Vol. 19, No. 4 -- March 2014
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Winning the prize this year was the Classic stable! They had the highest average when counting the top five strategy totals from each group that entered the contest. Each Classic member who took part in the rumble, listed below, received $100,000 in imaginary money!

  • John Davis of Tennessee
    ESL: "Texas Outlaw" Maury Funk
    PRL: Angus O'Grady, Brent Foxx, Brock the Pulverizer, Brodie McDonald, Dino Gatto, Dustin York, Eric Gravestone, Jacques Russo, Kaos Knight, Matt York, Morbius, Raymond Russo
    RCL: Big Tex Blackwell, Malibu Steve
  • Terrance Haggard of Illinois
    ESL: Christopher Brian, James Jeffrey, Jerry Funk, King Butcher, Mae Strong, Magnificent Moolah
    FSL: Cactus Jack Richter, "Killer" Kyle Richter, Lord Steven Richter
    PRL: Brian Centerscore, Chip, Dale, El Tiburon, King Butcher, Mighty Schmitty, "Resilient" Ryan Haggard, Rocky Li, "Straight Shot" Cory Gouliard, "Top Notch" T.J. Haggard
    WCL: Big Poppa, Johnny Acer, Mark Sanders, Shawn Douglas, Sunset Ryder
  • Lee Macko of Michigan
    WCL: "Ace Cowboy" Bob Norton
  • Glenn Mazura of Virginia
    ESL: "Arrogant" Aaron Emery, "Doctor of Wrestling" Dominic Pierce, Iron Mike Schultz, Mike Sargano, William Ramsey
  • Lawrence W. Thompson of Colorado
    ESL: "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartini
    WCL: Brad "The Hitman" Hart, George "The Beast" Steele, Scorpion, The Titan

The stables below are ranked by the average strategy total of the five best members in each:

498 Classic
494.8 independent wrestlers
494 DDI
493 DX
490.2 IWL
(MC brought up the rear.)


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

Geoff Silva of Massachusetts

EDGE: Vic Gruesome (AEL) 1,132-302-50, $4,867,200 *13
EDGE: Ozzy Gruesome (AEL) 1,452-271-59, $5,337,000 *12
EDGE: Jon Bon Gruesome (AEL) 1,040-320-39, $828,300 *12



World Champion

OMEGA: The Gravedigger (AEL)
Solomon Shaw of Maine; 501; $300,000 + 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 50 free matches

Jimbo Hoss: Ladies and gentlemen, the Straight Edge Savior's 24-year old protege has just conquered the world!

Donald Finkle: The winner of this bout and NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The Gravedigger!!! (The Gravedigger stands stoically in the ring as he raises the title in his right hand. Straight Edge Savior and the rest of the MIGHTY OMEGA applaud their first World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd chants, "This is awesome!")

Jerry Brawler: The Savior told me personally that the Mighty Omega would rise and conquer, and tonight they've done just that!

Jimbo Hoss: A very impressive showing, indeed. This group has shown what they are capable of, and the world needs to take notice. (Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction" kicks up over the P.A. system. Each member of OMEGA raises his fist defiantly into the air. The Gravedigger follows suit, raising his World Heavyweight Championship belt in the air. The crowd goes crazy.) I don't think this is the last time we'll see OMEGA monopolizing the championships; this Triple Crown is just the beginning, in my humble opinion.

U.S. Champion

EDGE: "Insane" Shane Hogg (DDL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; 499; $60,000 + a plaque or 25 free matches; edged BLOOD: "Big Dawg" Dominick Deca (NFL), OMEGA: Deadpool (AEL), Maddog Dick Jackson (BRL), BLOOD: "Brooklyn Bad Boy" Steve Rumble (XWL), VIRUS: California Destroyer (EAL)

King of the Ring

OMEGA: The Bourbon Legend (OSL)
Jonathan Akers of Texas; 500; a plaque or 25 free matches; 275 KotR total; edged Arsenal (DDL; lesser overall total); hold positions were 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14; battle royal hold positions were 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 15


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

The Ace of Spades (TCL)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501; edged BLOOD: Becker (AAL)

Asiatic Champion

BLOOD/BWE: Jack of All Trades Billy D. Frazier (NAL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio

Hardcore Champion

BLOOD: Mr. Controversy (GRL)
Keith A. Maple; 501

Metropolitan Champion

White Thunder (IWL)
Tim Logston of Ohio; 500


FEDERATION PLAY-OFFS -- $40,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

TSD/OMEGA: Myster Mil Masked Man #3 (MIL)
Michael Giuliano of Connecticut; 499; edged ROW: Special Agent Sniper (EAL)

Steel Federation Champion

Magnum D.J. (MRL)
Matt Riley of Massachusetts; 499; edged Classic: William Ramsey (ESL)

Gold Federation Champion

White Thunder (IWL)
Tim Logston of Ohio; 500; edged MWC: Chris Chaos (NWL)

Diamond Federation Champion

EDGE: Razor Rex Navarrete (FJL)
Garett Guzman of Nevada; 501

Bronze Federation Champion

OMEGA: The Gravedigger (AEL)
Solomon Shaw of Maine; 501; edged The Ace of Spades (TCL), BLOOD: Mr. Controversy (GRL)

Jade Federation Champion

BLOOD: Becker (AAL)
BLOOD: Rick Diamond (SHL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 501; manager's 56th career Federation title



National Champion

BLOOD: Arson (GRL)
"Dr. Pain" Mark Duchaine of Vermont; 501; a plaque or 25 free matches; Central region; edged BLOOD: Lester (SHL)

Atlantic Champion

OMEGA: The Bourbon Legend (OSL)
Jonathan Akers of Texas; 500

Dixie Champion

Jason Voorhees (NFL)
"The Game" from Parts Unknown; 501

Eastern Champion

TSD/OMEGA: Mystery Masked Destiny #7 (ECL)
Michael Giuliano of Connecticut; 500

Mountain Champion

ROW: The Eliminator (EAL)
Joseph Ginex of Connecticut; 500

Northern Champion

BLOOD: Masked Maniac #1 (SHL)
Michael Eaves of Mississippi; 501

Pacific Champion

Leatherface (NFL)
"The Game"; 500; edged PHOENIX: Beale Street Brawler (OSL)

Prairie Champion

FOE: Barry Brutal (XPL)
"Everybody's Idol" Chris Miler of Michigan; 501

Southern Champion

EDGE: Rob Slayer (DDL)
Jeff Annable of Canada; 500

Western Champion

TSD/OMEGA: Mysterio Masked Destiny #3 (ECL)
Michael Giuliano; 500



Ladies' World Champion

BLOOD: "Ruthless" Rachel Rage (LLL)
Anthony Dudick of New York; $40,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches; edged MWC: Woman of the Knight #1 (FFL)

Ladies' U.S. Champion

MWC: "Ego Maniac" Michelle Sleaves (FFL)
Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota; 500; $20,000

Queen of the Ring

Sensational Beverly Blevins (VVL)
Ryan Oskar of Ohio; 270 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

EDGE: Miss Lee (LLL)
Rich Schwartzenburg of Canada; edged Miss Mayhem, MWC: Woman of the Knight #2, Miss Kitty

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Miss Kitty & Miss Mayhem
Rich Schwartzenburg; edged Women of the Knight #1 & #2

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

BLOOD: "Sick Girl" Isabelle Shea & "Hard Candy" Hayley Stark (LLL)
Anthony Dudick; manager retained titles; edged Big Boss Woman & Pop Girl

World Six-woman Champions

BLOOD: Rachel Rage, "Heartless" Heather Havoc, "Merciless" Mandy Mayhem
Anthony Dudick

U.S. Six-woman Champions

Miss Kitty, Miss Mayhem, Miss Lee
edged EDGE: Big Boss Woman, EDGE/JERKSS: Pop Girl, Girl (FFL)



World Tag-team Champions

BLOOD/VIRUS: Osama & Obama (FSL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; moved up from U.S. titles; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

BLOOD: Creatures of Habit #1 & #2 (LOL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio

OMEGA: "Mr. Controversy" Jeremy Nace & "Purley Sexy" Jeremy W. Nace (QPL)
Jeremy Nace of Oregon

Top Contenders

4. OMEGA: "Mexican Wine" Julio Sangria & Rand al'Thor (SHL)

5. EDGE: Pain & The Terminator (CWL)

6. BLOOD/VIRUS: Anna Banana & Arianna Swawberry (EPL)
ranked #3 last time

7. The Rogue & Jack Baldwin (PRL)

8. EDGE: Protovangelian & Beautiful Benny Steel (NDL)
last of the teams with 516

9. Classic: Big Tex Blackwell & Malibu Steve (RCL)

10. OMEGA: Vlad the Impaler & The Basket Case Sid Skyscraper (CLL)
EDGE: Strange Apparition & Soul Suckin' Jerk (BTL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Surly & Squirrelly Hurley (CWL)
Garett Guzman of Nevada; 516; $20,000



World Six-man Champions

BLOOD/VIRUS: The Incredible Mr. Wink E., Tribal Warriors "Squatting Bull," "Head Hunter" (FSL)
Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; retained titles; manager held titles 6 cycles in a row; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

OMEGA: Double Oliver, Steam Buscemi, Face of Bear (NAL)
Ben West of Georgia; manager held titles 3 cycles in a row

EDGE: Death Dealer, The Shadow of Death, Death Incarnate (WSL)
Mike Dorsett of New York; manager retained titles

OMEGA: Odyssey Oz Baker, Superhuman Nick Strong, Godlike Johnny Phoenix (RCL)
OMEGA: Supernatural Jason McDaniel, The Amazing Human Highlight Reel, TH1RTE3N (CLL)
Solomon Shaw of Maine

OMEGA: Roger KIA McClennan, Lord Eddard Stark, Wolfhunter (TDL)
Kevin Lin of New York, John Durrani of Connecticut, Jonathan Akers of Texas

BLOOD: "Caged Xplosions" Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture (NDL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio

Top Contenders

8. OMEGA: Pride, Greed, Envy (NSL)

9. EDGE/BBQ: Oklahoma Joe, Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant (NGL)

10. CTI: Superquake, Mr. Bronze, The Silent Assassin (IGL)
last of the teams with 521

U.S. Six-man Champions

BLOOD/VIRUS: Rockin' Smudly, Smud "The Great One" Rock, That's "Mr. Smud Rock" 2 U! (WSL)
Frank Jay Belcher III; share of $20,000

BLOOD/NYB: "War Machine" William Threat, Push Comes To Shove, Mack Demon (TDL)
Anthony Dudick of New York; 521


TOP 10 LEAGUES -- veteran leagues only

1. UWL (1,048 matches) 490.733

2. AWL (850 matches) 487.958

3. LWL (739 matches) 488.833

4. IWL (668 matches) 488.688

5. BRL (513 matches) 491.327

6. WCL (474 matches) 492.149

7. NAL (432 matches) 492.143

8. NBL (421 matches) 486.735

9. MML (396 matches) 489.605

10. NSL (372 matches) 492.321
won the two matches for $1 cycle for having the highest average strategy total (counting only active wrestlers)


TOP 20 MONEY HOLDERS -- active wrestlers only

1. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) $28,896,700

2. BLOOD: Medieval Tymes (NAL) $20,899,400

3. BLOOD/RUNXT: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (XPL) $20,613,200

4. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) $20,343,700

5. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) $18,373,500

6. EDGE/DT: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) $15,928,100

7. APO: Gypsy Rose Lee (ECL) $15,850,179

8. BLOOD: Mike Drake (HWL) $15,623,300

9. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $14,354,338

10. BLOOD: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (BRL) $13,767,000

11. BLOOD: Bloody Assault Jessica Lee Richards (LLL) $13,674,000

12. TSD/OMEGA: The Survivor (ECL) $12,981,800

13. BLOOD: King Krusher (LSL) $12,779,700

14. Easy E. Joe Cool (TDL) $12,470,200

15. Arsenal (DDL) $12,329,200

16. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (EAL) $12,208,400

17. VIRUS: High Stakes Chris Edwards (IGL) $12,027,700

18. Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (IGL) $11,502,200

19. EDGE: Motorheadbanger Annihilator (PAL) $10,454,000

20. BLOOD: The Wyld Stooge (PKL) $10,248,900



Iron Federation

Center Stage, Elite Action, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Iron Man, Murder Incorporated, Next Generation, Quantum Pro, Wrestling Superstars, Xtreme Poison

Steel Federation

Absolute Pain, American Wrestling, Eastern States Wrestling, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King of Kings, Last Man Standing, Mid-Atlantic Region, New Blood, Old School, Unknown Wrestler, Vicious Valkyries

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Caliente Lucha, Canadian Wrestling, Extraordinary Power, Fighting Superstars, Independent Wrestling, Mat Mayhem, Mystic Diva, National Wrestling, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death

Diamond Federation

American Bodyslam, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Lethal Brawling, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling, Young Guns

Bronze Federation

American Empire, American Outlaw, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hot Streak, Iron Glove, Men of Steel, Raging Bull, Soul Asylum, Torture Chamber, World Championship

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Bloody Terror, Jade Dragon, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Primal Rage, Psychotic Killer, Pure Adrenaline, Smoking Gun, Super Hero, World Wrestling, Wrestlers Elite

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