Vol. 15, No. 15 -- November 2010
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In issue #13 (published during the Fall cycle), an incorrectly-entered hold cost CAST: "The Big Mofo" Anthony Dudick and "Mr. Controversy" Keith A. Maple (CCL) their rightful place as the seventh tag-team in the standings. This means that teams #7 through #9 should have been moved down a spot, pushing the BOL team off the list. We apologize to both managers.



Just as Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers did a few months back, CAST/WCGP: Diego "Because I Can" Duran (BOL) followed up in typical West Coast fashion and brought yet another World Championship back, back to Cali, Cali! A member of the infamous West Coast Gangsta Party, Duran defeated all other federation champions with his 501-point strategy and captured the IWA World Heavyweight Championship. His manager, "The Shot Caller" Tony Zamora of California, wins 100 free matches for his superior managerial skills and for leading Diego to the World title. Tony wasn't available for comment, but released this statement: "I was told not to go to war unless I got my money right... I got my money right and now I want war!!!"



Michael Drake of New York earned the choice between an engraved plaque and 25 free matches by coaching Æ: "Prodigy" Mike D. (WEL) to point flow victory over stablemate Donnie Brasco (CLL) and nWo: The Undertaker (JDL)! Each of these TV champions had 500 points.



We found the total of the values of the holds at positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, and 15 in the strategy of every league battle royal winner, and CTI: Mean Mike Eaves (ZPL) of Mississippi emerged victorious with 275 points! He gets his choice of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches. The regular battle royals used hold positions 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, and 14.



These 10 free matches went to Mike Dorsett of New York, who equipped EDGE: The Dark Knight (ABL) with a perfect 501-point strategy!



ZOMBI: Ice Man (CFL) picked up a cool $25,000 in imaginary earnings after besting our other Asiatic league champions. His manager, ~TZ~ of Virginia, will receive 10 free matches for providing the winning 501-pointer!



Adding another $25,000 to his winnings last cycle was CAST/WCGP: Diego "Because I Can" Duran (BOL), who had to edge out Æ: Da Renegade (TDL) to gain the Hardcore Championship. "The Shot Caller" Tony Zamora of California will pocket an additional 10 free matches, since he devised his grappler's 501-point strategy!



Armed with a 500-pointer by Scott Lowe of Salem, Missouri, Æ/nWo: "The Monster" Abyss was able to bring this title to the WWL for the first time this year! Scott wins 10 free matches for his involvement.



David Bressler of Illinois won 10 free matches by guiding his athlete, SJ: The Big Chief (PAL), to this $25,000 title! Oddly enough, the lone wrestler standing in his way was REG: The Gunslinger (ESL), who lost by point flow.



EDGE: Galan Dracos (IML) took home the Iron Federation prize with his 499-pointer, and EDGE: The Dark Knight (ABL) captured the Diamond Federation title with a 501. Both wrestlers belong to Mike Dorsett of New York! The $40,000 Steel Federation purse was awarded to LNR: Justin Cross (FLL). Jeff Judd of Pennsylvania earned 25 free matches by leading him to point flow victory over EDGE: Master Mang (LSL), Æ: Chris Hero (RYL), CAST: "The Big Mofo" Anthony Dudick (CCL), UL: Sammy Solar (OSL), PAIN: Marty the Butcher (DIL), CTI: Bounty Hunter Grit Fargo (APL), Æ: Jailbird Smith (ZPL), REG: The Gunslinger (ESL), and CAST: Jimmy "The Body" Janos (MRL). Nice going, Jeff! The Gold Federation proved to be merely a stepping stone for eventual World Heavyweight Champion Diego Duran, who edged Æ: Da Renegade (TDL). Both had a 501 total, as did Bronze Federation winner ZOMBI: Ice Man (CFL), who is managed by ~TZ~ of Virginia! The Jade Federation's prize money had to be split evenly between Æ/nWo: "The Monster" Abyss (WWL), who belongs to Scott Lowe of Salem, Missouri, and Æ: The Messiah (SGL), who is managed by Michael Drake of New York, since they ended in an unbreakable tie. Also with 500 points but losing by point flow were EDGE: Xian Bloodbane (PRL), Wing Chung Master IP Man (BTL), nWo: "Big Daddy" Chris Speilman (JDL), and CAST: The Executioner (PKL).



Nicholas Hill of Georgia won his choice of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches when his wrestler, CTI/NAA: Matt Pittman (GRL), edged out CTI: Ultimate Combatant (MEL) for the Northern regional title, then used his perfect 501-pointer to claim the National honors! Conquering the other regions were...

Atlantic: nWo: "The Big Red Machine" Kane (JDL)
coached to 500 points by Bradley E. Starmer of Ohio
Central: CTI: Jerry the Butler (ASL)
owned by John Gabriel of Pennsylvania; had to edge both EW: Douglas Steele (PAL) and AOP: Jenny Lane (JDL), all with 500
Dixie: Nexus: Justin Gabriel (WEL)
managed by Darrell Johnson of Vermont; had a 499
Eastern: 5150: "Ding Dong Ditch" Shane Simms (BTL)
took the title for David Silliman of California with a 500 total
Mountain: Alyssa (PRL)
under contract to Glenn Mazura of Virginia; had 499 points
Pacific: CAST: "Caged Xplosion" Andrei Arlovski (JDL)
managed to a 500-pointer by Keith A. Maple of Ohio
Prairie: NEXUS: David Otunga (CWL)
won another one for Darrell Johnson; edged out Æ: Heather Thomas (BRL), MEM: Samoa Joe (WEL), and wWw: Masked Stormtrooper Thunder (BBL), all with 499
Southern: CTI: Black Thunder Tom Flash (ASL)
owned by Michael Eaves of Mississippi; scored a 500
Western: CTI/TSD/ST: "Mr. Freeze" Jeffrey Dahmer (ASL)
Michael Giuliano of Connecticut armed him with a 500-pointer



Going home with both the $40,000 Ladies' World Championship and the Queen of the Ring crown was "Cowgirl" Mary Hall (LLL)! Ray Smith of Pennsylvania formulated her impressive 500-point strategy, so he wins the choice between an engraved plaque and 15 free matches. Great job! EDGE: Nikki Blair (LLL) defeated CAST: Brandy Dirt (FFL) by point flow and won the $20,000 Ladies' U.S. prize. Rob Bream of Pennsylvania was responsible for her 499 total, which was the same score that new Ladies' National Champion Æ: Junky Jaala (MDL) had! She edged out Dirty Danni, who quickly made other plans. Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama also picked up the Ladies' Tag-team straps! His duo of Æ: Crazy Caylee and Terrible Tangela (MDL) edged wWw: Jamaican Princess and Rasta Queen (LLL), plus CAST: Brandy Dirt and "Sweet-As-Sugar" Stephanie Diamond. Then Dirty Danni joined them and they scored a perfect 521 total, which allowed them to grab World Six-woman gold! Gaining the Ladies' U.S. tag belts were COVEN: Curvaceous Carrie Westcott and Dynamic Dian Parkenson (LLL). Michael D. Pepple of Massachusetts owns their contracts. S. Daniel Stunes of Arkansas decided to have NGAA: Rydia Stormer and Mara O'Connor work with ZOMBI: Dominant Factor Lust (MDL), who is managed by ~TZ~ of Virginia, and the trio walked away with the U.S. Six-woman titles!



EDGE: Mr. Perfect Marcus Steel and the Shogun Yoshi Toronaga (DDL) demonstrated the best teamwork out of all our league tag-team champions last cycle, and their reward was an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for their manager, Mike Dorsett of New York! The top five pairs listed had 516 points.



1. EDGE: Mr. Perfect Marcus Steel & the Shogun Yoshi Toronaga (DDL)
2. Æ: Eric E. & Travis T. Spivey (FSL)
3. CAST/WCGP: "The Sureno" Orlando Killings & Indikka "G-13" Sattiva (AFL)
4. CTI/PAIN: Slayer in Chains & SACRAMENT (ECL)
5. CAST: "NY's Hardest" Eric Dudick & Diesel Duddick (NSL)
6. CAST: "Dirty Jer-Z's" Ant$ Deluxe & Danny Diablo A.K.A. Lord Ezec (SCL)
7. ZOMBI: "Mean" Mike Zenith & Shayne "the Train" Gloom (MRL)
8. Æ/FORTUNE: Alex Shelly & Chris Saben (WWL)
Æ: The Disciple & Mr. Perfection (SGL)
FC: "The Franchise" Shane Douglas & Æ: Cary Silkin (JDL)



These $20,000 belts ended up around the waists of AXIS: Erik Sabotnik and Samsun Fujiwara (AFL)! Their manager, Edward Francis of Pennsylvania, guided them to victory over all our other TV tag-team champions last cycle.



Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama wasn't content having just one team take these titles, so he had his teams from both the TDL and FSL share them! Now he can choose if he wants to receive an engraved plaque or 15 free matches as his prize. The top six teams in the standings had 521 points.



1. Æ: Anthony S., Billy B., Steve A. Spivey (TDL)
Æ: Travis T. Spivey, Southern Slugga, the Dark Lord (FSL)
3. EDGE: Bullet Tooth Tony, Linjamaniac #1, Thin Blue Line (ALL)
4. KRUPT: Toxic, Insane, Atomic Warriors (FJL)
5. CAST: Golden Boy Teddy Angel, Lumberjack Paul D. Boot, Nature Boy Tommy Landell (BRL)
6. EDGE: Child Please, "100% Texan" Jason Ford, Colonel John J. Blade (SAL)
7. CAST: Jake "The Milkman" Milliman, HIGHER FLYERS: "Jumpin" Jim Brazil, Graig Gagne (MRL)
8. EDGE: "Detroit's Finest" $lick Rick, Abomination of Desolation, the Punisher J.D. Storm (RCL)
SW: Col. Camio, Gen. Zepar, Sgt. Sallos (RBL)
ZOMBI: Dominant Factors Nemesis, Fury, War (CFL)



EDGE members the Lunatic Lucca Brazzi (owned by John Durrani of Connecticut), Linja (managed by Kevin Lin of New York), and Johnny Law (whose contract belongs to Jonathan Akers of Texas) teamed up to secure these titles for the American Legion League. They were successful, winning them with a perfect 521-point total!



The most active leagues for the October cycle, going by the number of matches in each, appear below. The New Blood League continued to hog first place, holding it for the twelfth cycle in a row! Managers in the All Star League can choose to take two matches for $1 next cycle, since their active wrestlers had the highest average strategy total. Both the NSL and WWL were less than half a point behind!

1. NBL (1,957 matches) 471.692
2. GRL (694 matches) 489.621
3. MRL (681 matches) 491.257
4. UWL (664 matches) 490.795
5. WWL (650 matches) 492.154
6. XPL (616 matches) 487.709
7. PAL (499 matches) 473.000
8. JCL (404 matches) 474.250
9. NSL (379 matches) 492.296
10. ASL (378 matches) 492.493



(Only active wrestlers were included on this list.)

1. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 11,564-1,374-316
2. UL: Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (LOL) 6,363-191-38
3. wWw: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 6,061-1,535-286
4. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 5,887-1,099-208
5. Easy E. Joe Cool (CWL) 5,395-766-186
6. Æ: Mike Drake (DDL) 5,223-584-168
7. E$T: Gypsy Rose Lee (WSL) 4,903-913-239
8. CAST: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (XPL) 4,882-308-103
9. Dimitrios the Traveler (ABL) 4,774-611-226
10. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) 4,725-1,276-292
11. PAIN: Cpl. Punishment (LBL) 4,598-321-91
12. CAST: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (NAL) 4,596-493-132
13. E$T: The Franchise Zach Gargus (IIL) 4,518-546-89
14. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 4,506-1,856-374
15. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 4,421-1,821-350
16. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) 4,232-1,864-371
17. UL/TSD: The Survivor (ECL) 4,112-973-215
18. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 3,938-756-213
19. PAIN: Death Warrant (MWL) 3,799-215-51
20. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) 3,758-543-250



IRON FEDERATION: Center Stage, Extreme Action, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Iron Man, Jersey City Wrestling, Murder Incorporated, Mysterious Benefactor, Next Generation, Quick Pin, Rising Stars, Wrestling Superstars, Xtreme Poison, Young Lions

STEEL FEDERATION: Absolute Pain, Burial Grounds, Casting Couch, Devil Inside, East Side Wrestling, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King Kong, Lost Souls, Mid-Atlantic Region, New Blood, Old School, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, Vicious Valkyries, Zeus Power

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Black Ops, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Dark Angel, Extraordinary Power, Federated Suns, Masked Wrestling, Mystic Diva, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death, Union Express

DIAMOND FEDERATION: American Bodyslam, American Legion, Armed Forces, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling, Young Guns

BRONZE FEDERATION: Assassin's Order, Coffin Filler, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hot Streak, Iron Glove, Main Event, Men of Steel, Old Timer's, Raging Bull, Soul Asylum, Torture Chamber, Unknown Wrestler

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Born Tough, Iowa Corn, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Just Rasslin', Lovely Ladies, Primal Rage, Psychotic Killer, Pure Adrenaline, Smoking Gun, South Central Wrestling, Super Hero, World Wrestling, Wrestlers Elite

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