Vol. 16, No. 9 -- Summer 2011
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"The Mastermind" Benjamin Iannarelli, who most recently played under the alias Jason Janicky, died in a car crash on May 2nd.

Ben made lots of friends during his many years in the game, and provided entertainment for everyone fortunate enough to share a league with him. He will be missed.

Please keep his family in your thoughts during this difficult time.


HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES -- engraved plaque

Eric Lindsay of Pennsylvania

LOD: The Black Panther (ASL) 1,002-359-84, $2,994,200 *38

LOD: Hardcore Spontaneeus Xtasty (SHL) 1,001-358-88, $3,064,200 *36
female wrestler who competed in LLL, ASL, SHL; former Ladies' World Tag-team champ, 2-time Ladies' U.S. champ, among other titles; spent time in groups like NVUS, LOD, LPPF, IE, and all-female crew called The Ebony XXX-Press; retiring under Legion Of Domination banner



World Heavyweight Champion

7-S: Ares (IGL)
~TZ~ of Virginia; manager retained title; 501; $300,000 + 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt & 50 free matches

Following Ares' World Title victory, he is joined by his ringside manager, ~TZ~, who enters the ring with microphone in hand. Longtime IWA personality Buzz Brewster asks TZ about winning back-to-back World Titles, to which the Mad Dog responds: "Ya know, this is certainly a historic accomplishment. Back-to-back World Titles... my third this year... and my fourth in the last 13 months. I'd call this one a home run, no doubt about it. But I cannot accept this without first thanking the man out there who kept the rankings system a secret all year long. I mean, if not for that alone, there's no telling who else out there may have been targeting this belt these last few months..." (TZ can no longer keep a straight face, as he and Ares both burst into laughter.) "Seriously, though -- and this goes for everybody watching from the locker room -- you want it, then quit crying about it, shut up, and come get it!" (TZ drops the mic as "Come With Me" blares over the PA system and the two men leave to a mixed reaction from the fans.)

U.S. Champion

EMPIRE: Rich Von Bruiser (UEL)
Matt Fugate of Ohio; 500; $60,000 + a plaque or 25 free matches

King of the Ring

EDGE: "Precious" Sol Hellering (CWL)
Steven J. Deane of Nebraska; 501; a plaque or 25 free matches; 273 KotR total; edged EDGE: Serpentor (MWL; lesser overall total); hold positions were 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15; battle royal hold positions were 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14


SPECIALTY TITLES -- $25,000 + 10 free matches

American Champion

LPPF: Assassin Beast Spikezilla (ASL)
Maurice Plante of Canada; 500

Asiatic Champion

EDGE: Cuthrak Rage (JDL)
Mike Dorsett of New York; 501

Hardcore Champion

"The Ruthless One" Richard Lee Snow (BOL)
Richard Wilson of Virginia; 500

Metropolitan Champion

EDGE: Jack "The Python" Rogers (MRL)
Steven J. Deane of Nebraska; 500; 20 free matches

Cruiserweight Champion

EDGE/EW: Kevin F'n Dennis (PAL)
Kevin Dennis of West Virginia; 500


FEDERATION PLAY-OFFS -- $40,000 + 25 free matches

Iron Federation Champion

EDGE/WCGP: Axx "Overdose" Overdrive (RSL)
"The Shot Caller" Tony Zamora of California; 500; edged EDGE: Johnny-23 (CSL)

Steel Federation Champion

EDGE: Jack "The Python" Rogers (MRL)
Steven J. Deane of Nebraska; 500

Gold Federation Champion

EDGE: "Precious" Sol Hellering (CWL)
Steven J. Deane; 501

Diamond Federation Champion

7-S: Hardcore Johnny Awesome (ECL)
John Gabriel of Pennsylvania; 499; edged Æ: The Risktaker (LOL)

Bronze Federation Champion

7-S: Ares (IGL)
~TZ~ of Virginia; 501

Jade Federation Champion

EDGE: Cuthrak Rage (JDL)
Mike Dorsett of New York; 501



National Champion

7-S: Max Moves (WSL)
~TZ~ of Virginia; 501; a plaque or 25 free matches; Eastern region

Atlantic Champion

Æ/DSM4: "The Disturbed Mind" Mr. Schizophrenia (NGL)
Michael Giuliano of Connecticut; 499; edged Æ/FC: Nate Hatred (QPL)

Central Champion

7-S: Badd Co. Rick Hamilton (MBL)
~TZ~; 500; edged LPPF/SW: "The Satanic Doctor" Orobas Adams (HWL)

Dixie Champion

7-S: "Ferocious" Mike Moses (NGL)
Chad LaBombard of Michigan; 500; edged BURN: Alyssa (PRL)

Mountain Champion

Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan; 500; edged BURN: Elisa Marino (PRL)

Northern Champion

7-S: Jerry "The King" Lawler (WWL)
Mike Carver of Pennsylvania; 499; edged Æ/FC: Sick Nick Mondo (QPL), the Winner (MML)

Pacific Champion

Æ: Cecil Lee (NGL)
Sly Smith of West Virginia; 501

Prairie Champion

7-S: The Pop Icon Mike Carver (CLL)
Mike Carver; 500; edged UKA: The Big Bad Wolf Buck Slaughter (QPL)

Southern Champion

7-S: Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (MBL)
Kevin Lin of New York; 500

Western Champion

EDGE: Squirrely Hurley (MBL)
Steven J. Deane of Nebraska; 500



Ladies' World Champion

OSA/FUTURE: Godzooky (MDL)
Jason Battaglia of New York; 500; $40,000 + a plaque or 15 free matches

Ladies' U.S. Champion

EDGE: Ice Queen Tonya Harding (LLL)
Steven J. Deane of Nebraska; 499; $20,000

Queen of the Ring

Tonya Harding
268 QotR total

Ladies' National Champion

EDGE: Vicious Lorena Bobbitt (LLL)
Steven J. Deane; 500

Ladies' Tag-team Champions

LPPF: Knockout Specialist Rebecca Streets & Bloody Assault Jessica Lee Richards (FFL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio

Ladies' U.S. Tag-team Champions

EDGE: Princesses Alpha & Omega (FFL)
Michael Latsko of Ohio; manager retained titles; edged Andrea the Giant & Jane the Snake Roberts

World Six-woman Champions

7-S: Baby Ash, Baby Maya, Star Laur (VVL)
Mike Carver of Pennsylvania; Babies retained titles

U.S. Six-woman Champions

EDGE: Andrea the Giant, Jane the Snake Roberts, Rowdy Rebecca Piper (MDL)
Shareef Johnson of New Jersey; manager retained titles; edged 7-S: "Mad Love" Melissa Warner, the Psychic Gia Rose, Vindicator Iman Splendid (FFL)



World Tag-team Champions

LPPF/CTI: Kerry & Kevin Von Damme (MRL)
Keith A. Maple of Ohio; $50,000 + 15 free matches

In their first cycle competing, MRL tag-team champions Kerry and Kevin Von Damme took their talent to the next level as they captured the IWA World Tag-team titles! While they were celebrating their victory in the ring with their family, the man known as "TeArS" made his way to the ramp way and applauded the win. As the new champs looked up at him, he made a throat slashing gesture. The Von Dammes climbed onto opposite turnbuckles and made the same gesture. The crowd erupted at this, as "TeArS" turned away and walked out...

Top Contenders

2. Æ: Tom Tom & Dan (MWL)

3. 7-S: Fed-Ex Chris & Sgt. Warner (NAL)
7-S: Claude Leroux & Hardcore Johnny Awesome (ECL)

5. Æ: Prodigy Mike D. & Æ/FC: Fedor (HWL)

6. Æ: Masked MCA & Eddie Kingston (QPL)

7. 7-S: Vampiro & the Undertaker (WWL)
last of the teams with 516

8. 7-S: Mike White Lightning Moore & Deathblow (GRL)

9. 7-S: Mike White Lightning Moore & Hardcore Heathen (JIL)

10. EDGE/WCGP: "Gangsterous" Escobar Street & "The Ballaholic" Dre Boogie (RSL)

U.S. Tag-team Champions

Æ: Twisted Metal & SkullCrusher #1 (HWL)
Michael Drake of New York & Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama; Drake retained titles; 516; $20,000



World Six-man Champions

EDGE: Lolo, El Cunado, Twinkacetti (SCL)
ranked #10 last time
EDGE: Visayan, Tagalog, Ilocano (AFL)
Garett Guzman of Nevada; share of $50,000 + 15 free matches

Æ/DSM4: "The Disturbed Mind" Mr. Schizophrenia, "Bi Polar" Depression, Æ: Cecil Lee (NGL)
Michael Giuliano of Connecticut & Sly Smith of West Virginia (Lee); Giuliano retained titles, Smith held titles 5 cycles in a row

Top Contenders

4. VNV: Neal "The Jazz Man" Sax, Captain Blue, "Darling" Dean Willis (HSL)

5. BURN: Massacre, Sabotage, Holocaust (ZHL)

6. 7-S: Mad Fist Michael, Crimson Knight Karl Chambers, Fed-Ex Bobby Brutal (ZPL)
7-S: Mike White Lightning Moore, Deathblow, Simply Sexy Sammy (GRL)
last of the teams with 521

8. Arsenal, Æ: Rage, Doom (DAL)

9. LPPF: The Entrepreneur Benjamin C. Washington, Money Hungry Bandit James A. Brisco, Jack of All Trades Billy D. Frazier (RYL)

10. Æ/FC: Nick Gage, Æ: Masked President Obama, B-Boy (QPL)
EDGE: Edge, Hurl, Robby Vegas (OTL)
EDGE: Hereford House, Vietnam Cafe, Westport Flea Market (FJL)

U.S. Six-man Champions

Æ/FC: Fedor, Æ: Johnny Moxley, Masked Doughboy (QPL)
George Zimilinghaus, Michael Drake, both of New York, Sly Smith; managers retained titles; 521; $20,000; edged VNV: Monto Fortega, Cxielarko, La Kobro (HSL)



1. NBL (1,839 matches) 476.817

2. MRL (940 matches) 491.160

3. GRL (795 matches) 491.904

4. HWL (761 matches) 492.693

5. NSL (562 matches) 488.381

6. XPL (557 matches) 493.508
won the two matches for $1 cycle for having the highest average strategy total (counting only active wrestlers)

7. PKL (501 matches) 493.233

8. ECL (471 matches) 489.517

9. AWL (457 matches) 413.593

10. ASL (452 matches) 493.143


TOP 20 STARS -- active wrestlers only

1. 7-S: Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL) 83

2. 7-S: Sinister Steve Stryker (CSL) 75

3. UKA: Medieval Tymes (GRL) 71

4. 7-S: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (NAL) 70

5. LPPF: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (XPL)
7-S/DT: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 69

7. LPPF: Diesel Duddick (GRL)
7-S: Nightmare Sam Hell (NDL) 68

9. CORE: Johnny Cage (JIL) 65

10. CORE: Chris Coldstone (JIL) 63

11. Æ: Danny S. Spivey (FSL) 62

12. LPPF: Bloody Assault Jessica Lee Richards (FFL)
7-S: Lord of Illusions (JIL)
Steve "The Sandman" Sands (KKL) 61

15. LPPF: "The Big Mofo" Anthony Dudick (KKL) 60

16. Executioner (LBL)
7-S: Mike White Lightning Moore (BRL)
OSA/FUTURE: Outlaw Tony Taylor (KKL)
EDGE: Warchild (HSL) 59

20. X-RAIDED: New Breed Terminator (ASL)
EDGE: Ollis Rage (JDL)
APO: Sammy Solar (OSL) 58



Iron Federation

Center Stage, Extreme Action, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Iron Man, Jersey City Wrestling, Manager Based, Murder Incorporated, Next Generation, Quick Pin, Rising Stars, Wrestling Superstars, Xtreme Poison, Young Lions

Steel Federation

Absolute Pain, American Wrestling, Burial Grounds, Casting Couch, East Side Wrestling, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King Kong, Louisiana Swamp, Mid-Atlantic Region, New Blood, Old School, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, Vicious Valkyries, Zeus Power

Gold Federation

All Star, Battle Royal, Black Ops, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Dark Angel, Extraordinary Power, Federated Suns, Masked Wrestling, Mat Mayhem, Mystic Diva, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death, Union Express

Diamond Federation

American Bodyslam, American Legion, Armed Forces, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling, Young Guns

Bronze Federation

Assassin's Order, Coffin Filler, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hot Streak, Iron Glove, Main Event, Men of Steel, Old Timer's, Raging Bull, Soul Asylum, Torture Chamber, Zombie Hunter

Jade Federation

Atomic Age, Blood Torn, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Lovely Ladies, Primal Rage, Psychotic Killer, Pure Adrenaline, Smoking Gun, South Central Wrestling, Super Hero, Wild Wrestlin' Xtreme, Wrestlers Elite

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