Vol. 24, No. 3 -- February 2019
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All future Kings of the Ring will receive $50,000 in addition to their 25 free matches! Thanks to everyone who provided us with such valuable feedback on the subject.

Now we'd like your input regarding a suggestion from manager Derek Tuttle. He's asked us to consider giving battle royal winners a shot at the league title. In your opinion, would throwing a wild card into the mix increase your league's excitement level, or should all wrestlers have to continue earning their way to the top via matches? Please write in and let us know your thoughts!

The battle royal winner in the Unknown Wrestler League already receives a title shot, which is one of the many features that make this league so unique. Joining the fun is a great way to boost your wrestler's wins, imaginary money, and stars, and the overall winner receives a real-life championship belt! (Our congratulations to the latest recipient, Jason Frymier.) The ninth round is about to get underway, and we lock the doors after the sign-up period, so don't miss out!

There are two important changes to the UWL this time. First, we're giving the league champion the option of "no one" when deciding on which wrestler to unmask. Will most champions go this route, in an effort to extend the current round and/or avoid reprisals from the ejected wrestler's friends? If fewer champions choose to eliminate a competitor, will it make those eliminations more meaningful? We're anxious to see how this plays out!

The second and final change is that all wrestlers competing in the UWL must be heels -- no faces allowed (ba dum tsh). Note to editor: do not include this paragraph unless you really, really need to pad the first column. Wait, you have to include it because I mentioned that there were two changes. Ugh. Hand me that mask.


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

Frank Snow of Tennessee

Railroad Warrior Tie (CWL) 1,159-1,988-50, $3,556,000 *27
Railroad Warrior Spike (CWL) 1,231-2,309-76, $3,865,900 *31
Once upon a time, the original Railroad Warriors were listed in the IWA Report as two of the worst wrestlers in the IWA. After being recruited by Frank "Leatherman" Snow and enrolled in the Leather Academy, they were trained by The Legendary Eddie Sweat. Today, they retire as highly respected members of the professional wrestling community. Never give up on your dreams.



World Champion

SOS: Gerald "The Executioner" Robinson (WEL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501; $250,000 + 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches

U.S. Champion

EDGE: Brisco County, Jr. (PKL)
Andrew Konik of Michigan; 501; $100,000 + a large plaque or 25 free matches; edged SOS: The Yeti (ZZL), VIRUS: Rabies (WEL)

King of the Ring

NFG/FRM-16: Porky the Kid (STL)
Big Marchand from the Diamond District; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; 274 KotR total; edged SOS: Dr. Doom (PGL; lesser overall total); hold positions were 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13; battle royal hold positions were 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

NRA/RED SHOW: Malek the Mad (SHL)
Brandon Madden of Michigan; 501

Asiatic Champion

NFG: Bitcoin King Al Saputra (HRL)
Ali Saputra of Georgia; 500

Elite Champion

BLOOD MONEY: The Arabian Dream Ali Atari (IWL)
Matt Riley of Massachusetts; 500; 60 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 10 free matches

Hardcore Champion

EDGE/CHOSEN: Jumpin' Johnny Fawcett (CZL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; manager retained title; 499; edged NFG: Billy Brainbuster (MML)

Metropolitan Champion

SOS: Ray MFN Donovan (NSL)
Robbie "Blood" Pawelek of Texas; 500; edged Al Saputra

UWL Champion

M.E.O.W.: El Barbaro (BRL)
Jason Frymier of Canada; 75 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 25 free matches


FEDERATION PLAY-OFFS -- $50,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

EDGE: Tony Towerfan (YJL)
Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; 499; edged IMT/ORDER: The Mighty Mockingbird (XPL), EDGE: Hurricane Henry Hustler (MEL), EDGE/CHOSEN: Brett Alexander (CSL)

Steel Federation Champion

NFG: Errik Ether (WPL)
Ali Saputra of Georgia; manager retained title; 499; edged BUCS: Central African Republic Chamois (LPL)

Gold Federation Champion

BLOOD MONEY: The Arabian Dream Ali Atari (IWL)
Matt Riley of Massachusetts; 500

Diamond Federation Champion

SOS: H. Del Impostor (APL)
Randall Angel from the Republic of Texas; 500; edged SOS: Ray MFN Donovan (NSL), SOS: Jake the Snake Plummer (NFL)

Bronze Federation Champion

NFG: Harry Nuts (HSL)
Ali Saputra; 501; edged SOS: Mitch Please (EHL)

Jade Federation Champion

SOS: Gerald "The Executioner" Robinson (WEL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501; edged SOS: Moondog Cool Joe (TGL), NRA/RED SHOW: Malek the Mad (SHL)



National Champion

SOS: Mountain Champ Mike Cook (NAL)
Michael Cook of Kentucky; 501; a large plaque or 25 free matches; Prairie region; manager retained regional title; edged SOS: Gerald "The Gangster of Love" Robinson (WEL), NFG/FRM-16: Stickboi Ditty (STL)

Atlantic Champion

NFG: Julian (HRL)
Chris Miler of Michigan; 501; edged SOS: Gerald "The Magnificent" Robinson (STL), NFG/FRM-16: Dr. Flesh Gordon (NSL), EDGE: Handsome Hollywood Starr (BRL)

Central Champion

SOS: Darby Dog (HRL)
Robbie "Blood" Pawelek of Texas; 501

Dixie Champion

SOS: Josh "Dinger" Donaldson (AAL)
Sully "The Sledgehammer" Sullivan of Canada; 501; edged NFG/FRM-16: Benjamin Pum Pum, MD (NSL)

Eastern Champion

VIRUS/RWS: The Franchise Sugrag Hcaz (HRL)
Michael Drake of New Jersey; 501

Mountain Champion

ALPHA/NFG: Gil Rocket Man Goldsachs (XWL)
Ali Saputra of Georgia; 501; edged SOS: V.I.P. (APL)

Northern Champion

NFG: The Wall (LBL)
Ali Saputra; 500

Pacific Champion

NFG/FRM-16: Porky the Kid (STL)
Big Marchand from the Diamond District; 501

Southern Champion

SOS: Greed (MUL)
Derek Tuttle of Florida; 501

Western Champion

EDGE/H25: Diamond Icon #4 (NAL)
Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; 499; edged NFG/RC/FRM-16: Clockwork Rondo (HRL)



Ladies' World Champion

SOS: Baddest American Biker Chick #1 (FFL)
Randall Angel from the Republic of Texas; $50,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches; edged NFG/LPPF: Drama Queen - Mollie (VUL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

NRA: "The Russian Nightmare" Vlada Morozov (RWL)
Brandon Madden of Michigan; $25,000

Queen of the Ring

SOS: Baddest Russian Mob Chick #1 (FFL)
Randall Angel; 271 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

SOS: Miss Fortune (RWL)
Randall Angel; 499

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

VIRUS/VD: Daddy's Girl & Heartbreaker Rumpshaker (MDL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row; 516

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

VIRUS/VD: Mrs. Congeniality & Mrs. Double Deedra (MDL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; manager held titles 7 cycles in a row; edged VIRUS/VD: Malware & Marburg (FFL), VIRUS/VD: Black-Eyed Susan & Juicy Lucy (LLL)

World Six-woman Champions

SOS: Financial Panther, Racecar Driver That Is On Fire, Motorboat City Maniac (VUL)
Sully "The Sledgehammer" Sullivan of Canada; 521

U.S. Six-woman Champions

VIRUS/VD: Furry Furnace of Fury, French Withered Pear, VIRUS: Crunch-N-Munch (VUL)
Frank Jay Belcher III & Mitchell Johnson (Munch), both of Michigan; Belcher held titles 10 cycles in a row; 521



World Tag-team Champions

SOS: The Grappling God Gerald Robinson #2 & Dos-Puncher (SVL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee & Michael Cook of Kentucky; $50,000 + 15 free matches

Top Contenders

2. VIRUS: Cyntricty & Arianna Spooks (WWL)
VIRUS: Rabies & Scabies (NAL)

4. VIRUS/RWS: Captains IWL Arrogant Axman & BRL Jabroni Goober (NSL)

5. EDGE/CHOSEN: A.C. & J.C. Steel (MML)
H25/EDGE: Rick Star & Goodguy Gordy Goodwood (NDL)
ARMY/IMT: "Coyote" Carlos Serrano & "Hardcore Goddess" Rebelle Vicious (XWL)

8. IMT/ORDER: Max Violence & ORDER: Primetime Ralph Harper (XPL)

9. Alex & Axel von Snapp (CWL)

10. SOS: Short-Fuze & Rockem Rich (IIL)

11. IMT/LPPF: Lamar & Kuku Racha (GRL)
last of the teams with 516

U.S. Tag-team Champions

VIRUS: Snowie Chloie & Madd Maddie (WWL)
Mitchell Johnson of Michigan; 516; $25,000; edged NFG/BM: Brutal Brett & Supremacist Fredd Fabulous (NSL), EDGE: Mike Bronze & Mark Excellence (NAL), SOS: The Grappling God Gerald Robinson #1 & 1/3 of a strat (SVL), SOS: Norvell Austin & Blood Yellow (IIL), Johnny "The Wrench" Morello & Vincent Torrio (CWL), VIRUS: Lightning Tiger & Dragon King (AWL)



World Six-man Champions

SOS: Gerald "Your Daddy" Robinson (THL), Dragovic Kasun, The Radical (EEL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee, Randall Angel, Robbie "Blood" Pawelek, both of Texas; Angel held titles 10 cycles in a row, Robinson 3 in a row, Pawelek retained titles; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

VIRUS: King Dingaling, Grim Peaper, VIRUS/RWS: Jessica Havok (HWL)
VIRUS: SARS, Walker #1, VIRUS/RWS: Davey Richards (HLL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan & Michael Drake of New Jersey (Havok & Richards); Belcher retained titles

VIRUS: Gaboon, Rattler, Cobra Kids (BBL)
Rick Angel of Kansas

VIRUS/AI: Levi Kyle, Grapplers I, II (SVL)
Kyle Queen of Texas

Top Contenders

6. NFG/HS: Joe Duggan, NFG/DAD: Henry Defile, NFG/ORDER/NOJ: Xolo (GNL)
last of the teams with 521

7. EDGE: Mr. Gift, H25/EDGE: Scavenger Hyena, Cereal Killer Mikey Manson (NDL)
ranked #7 last time
EDGE/CHOSEN: Off the Wagon, The Last Call Legend, The AA Dropout (NAL)
SOS: Lord Regal, Martel "The Model," Zolf Diggler (BRL)
NFG/BM: Buttersworth Henchmen I, II, III (JDL)
NFG: Masked Misfit #4, Million Dollar Kraft, NFG/BM: Bootleg-selling DVD Man (NSL)
NFG/LPPF: The Dying Breed, IMT/LPPF/DOD: Classy Eddie Degrassi, IMT/LPPF: Lumberjack Mike Hardwood (ASL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

SOS: Tragedy, J.R. Kasun, Masked Robinson #1 (TTL) (EEL)
Robbie Pawelek, Randall Angel, Gerald Robinson; managers retained titles; share of $25,000

NFG: Masked Marauders #7, #8, VIRUS: Obama (MML)
Chris Miler & Frank Jay Belcher III (Obama), both of Michigan; Belcher retained titles; 521



1. NSL (1,047 matches) 492.361

2. CWL (938 matches) 488.584

3. HRL (926 matches) 491.989

4. BRL (915 matches) 491.161

5. NWL (840 matches) 468.293

6. LNL (772 matches) 491.357

7. LWL (746 matches) 493.292
won the two matches for $1 cycle for having the highest average strategy total (counting only active wrestlers)

8. UNL (658 matches) 492.970

9. ASL (643 matches) 480.938

10. IWL (589 matches) 487.673


TOP 20 VICTORIES -- active wrestlers only

1. Arsenal (PGL) 20,102-2,569-665

2. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (HWL) 12,085-1,331-320

3. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) 10,651-1,862-542

4. VIRUS: Cpl. Punishment (LBL) 10,189-603-151

5. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (ASL) 9,319-809-227

6. Death Warrant (CWL) 7,426-639-133

7. Dan the Man (HSL) 6,966-1,201-232

8. IMT/LPPF: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) 6,885-629-211
DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 6,885-1,067-284

10. NFG/LPPF: Medieval Tymes (NAL) 6,656-936-169

11. SHS: "Money-Driven" Mike Sebastian (BRL) 6,589-1,504-331

12. "Mr. Everything" Kirk Lockran (AWL) 6,582-1,599-342

13. The Survivor (WWL) 6,061-1,473-299

14. NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL) 5,898-1,728-326

15. EDGE: Demon (BBL) 5,785-2,495-110

16. VIRUS/RWS: Mike Drake (NSL) 5,216-904-136

17. IMT/LPPF/DOD: Sinister Steve Stryker (ASL) 5,108-585-187

18. NFG: Pete the Geek (IGL) 5,103-1,027-166

19. NGAA: Hawkeye Science (HLL) 4,944-1,236-196

20. RIZE: Vitamin Z (AAL) 4,734-606-113



Iron Federation

Black Ops, Center Stage, Extreme Existence, Generation Next, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Main Event, Quantum Pro, Smoky Mountain, Vixens United, Xtreme Poison, Yellow Jacket

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Classic Championship Wrestling, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana Swamp, Mobsters' Underground, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries, Wild Panthers, World Domination

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Continental Wrestling, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Masked Mayhem, Mystic Diva, New Wave, Ninja Dojo, Snake Venom, Triple Threat, Western Trails

Diamond Federation

Action Packed, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Lethal Brawling, Native Sensation, Night Falcon, No Man's, Non-stop Action, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Saber Tooth, Wicked Warz, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Brass Knuckles, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, High Rollers, Hot Shots, Iron Glove, Living Nightmare, Revolution Wrestling, Rogue Elephant, Strong Style Wrestling, United Nations

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Growling Grizzly, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, True Grit, Wrestlers Elite, Zig Zag

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