Vol. 25, No. 1 -- January 2020
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New year, new look: it's 2020, and Operation LOW BLO is underway! An elite group of managers was selected for the top-secret LibreOffice Writer Bulletin Layout Overhaul task force, and their jaw-dropping designs will be making an appearance on our website over the coming weeks.

Speaking of our website, there's never been a better time to "go green"! The online versions of our bulletins now feature support for full color on every page, and the text is searchable, so you can easily find every match involving your wrestler. Visit PlayIWA.com and see the difference!

LOW BLO isn't just about updating the look of our bulletins; we've also made some functional improvements. The biggest one is the addition of ID numbers to the title and rankings pages. That means no more flipping back and forth between those pages and the league roster -- it also means no more rosters! That's good news for trees, and we hope it makes filling out your match forms easier than ever.

Here's another change we hope will push the needle further away from "work" and even closer to "fun": we're giving you the option of using special number codes instead of ID numbers when challenging champions for their titles. For example, if you wanted to compete for the Atlantic regional title, you could either list the current champion's ID number or write "503." Even though the champions' ID numbers are now within easy reach, we think some players may find the codes more convenient, and there are times when we have to reprocess leagues (due to missed matches or other issues), which can result in different wrestlers taking titles. If the corrected bulletin doesn't reach you in time, you may unknowingly submit matches against non-champions, and possibly miss out on winning a title. Our computer turns 503 into the ID number of the current Atlantic Champion, so it's a safer way of accomplishing the same task.

When you want to make sure your opponent is a specific wrestler, such as if you're involved in a feud or series, use the ID number. But if you want to compete for a specific title and be protected against unexpected changes to the titleholders, feel free to use the code. Again, the codes are optional, so only use them if you want to.

(Fun fact: we wanted the codes to be easy to understand and remember, and logically count forward from something-01 to something-12, since counting backwards is hard, and best left to rocket scientists. We also wanted them to be easy on the hands of our data entry people. The most ergonomic choice available as a starting point was 501, a number which happens to hold a very special place in the hearts of IWA players all around the globe. Talk about a "perfect" 501!)

Some of the less noticeable changes this cycle include the presence of the cycle name on the hold values pages, to help you avoid accidentally using an old bulletin when formulating your strategies, and the wording "most recent bulletin" instead of the cycle name on our Match Selection Sheets, to reduce possible confusion when deciding on opponents while using an old match form. Also, inactive wrestlers are separated from the active ones in the rankings (subject to custom designs created by commissioners).

One final item you should be aware of: from now on, we'll be announcing contests and presenting other information which affects the entire game right here in the Report rather than on your bulletin's title page. In addition to being a more appropriate place for IWA-wide news with more room available for details, the change will allow our commissioners better use of their leagues' front pages to promote events such as pay-per-views and exciting twists in storylines. In other words, be sure to watch this space!

We hope you like our new look, and welcome your feedback on these recent developments. You're the reason we do what we do!


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

John Voss of New Jersey

"The Impeccable" Damon Voss (LWL) 2,301-578-100, $5,678,366, *24

Blake Morgan and Gary Cassibry, Sr., both of Mississippi

Pastor Pain (IWL) 2,999-696-92, $4,443,300, *19
His career began in July of 2014, in the Gold Federation's Independent Wrestling League, and ended in that same league. He is the eighteenth wrestler to be inducted into the IWA Hall of Fame from the team of Blake Morgan and Gary Cassibry, Sr.



World Champion

IMT/AR15: Infowars (NDL)
Kevin Elrod from FEMA Camp Region V; 501; $250,000 + 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches, 10 free matches for NDL managers next cycle

"Another victory in the war against the lies of the New World Order!"

U.S. Champion

Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; 500; $100,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; edged PERFECT/BNC: Wayne "The Train" Robinson (DZL), IMT/FRM-16: Castor Salvaje (EPL)

King of the Ring

IMT/LPPF: Jason Rogue (LSL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 500; $50,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; 275 KotR total; hold positions were 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 12, 13, 15; battle royal hold positions were 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14


FEDERATION TITLES -- $50,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

Nibiru "The Destroyer" (YJL)
Shawn McAbee of Tennessee

Steel Federation Champion

Rick "The Leg" Russo (HAL)
Richard Fusco of Florida; 500; edged SOS/PERFECT: Justice Jones (NBL)

Gold Federation Champion

IMT/AR15: Infowars (NDL)
Kevin Elrod from FEMA Camp Region V; 501; edged PERFECT/BNC: Big Bertha (DZL)

Diamond Federation Champion

TBABIT: "Focused" Phil (STL)
Seth Brubaker of Ohio; 501; edged ARMY/IMT: Death Gambler (ECL)

Bronze Federation Champion

ARMY/IMT: "Self-Destructive" Bodie Kleaver (HRL)
Donald Henry of Illinois; 500; edged PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #1 (EPL), SOS: The Uninvited House Guest (BKL), IMT/FRM-16: Marchand le Hitman de Boston (UNL), POE: Pravus (LNL)

Jade Federation Champion

VIRUS/Luniz: Big Daddy J. Super Ballz (DXL)
Mitchell Johnson of Michigan; 501


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

IMT/LPPF: Darren Diamond (SHL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 499; edged previous champion EDGE: Cart-Lifting Jabroni (COL)

Asiatic Champion

IMT/AR15: Infowars (NDL)
Kevin Elrod from FEMA Camp Region V; 501; edged ARMY/IMT: Death Gambler (ECL), VIRUS/Luniz: Big Daddy J. Super Ballz (DXL)

Elite Champion

IMT/FRM-16: Marchand le Hitman de Boston (UNL)
Big Marchand from the Diamond District; 500; 60 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 10 free matches; edged POE: Pravus (LNL)

Hardcore Champion

ARMY/IMT: "Half-Blind Brawler" Otis Bascomb (XWL)
Donald Henry of Illinois; 500; edged Pravus

Metropolitan Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Assassin #1 (EPL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 500



National Champion

Justin Glorious (EHL)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; Mountain region; edged EDGE: Devastating Dennis Morlock (ECL)

Atlantic Champion

"Dungeon Master" Sheldon Shrute (BRL)
Larry Sullivan of California; 501

Central Champion

TAMMY: "Gorgeous Blonde" Tammy Fytch (NAL)
Matt Yunick of New York; 500; edged The Fresh Prince (PKL)

Dixie Champion

Ali Saputra of Georgia; 500; edged TAMMY: Tammy Fytch in an Orange Dress (LPL), IMT/FRM-16: Conquistador de Violentos Gigantes (EPL)

Eastern Champion

Snoopy (PKL)
"The Game"; 501

Northern Champion

SOS: Francis Etienne (AOL)
Ali Saputra; 500; edged Narmer (EHL), TAMMY: SMW Icon Tammy Fytch (XWL), EDGE: Hans Ahmantana (AEL)

Pacific Champion

Hired Mercenary #5 (EHL)
"The Game"; 500; edged WRSTLING: Sidekick Scrappy Doo (APL), EDGE: Bird of War Dennis (ECL)

Prairie Champion

Khafre (HSL)
"The Game"; 500; edged IMT/FRM-16/QC: JJ Villain (EPL)

Southern Champion

IMT/FRM-16: Spambot Fly (PKL)
Big Marchand from the Diamond District; 500

Western Champion

PERFECT/BNC: Masked Robinson #9 (STL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501



Ladies' World Champion

VIRUS/VD: Zsa Zsa Gavor (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; 500; $50,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches

Ladies' U.S. Champion

VIRUS/VD: Bruce Jenner "The It Version" (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; 501; $25,000

Queen of the Ring

VIRUS/RWS: Penny Punk (VUL)
Michael Drake of New Jersey; 272 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

VIRUS/VD: Pimp of the Nation (LLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; 499; edged Kasquette Grrrl (RWL)

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

VIRUS: Brain Busters Babe & Beauty (VUL)
Michael Drake; 516; edged VIRUS/VD: Rosanne Bar & Juicy Lucy (LLL)

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

TAMMY: "Admirable" & "Inspirational" Tammy Fytch (LLL)
Matt Yunick of New York; 516

World Six-woman Champions

TAMMY: WWF Diva, Superstar, Tammy Fytch in a White Dress (FFL)
Matt Yunick; 521

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Hairy Carrie, Mrs. Infection, Mrs. Douchea (MDL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager held titles 4 cycles in a row



World Tag-team Champions

VIRUS: Lab Rat & Yellow Fever (COL)
Jeremy Nace from the House of Infection & Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; Belcher held titles 3 cycles in a row, Nace retained titles; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

EDGE: TML Gardiner & Worst Canadian Mooserider CN Tower 2nd (NDL)
Jeff Annable of Canada & Caleb Crawdad of Florida

Top Contenders

3. EDGE: "Cajun Warrior" Barnabe Landry & J-J-J-J-Joe (WDL)

4. VIRUS: Brain Busters Butch (QPL) & Butch (YJL)
VIRUS/RWS: Matt Jackson & VIRUS: Walker #3 (HLL)
VIRUS/RWS: Reigns & VIRUS: Scrambled Egger (HWL)
VIRUS/COH: Roderick Rampage & Mike Vendetta (GNL)

8. SOS: Gary String & SOS/PERFECT: Achilles (OSL)
EDGE/WoL: Terra & Rosa (LPL)

10. EDGE: Bip Bipley & Chip Sansalsa (MEL)

11. CRYSIS: The Don, Frank-O Valentine & LPPF/T-SANITY: The Dying Breed (GRL)
DOD/ORDER: The High Roller Paul Vegas & Black Lightning Joe Martin (XPL)
SOS: Lucha DJ & Infinito Mascaras (TGL)
SOS: Sloshed Soldier & Amsterdam Nightmare (QPL)
VIRUS/Luniz: Family Jewels & VIRUS: Palsy (HRL)

16. TBABIT: EP Masta & Pat Divebar (DXL)

17. EDGE: G.O.A.T. J.H. & Perfectionist (WEL)

18. WRSTLING: Brutal Bob the Bounty Hunter & Dishonest Dan the Cattle Man (WTL)

19. SOS: Zip Zangadoodle & Bronze Champ Mike Cook (EEL)

20. TBABIT: "Neutral" Ned Nelson & Itazura Kuso (NAL)

21. ARMY/IMT: "El Chapo" Felix Beltran & "El Sicario" Oscar Leyva (AAL)
VIRUS: Force from the North Buttermilk Biscuit & VIRUS/Luniz: "Boss of the South" Mr. Cornbread (LWL)
last of the teams with 516

U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: TML Kapanen & Worst Canadian Mooserider Rush 6th (NDL)
Jeff Annable & Caleb Crawdad; 516; $25,000; edged SOS: Garth String & Minton DaBox (OSL), SOS: Rip Hazard & Lord Sheldon Bishop (BBL), EDGE: Dogma & Chip Sanqueso (MEL), DOD/ORDER: 2 Quick J.G. Brenner & Dr. Savage (GNL), VIRUS: Pink Eye & Swamp Rat (COL), EDGE/WoL: Aerith & Cloud (LPL)



World Six-man Champions

EDGE: Ben Huuverinschnefe, Violator I, Angst (MEL)
Caleb Crawdad of Florida, Anthony Chatburn of Virginia, Kyle Devlin; Crawdad held titles 10 cycles in a row, Devlin 5 in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

SOS: Mike "Not Bad" Cook, Pretty Boy Blood, The Blood-Man (EEL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky (Cook) & Robbie "Blood" Pawelek of Texas; Cook held titles 8 cycles in a row, Pawelek 3 in a row

G6, "The Pitbull" Preston Clark, SOS/PERFECT: Goldilocks and the Three Saputras (SVL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida & Ali Saputra of Georgia (Goldilocks)

VIRUS: Necrotizing Fasciitis, Walker #2, VIRUS/RWS: Zach Sabre, Jr. (HLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan & Michael Drake of New Jersey (Sabre); Belcher held titles 3 cycles in a row

COT: Minnesota Wrecking Crews XIII, XIV, XV (PKL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota

COT: Smooth Rough, Burnt Toast, Severed Bread (GCL)
Jerry Martin of Indiana

TAMMY: Earth's Hottest, Sexiest, Classiest Women Tammy Fytch (ECL)
TAMMY: WWF Star, Tammy Fytch in a Black Dress, Green Heels (XWL)
Matt Yunick of New York

Top Contenders

9. IMT/LPPF: "Mad Dog" Maurice Duchaine, Jimmy, James Rogue (LSL)

10. TBABIT: "The Broken" Keegan, "The Intellectual" Cornelius, Solomon "The Strongman" Crowley (YJL)
last of the teams with 521

U.S. Six-man Champions

EDGE: Bruiser, Tara, Ripper Heyman (AEL)
Caleb Crawdad; manager held titles 10 cycles in a row; share of $25,000

"The Machine" Mason Clark, SOS/PERFECT: Golden Glove Ali Sap, SOS: Champ Goodwrestler (SVL)
Derek Tuttle, Ali Saputra, Michael Cook; Cook held titles 7 cycles in a row

VIRUS: Botulism, Plague, VIRUS/RWS: Fuzzy Magoo (HLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III & Michael Drake (Magoo); Belcher held titles 3 cycles in a row

TAMMY: World's Hottest, Sexiest, Classiest Women Tammy Fytch (HSL)
Matt Yunick; 521; edged SOS: Mr. Magnificent RB, Pacific Champ Mike Cook, Raven (EEL), EDGE: "Lefty" Abraham Nunez, Violator V, The 22nd Pilot (MEL), Insidious Krusader, Lord Larius, Impenetrable King (WWL)



1. BRL (1,377 matches) 491.079

2. NWL (906 matches) 458.231

3. IWL (904 matches) 490.058

4. UWL (820 matches) 487.543

5. EPL (696 matches) 494.780
highest average strategy total (active wrestlers only); 10 free matches for managers next cycle

6. RWL (687 matches) 486.957

7. UNL (648 matches) 493.414

8. NAL (636 matches) 489.877

9. IGL (601 matches) 492.948

10. LSL (595 matches) 490.351


TOP 20 MONEY HOLDERS -- active wrestlers only

1. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) $43,690,500

2. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (HWL) $32,088,900

3. LPPF/T-SANITY: Medieval Tymes (GRL) $26,364,100

4. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (HLL) $20,589,700

5. LPPF/T-SANITY: Misfit Messiah (GRL) $18,534,500

6. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (ASL) $18,336,500

7. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $17,951,538

8. VIRUS: Cpl. Punishment (LBL) $15,710,700

9. Dan the Man (HSL) $14,208,300

10. NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL) $12,839,800

11. SHS: "Money-Driven" Mike Sebastian (BRL) $12,518,400

12. Death Warrant (CWL) $12,126,600

13. IMT/LPPF: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) $11,151,000

14. "Mr. Everything" Kirk Lockran (AWL) $10,937,500

15. COT: "Mr. Minnesota" Olaf Gustavson (QPL) $9,839,000

16. COT: Pete the Geek (IGL) $9,801,100

17. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (CSL) $9,773,900

18. VIRUS: F.B. III (MUL) $9,230,200

19. RIZE: Vitamin Z (AAL) $8,744,800

20. SHS: Punk Rock Mike (BRL) $8,720,500



Iron Federation

Black Ops, Center Stage, Extreme Existence, Generation Next, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Main Event, NEVER Puroresu, Quantum Pro, Unknown Wrestler, Vixens United, Xtreme Poison, Yellow Jacket

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Gorgeous Amazon, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana Swamp, Mobsters' Underground, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries, World Domination

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Continental Wrestling, Danger Zone, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Masked Mayhem, Mystic Diva, New Wave, Ninja Dojo, Snake Venom, Western Trails

Diamond Federation

Action Packed, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Flying Aces, Lethal Brawling, Native Sensation, Night Falcon, No Man's, Non-stop Action, Saber Tooth, Wicked Warz, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Brass Knuckles, Celebrities Only, Elite Prestige, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, High Rollers, Hot Shots, Iron Glove, Living Nightmare, Revolution Wrestling, United Nations

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Global Championship, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, True Grit, Wrestlers Elite, Zig Zag

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