Vol. 21, No. 7 -- May 2016
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HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

Jason Clark of Minnesota

Honey Broadway (LWL) 1,068-282-56, $2,967,600 *4
Due to his engagement, the LWL's first openly gay wrestler is retiring. When a date has been set, every wrestler who was in the LWL with him is invited to the wedding dance -- even Starkiller.

Blake Morgan of Mississippi

MC: "Heart Throb" C.B. Skunkcologne (AOL) 2,896-1,691-20, $4,159,500
C.B. began his career in January of 2010, in the Classic Wrestling League of the Gold Federation, and ended it in the American Outlaw League of the Bronze Federation. He idolized WWE Hall of Famer "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. His biggest accomplishment was winning the Pennsylvania tournament at the 2015 State Wrestling championships!



World Champion

EDGE: Masked Warrior 16 (NFL)
Rich Reilly of New Jersey; 501; $300,000 + 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 50 free matches

A press conference at IWA Headquarters begins with an announcement of the new IWA World Champion. Masked Warrior 16 walks out in a suit with his trademark lucha libre mask, which resembles the Ultimate Warrior's symbol.

"First things first." He pulls off his mask to reveal himself as LWL superstar Big Rye. He places the IWA World Championship belt over his massive shoulder. "Finally, this belt is where it belongs... with me! It may have taken a little trickery, but I did what I needed to do. You see, my LWL contract WAS exclusive, but things are changing: my partners and I in Strictly Business aren't just running the LWL anymore; the entire IWA will now begin to feel our influence. Come to the LWL and get in on the ground floor, while you still can."

Rye walks away from the podium and over to some wrestlers gathered in the front row of the audience. He shakes hands with fellow Strictly Business members Konik, Francois le'Chevalier, and Roderick Hughes as they all leave together.

U.S. Champion

EDGE: Galen Jackson (AEL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; 501; $60,000 + a plaque or 25 free matches; edged EDGE: Lame Brain (NFL)

King of the Ring

LPPF: Black Thunder Tom Flash (EEL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 499; a plaque or 25 free matches; 274 KotR total; edged VIRUS/KDSN: Olympic Hero Bruce Jenner (CSL), DoW: Mister Chad Champion (IGL; lesser overall total); hold positions were 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13, 15; battle royal hold positions were 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

EDGE: Primetime (AEL)
Rich Reilly of New Jersey; 501; edged EDGE: Larry the Diamond (LOL)

Asiatic Champion

CWA: Koko B. Ware (NDL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501

Hardcore Champion

BLOOD: Brutal Barry Stryker (PKL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont; manager retained title; 500; edged VIRUS: "Perfect" Julias Benedict (GRL)

Metropolitan Champion

EDGE: The Great David (IWL)
Andrew Konik of Michigan; manager retained title; 499


FEDERATION PLAY-OFFS -- $40,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

LPPF: Black Thunder Tom Flash (EEL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; retained title; manager held title 3 cycles in a row; 499

Steel Federation Champion

RA: King George (AWL)
George Erlewein, Jr. of Indiana; 499; edged LPPF/EMC/TSD: Silver Bullet (NBL)

Gold Federation Champion

CWA: Koko B. Ware (NDL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501

Diamond Federation Champion

EDGE: Masked Warrior 16 (NFL)
Rich Reilly of New Jersey; 501; edged IMT: Guardians of the Fazaxy (RCL), EDGE: Larry the Diamond (LOL)

Bronze Federation Champion

EDGE: Primetime (AEL)
Rich Reilly; 501

Jade Federation Champion

BLOOD: Brutal Barry Stryker (PKL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont; 500



National Champion

EDGE: Maximum Overjake (HSL)
Jake Duvall of North Carolina; manager retained title; 501; a plaque or 25 free matches; Pacific region; edged CWA: Kamlla "The Ugandan Giant" (NDL)

Atlantic Champion

CWA: Dirty Dutch Mantel (NDL)
Gerald Robinson of Tennessee; 501

Central Champion

EMC/LPPF: Manley Power (BRL)
Melvin "Mayhem" DeJesus of New York; 501

Dixie Champion

"The Main Event" Dillon Matthews (IWL)
Ryan Patrick of Michigan; 499

Eastern Champion

CWA: Masked Assassin #3 (NDL)
Gerald Robinson; 501

Mountain Champion

LPPF: Reginald Taylor (AAL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 501; edged EDGE: Jefferson Q (EHL), CWA: Moondog Spike (NDL)

Northern Champion

CWA: Joe Leduc (NDL)
Gerald Robinson; 501; edged EDGE: Jay Malcolm (AEL)

Prairie Champion

CWA: "Gorgeous" Gerald Robinson (NDL)
Gerald Robinson; 501

Southern Champion

CWA: Moondog Rex (NDL)
Gerald Robinson; 501

Western Champion

CWA: Moondog Cool Joe (NDL)
Gerald Robinson; 500



Ladies' World Champion

EDGE: Maggie "White Collar" McLeod (FFL)
Jake Duvall of North Carolina; 501; $40,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches

Ladies' U.S. Champion

VIRUS/KDSN: Sexy Mother Kris Jenner (LLL)
Matt Yunick of New York; 499; $20,000

Queen of the Ring

LPPF: Xtreme Xplosion Amy Christine Dumas (LLL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio; 267 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

Junie B. Jones
edged Pinkalicious

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Jenny Hot Yoga & Allison Tumbler (FFL)
Jake Duvall

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

IMT: Numbers Station & Dyatlov Pass (MDL)
Anthony Fazio from Parts Unknown

World Six-woman Champions

EDGE: Amelia Bedelia, Pinkalicious, Junie B. Jones (FFL)
Jonathan Akers of Texas; 521

U.S. Six-woman Champions

IMT: Shield Maidens of Rivendell, Gondor, Rohan (MDL)
Anthony Fazio



World Tag-team Champions

IMT: King Arthur & IMT/ARMY: Remorse (KHL)
Anthony Fazio from Parts Unknown & Jeff Chambers of Iowa; Fazio retained titles; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

VIRUS: Cholera & Scrub-A-Dub-Dub (NAL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan

Top Contenders

3. EDGE/JERKSS: Numbers One & Three (BRL)

4. IMT/ARMY: Human Bedpan & The Illustrious Fifteenth Hold (PRL)

5. IMT: Stringer Bell & Bodie Broadus (CZL)
last of the teams with 516

6. EDGE: Justin West & Enforcer Shane Douglas (LOL)

7. EDGE: Sull Train & Parrot Guzman (NBL)
LPPF/BURN: Brotherhood Reveler & Cultist (NSL)

9. VIRUS: Ponderosa & Sweden House (TDL)

10. IMT/ARMY: Venatores & Dimachaerus (AWL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

MWC: "The Stunning One" Steven M. Shotliff & "Sexy" Lenny Nightmare (KHL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota; 516; $20,000; edged IMT: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy & Sureshot, Hitman, Mafioso, Truth (CZL), IMT/ARMY: Fazzy Buehler's Day Off & Weekend at Fazzy's 2 (PRL)



World Six-man Champions

EDGE: Fries Supreme Spiderman, Hard Taco Diego, Soft Taco Pablo (KHL)
Sully "The Sledgehammer" Sullivan of Canada; manager held titles 5 cycles in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

EDGE: Progressive Springfieldian Kearney S., Work Beatle John Lenin, Richard Karl Marx (NDL)
Jake Duvall of North Carolina; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row

IMT/ARMY: Forklover, Whale Tail, IMT: One Nation Under Faz (MML)
Jeff Chambers of Iowa, Jerry Anderson of Michigan, Anthony Fazio from Parts Unknown; Fazio held titles 3 cycles in a row

Top Contenders

4. EDGE: Droids 0A, Y2, Y3 (WEL)
last of the teams with 521

5. EDGE: Lil' Sputnik, Yung Starbuck, Blaac Hole (NBL)
IMT: Genoese, Neapolitan, Monteriggioni Mercenaries (IIL)
IMT/ARMY: Ned Low, Jack Rackham, Captain Flint (AWL)

8. VIRUS: Obama, Obama's Mama, Ebola (TDL)

9. VIRUS: Johnny Slaughter, "Lord Humongous" Axel Blade, "The Horror" Nick Nitemare (GRL)

10. IMT: Trump for America, Safe Space Invader, Make the IWA Great Again (KKL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

IMT: King Without a Tiara, IMT/ARMY: Chuck Norris, Sharn Gro'Muzgob (MML)
Anthony Fazio, Jerry Anderson, Jeff Chambers; Fazio held titles 3 cycles in a row; share of $20,000

BLOOD: Powerhouse Pete, Bonecrusher Bobby, Brutal Barry Stryker (PKL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont; 521; edged nWo: Razor Ramon, Big Daddy Cool, Power House (BBL), EDGE: Droids 007, 008, 009 (AAL)



1. NWL (1,230 matches) 453.726

2. BRL (905 matches) 492.208
won the two matches for $1 cycle for having the highest average strategy total (counting only active wrestlers)

3. LWL (811 matches) 491.808

4. IWL (627 matches) 491.569

5. DXL (575 matches) 489.545
UWL (575 matches) 485.887

7. NBL (525 matches) 488.739

8. GRL (504 matches) 491.307

9. CWL (475 matches) 480.585

10. AWL (458 matches) 488.200


TOP 20 VICTORIES -- active wrestlers only

1. Arsenal (XWL) 13,389-1,718-482

2. APO: Gypsy Rose Lee (ECL) 11,517-2,714-778

3. Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (IGL) 9,741-326-75

4. VIRUS: Cpl. Punishment (LBL) 8,334-511-131

5. BLOOD: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (BRL) 7,850-705-178

6. LPPF: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (PKL) 7,811-671-192

7. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) 7,228-1,414-461

8. LPPF: Medieval Tymes (GRL) 6,384-812-147

9. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 5,833-921-269

10. VIRUS: Death Warrant (GWL) 5,741-463-102

11. SITH: Darth Carnage (NSL) 5,735-923-156

12. SITH: Darth Thanatos (NSL) 5,688-919-154

13. LPPF/TSD: The Survivor (ECL) 5,645-1,362-280

14. SITH: Darth Avatar (NSL) 5,634-881-166

15. SITH: Darth Ravage (NSL) 5,614-899-161

16. SITH: Darth Bedlam (NSL) 5,612-953-151

17. BLOOD: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) 5,353-568-188

18. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 5,242-2,092-458

19. "Mr. Everything" Kirk Lockran (AWL) 5,203-1,192-244

20. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 5,166-2,055-435



Iron Federation

Center Stage, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Heroes and Legends, Iron Man, Main Event, Quick Pin, Xtreme Poison

Steel Federation

American Wrestling, Classic Championship Wrestling, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King of Kings, Last Man Standing, Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legacy, New Blood, Old School, Vicious Valkyries

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Continental Wrestling, Global Wrestling, Independent Wrestling, Knight's Honor, Mexican Mayhem, Mystic Diva, National Wrestling, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death, Triple Threat

Diamond Federation

At Bat, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Lethal Brawling, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling

Bronze Federation

American Extreme, American Outlaw, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hardcore Superstars, Iron Glove, Strong Style Wrestling, Torture Chamber, Unknown Wrestler

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Combat Zone, Deluxe Wrestling, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Primal Rage, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Super Villain, Wrestlers Elite

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