executioner (LBL)
IMT/LPPF: Diabolical Jerry Savage (NAL)
IMT/LPPF: The Mighty Deadhead (XPL) 99

18. IMT/LPPF: Deadly David Death (GRL)
IMT/LPPF: Killer Kenny Stryker (PKL)
VIRUS: Outlaw Tony Taylor (EHL) 98



Iron Federation

Black Ops, Center Stage, Extreme Existence, Generation Next, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Main Event, NEVER Puroresu, Quantum Pro, Unknown Wrestler, Vixens United, Xtreme Poison, Yellow Jacket

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Gorgeous Amazon, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana Swamp, Mobsters' Underground, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries, World Domination

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Continental Wrestling, Danger Zone, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Masked Mayhem, Mystic Diva, New Wave, Ninja Dojo, Snake Venom, Western Trails

Diamond Federation

Action Packed, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Flying Aces, Lethal Brawling, Native Sensation, Night Falcon, No Man's, Non-stop Action, Saber Tooth, Wicked Warz, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Brass Knuckles, Celebrities Only, Elite Prestige, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, High Rollers, Hot Shots, Iron Glove, Living Nightmare, Revolution Wrestling, United Nations

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Global Championship, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, True Grit, Wrestlers Elite, Zig Zag

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