Vol. 15, No. 13 -- Fall 2010
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Listed below, in order, are the top 25 managers from our gigantic silver anniversary event. Each walked away with an engraved championship wrestling belt! We offer our congratulations to all of them -- as well as the option of trading in the belt for 75 free matches (winners, write in and let us know your decision).

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us kick off our 25th year in style!

Brick D. Hinkley
of Canada
TBZ: Silver Eagle (IIL)

Michael Drake of New York
Æ: Rob Van Drake (HSL)

"The League Killer" Alan Handley of North Carolina
CTI: The Bounty Hunter (PRL)

Darry Dinnell of Canada
Bhairava and Lana Guns (IIL) tied

W.P. Mills of Wisconsin
UL: Prince of Pinfalls Peter Princeton (CFL)

Kenneth Plasse of Alabama
Arsenal (DAL)

Randall Reedy of Michigan
CAST: Heavenly Body Heather Nova (LLL)

S. Daniel Stunes of Arkansas
NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL)

"The Shot Caller" Tony Zamora of California
CAST/WCGP: "Cali's Finest" Hyydro Kush (BOL)

Jennifer McCarthy of New Mexico

Helen Clair of Washington
ROTU: Wraith (BOL)

Tristan Robinson of South Carolina
REG: Winterhawk (ESL)

Brett Hicks of Texas
NAA: "The Enigma" Austin Allen (GRL)

John Durrani of Connecticut
PSY: 40 oz. Renegade Johnny Mustang (CLL)

Michael R. Miles of Florida
BMP/T: Gaoler (EPL)

Keith A. Maple of Ohio
CAST: Blaze Diablo (BRL)

Matt Riley of Massachusetts
Victor von Snapp (BRL)

Adam Gaff of Indiana
Nathaniel Neutron (ESL)

Matt Fugate of Ohio
EMPIRE: Rich Von Bruiser (UEL)

Chris Schmitt of Kansas
IWE/IT/LNR: Kamikaze Kabuki Dragon (PRL)

Bradley E. Starmer of Ohio
nWo: "Big Daddy" Chris Speilman and the Undertaker (JDL) drew

Jason Battaglia of New York
CTI: Rachel "The Whale" Huntoon (MDL)

Nathan Fann of Tennessee
AM: Rowdy "FTW" Lee (FSL)

B.J. Buckland of England
NAR: Big Bad Bob (EPL)

Austin Pierce of Wisconsin
UL: Bobby Brainbuster (JIL)



The mysterious man known across the IWA as "The Flashing Blade" is heading to the IWA Hall of Fame. Jeremiah Kool-O'Maire ends this chapter of his career in the GRL with a record of 1,004-232-90 and 18 stars. Jeremiah has been an enigma throughout his career, from his beginnings in the long-gone Skull Crusher League to helping form the IWA's original Mega Stable, the Ice Cold Posse, and then wrestling in the league named for said stable, the ICL. Eventually, "The Flashing Blade" took a long hiatus from the business, but ultimately returned to his greatest successes in the ASL, where he also wrestled under his alter ego of "The Reverend" Jeremiah Ezekiel Ross. In the ASL, Kool held every title -- including the league and TV titles on multiple occasions -- and it was during this time that he also won IWA-wide regionals on more than one occasion. Known as a wild man and a Cajun crazy, Kool feuded with the best and was friends with many. As he heads to the Hall to join his brother, the legendary Albion "Beyond Compare" O'Maire, and his nephew, "The Natural" Nick Brain, Jeremiah fondly remembers and thanks the former members of Terminal Velocity, Real Deal, Incorporated, The Outcasts, and especially Synn, Nightshade, and James Cavanagh, SDI, for their always excellent trash talk and feuds, and also Chester Wright and his always changing stable for their integrity, along with many others. Jeremiah leaves behind his nephew, "The Absolute" Dorian O'Maire, and the other younger generation wrestlers of his family who will carry on the O'Maire Family wrestling tradition. Today another worthy competitor heads to the IWA Hall of Fame, and in so doing, takes the last piece of a legendary stable, the Ice Cold Posse, with him. One final time... The River Runs Red and the mad slasher falls...

Manager Eric Lindsay of Pennsylvania is retiring two of his wrestlers this cycle. First up is LOD: Road Warrior Beast from the SHL. He amassed a record of 1,425-448-139, with a cool $5,167,400 in the bank and an incredible 47 stars. One of his recent achievements was winning the National Championship in the March cycle of 2006.

Eric's other retiree is even more accomplished! LOD/NB: Danni Ashe (FFL) ends her career with stats of 1,153-361-122, $3,482,800 in earnings, and an astounding 55 stars. She took a third of the U.S. Six-woman belts in the July cycle of 1999, and won the Ladies' World title, the Queen of the Ring honors, and a third of the World Six-woman straps the very next cycle! She again held U.S. Six-woman gold in the Fall cycle of that same year. In the March cycle of 2001, she picked up a World Six-woman win, and wore the Queen of the Ring crown again in November of 2004. She repeated her reign as Ladies' World Champion in October of 2006. During the October cycle of the following year, she captured the Ladies' National title, then won it again in January of 2009 along with half of the Ladies' World Tag-team belts! She claimed the Ladies' U.S. Championship in November of last year. Then, during the Holidays cycle, she and Aneta Buena emerged with the Ladies' U.S. tag straps in hand!

As a reward for managing these athletes so skillfully, Eric will receive an engraved plaque for each of them.



Sly Smith of West Virginia earned 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt and 50 free matches by devising a perfect 501-point strategy for Æ: Syrian Assassin (MWL) -- a strategy which netted him the game's top honor!



CAST: Buffwell (FSL) had to use point flow against CTI: Doom (DAL), UL: Male Supermodel Paumba (CFL), PSY: 40 oz. Renegade Johnny Mustang (CLL), CAST: Nightmare Sam Hell (NDL), CAST: Hardcore Harry Hatchet (BRL), and CTI: "The Monster" Tom Welling (MSL) to win this $60,000 purse. His manager, Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota, will receive either an engraved plaque or 25 free matches (his choice). Each of these TV champions had a perfect 501-point total!



When we totaled the values of the holds at positions 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 15 in the strategy of every league battle royal winner, LNR: Ludicrous (FLL) proved to have an unbeatable 275 points. (He had 499 points when counting all fifteen holds.) His manager, Patrick McGowan of Maryland, wins an engraved plaque or 25 free matches! The regular league battle royals used hold positions 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 14.



Only EDGE: The Duke of Hazzard (SCL), CAST: Randall "The Wood Chipper" LeClaire (BRL), and CAST: "The Truth" Paul Pierce (AAL) stood in the way of SS: Assassin Beast Destrux (ASL) claiming this $25,000 belt. Thanks to some last minute advice from Maurice Plante of Canada, Destrux was able to gain the title and 10 free matches for Maurice! Each wrestler had 500 points.



ZOMBI: Ice Man (CFL) used his perfect 501-pointer to pick up a cool $25,000 in imaginary money. Manager ~TZ~ of Virginia received 10 free matches for his involvement!



Æ/WCGP: Falafel the Vegan Warrior (BOL) learned the hard(core) way that Æ: Anthony S. Spivey (TDL) cares more about winning a $25,000 payday than he does about stable loyalty. Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama came up with his wrestler's superior 501-pointer, so he went home with 10 free matches!



Jennifer McCarthy of New Mexico coached OUTLAWS: Blade to an intimidating 499 points, and he used it to gain this coveted title! Since this is the third time this year that our Metro champ came from the NBL, Jennifer will receive twenty free matches instead of ten. Nice work!



Todd Turchin of New York helped his wrestler, Ozzy Dethstrike (PAL), edge out HFC: "The Hands of Stone" Azreal Fairchild (AOL) for this $25,000 title, so he wins 10 free matches! Great job, Todd.



EDGE: Starvin Marvin (MIL) used his 500-point strategy to claim the $40,000 Iron Federation title. His manager, Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan, wins 25 free matches! Also with a 500, CTI: Butcher "Ground 'n' Pound" Hearst brought the Steel Federation title to the APL for his manager, "The Sexbomb of Rock 'n' Roll, 2 Dope for VH1" B.C. Empson, who now resides in Paradise City, Bermuda. Eventual World Heavyweight Champion Syrian Assassin took the Gold strap by point flow over CTI: Rage (DAL), CTI: Heartbreak Kid Shawn Carver (BBL), E$T: High Plains Drifter (UEL), Æ: Anthony S. Spivey (TDL), Æ: Travis T. Spivey (FSL), and Æ/WCGP: Falafel the Vegan Warrior (BOL). Each had 501 points. The Diamond Federation went to CTI/NVME: Incredible Ian Astbury (ABL), who edged both UL: The Sweet One Johnny Desire (NSL) and ZOMBI: The Surgeon General (ECL) for manager Grant Matthews of Canada. ~TZ~ of Virginia kept the Bronze and Jade Federations in his stable's possession. He won the Bronze title with ZOMBI: Ice Man (CFL), who edged CTI: Mr. Perfect Brad Lidge (MSL). Each wrestler scored a perfect 501. His Jade winner was ZOMBI: Wildcard Ace Gamble (SHL), who was able to overcome EDGE: Xian Bloodbane (PRL), EDGE: The Duke of Hazzard (SCL), Æ: Mike Johnson (WEL), CAST: Adrenaline (PKL), CAST: "Caged Xplosion" Matt Hughes (JDL), and CAST: "The Truth" Paul Pierce (AAL). All seven had 500 points!



Sly Smith of West Virginia helped Æ: Superstar Billy Green (OTL) to the top of the Pacific region, then saw his grappler use the 501-point strategy he had formulated to win him the National title's prize of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches! Claiming the other titles were...

Atlantic: EDGE: Sickboy (HSL)
managed by Garett Guzman of Nevada; had to edge out Æ: The Reaper (FSL), BMP/T: Gaoler (EPL), and CAST: "Ravishing" Larry Nightmare (GRL), all with 500
Central: Æ: Danny S. Spivey (FSL)
owned by Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama; used point flow to defeat Æ: King Extreme (GRL) and CAST: "Caged Xplosion" Andrei Arlovski (JDL), all with 500
Dixie: CAST: "Hatchet-Face" Victor Crowley (GRL)
under contract to Anthony Dudick of New York; edged Æ/WCGP: Issei Sagawa (BOL), both with 501-pointers
Eastern: SS: Assassin Beast Chaostreak (ASL)
managed by Maurice Plante of Canada; edged out both CAST: Pai-Mei "The High Priest" (CWL) and Fatty the Butcher (BRL), all with 500 points
Mountain: Æ: Shawn S. Spivey (FSL)
coached to a perfect 501 by Anthony Rodriguez
Northern: CAST: Dr. Botso (GRL)
owned by Neal Kendall of Missouri; beat EDGE: Protovangelian (BRL) by point flow, both with 501
Prairie: Æ/WCGP: DeMarcus Kennedy (SAL)
armed with a 501-pointer by Kevin Burr of Virginia
Southern: Æ: Eric E. Spivey (FSL)
chalked up another win for Anthony Rodriguez; had to edge Æ: King Club (MWL), CAST/WCGP: "Cali's Finest" Hyydro Kush (BOL), and CTI/PAIN: Brother Voodoo Bishop Von Wolf (APL), all with 500
Western: CTI/TK: Rogue Warrior (ASL)
managed by John Gabriel of Pennsylvania; used point flow against CAST/DUCHAINE BROS: Paul "The Butcher" Duchaine (MRL), both with 499 points



CTI: Rachel "The Whale" Huntoon (MDL) was able to secure the Ladies' World Championship with the help of her manager, Jason Battaglia of New York. He won the choice between an engraved plaque and 15 free matches for supplying her 501-point strategy! S. Daniel Stunes of Arkansas led NGAA: Rydia Stormer (MDL) to the Queen of the Ring title, then teamed her with Mara O'Connor and saw the pair gain the Ladies' World Tag-team straps! Their team score was a perfect 516 points. Rydia lost her bid for the Ladies' National honors to Æ: Dirty Danni (MDL), who had a 500-pointer with slightly better flow. Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama also added the Ladies' U.S. championship to the Arrogant Empire's winnings last cycle. His weapon of choice was Æ: Terrible Tangela (MDL), who had a 501-point total. Then he sent his femme fatales after the Ladies' U.S. tag titles, but they were edged out by stablemates Erica Mayhem and Becca Death (VVL), who belong to Kevin Burr of Virginia. Both teams had 516 points. Burr picked up World Six-woman gold, as well! His trio of Æ: Lydia Misery, Alicia Anarchy, and Jessica Wrath (VVL) scored a perfect 521. CAST: "Toothless Redneck" Raylene Jewels, "Poor White Trash" Patty Jewels, and "Droppin' Jaws" Magdalen Ginter (LLL) won the U.S. Six-woman belts for Anthony Dudick of New York. They had to use point flow to defeat fellow CAST members Kimona, Lotus the Ninja Girl, and L.A. Mazzaratti (VVL).



Just like last cycle, two teams ended up having to share these titles because of an unbreakable tie. Rusty Riggs and Jaxx Justice put forth their best effort for ~TZ~ of Virginia, while Jim Brazil and Graig Gagne were able to hold their ground thanks to a little direction from manager Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota. All 10 pairs in the rankings had 516 points!



1. ZOMBI: Rusty Riggs & Jaxx Justice (SHL)
CAST/HIGHER FLYERS: "Jumpin" Jim Brazil & Graig Gagne (MRL)
3. CTI/PHILLY: "The Rocket" Roy Halladay & CTI: "The Raging Bull" Ryan Howard (PKL)
4. A*/E-X4: Never Ending Nightmare & the Hooded Destroyer (BBL)
CTI/TSD/ST: "The Mad Dog" David Berkowitz & "The Bean Town Thriller" Albert DeSalvo (ASL)
6. Æ: Bruiser Buck Dewitt & Bad News Blake (BRL)
7. CAST: Necro & Mr. Hyde (NBL)
8. Æ: Da Masked Outlaw & Anthony S. Spivey (TDL)
9. Æ: Mr. Hardcore & Gangsta Dre (GRL)
10. Æ/WCGP: Falafel the Vegan Warrior & Issei Sagawa (BOL)



Manager ~TZ~ of Virginia had these $20,000 tag straps all to himself. That's because he coached ZOMBI: "Mean" Mike Zenith and Shayne "the Train" Gloom (MRL) to a perfect team total of 516 points!



Seven teams fought to an unbreakable tie in the battle for these titles. Chris Chambers, the Count of Monte Fisto, and Brimstone Savage kept John Durrani of Connecticut's name on the belts, while Quicksilver and Chase Garza did the same for Jonathan Akers of Texas. (They partnered with Brian Williams, whose contract belongs to Kevin Lin of New York.) Mike Carver of Pennsylvania also kept possession of his share of the titles by employing the Cut Throats from the KKL. Their stablemates from the MWL are owned by Grant Matthews of Canada. ~TZ~ of Virginia manages the SHL crew, while their fellow ZOMBI members from the NBL are under the control of Nick Jones from Ohio. The DIL grapplers receive their strategies from Mattias Karlsson of Sweden. All 10 teams listed had 521 points, and so did CAST: Arson, Inferno, and Wonderful Wally Brown (GRL); EDGE: "Rad Dad" Danny Tanner, Kevin Durrakers, and Razor Jack Skaarj (NDL); EDGE: The Sixth Street Strangler, Dwight K. Schrute, and the Trendsetter J.D. Slaughterhouse (SAL); plus ZOMBI: "Intense" Ian Sanderson, "Malicious" Vic Vicious, and "Ballistic" Nick Mystic (TDL).



1. EDGE: Electric Youth Chris Chambers, the Count of Monte Fisto, Quicksilver (SCL)
EDGE: Brian "Smash" Williams, "South Texas Deathride" Chase Garza, Lone Wolf Brimstone Savage (PRL)
CTI: M.C. Dollar, Dangerously Extreme, the People's Champ Mike Carver (KKL)
CTI/NVME: Alex Delarge, Max Cady, Anton Chigurh (MWL)
ZOMBI: Wildcard Ace Gamble, Ton Pere Romeo DaVinci, K-Digga (SHL)
ZOMBI: Lew Scannon, Brad Snuckles, Chad Plipps (NBL)
EDGE: Dante's Inferno, Cardinal Sins, Duke of Hell (DIL)
8. OC: Typhoid Mary, Death, Wonder Warrior (ASL)
9. CORE: Lazarus Kane, Devon Crow, Derek D'Spayre (OTL)
10. Æ: Masked President Obama, Masked Donald Trump, Tommy Blood Smith (BRL)



Four teams were forced to split these $20,000 purses due to an unbreakable draw. ZOMBI: Fab Dazzle, Mega Dazzle, and Razzle Dazzle (SHL) won a share for ~TZ~ of Virginia. Mike Dorsett of New York brought EDGE: The Fell Knight, Asylum, and Black Bolt (NDL) to the party. CTI/NVME: Christian Darkhawk, Titus Storm, and Damian Quicksilver (ALL) did Grant Matthews of Canada proud. EDGE members Detroit Crippler (managed by Frank Jay Belcher III of Michigan), Cryptonomicon (owned by Jonathan Akers of Texas), and Rand al'Thor (managed by John Durrani of Connecticut) were entered in the running for these titles due to an SCL in-league error. Edged out for the belts were CAST: The Lean Thinker, the PI Engineer, and the Change Agent (CFL); CAST: Masked German Chainsaw, Murder Death Kill, and Sick Psychotic Freak of the GRL (who also missed the prizes by point flow last time!); Æ: "Professor" Mike Jameson, "The Aerialist" Aiden Davies, and Bear O'Neal (DIL); plus EDGE: Cassius Clay Aiken, Elton John Malkovich, and Iron Fist Ivan Drago (CLL). Each team had a perfect total of 521 points.



The most active leagues for the September cycle, going by the number of matches in each, appear below. Not only did the New Blood League stay atop the list for the tenth cycle in a row, but it also set a new record for having the most matches played in one cycle -- beating the MRL's record by 3 matches! Our congratulations to everyone involved. That's quite a feat!

Managers in the World Wrestling League can take two matches for $1 next cycle, since their active wrestlers had the highest average strategy total out of all 10 leagues. The averages in the LLL, UWL, and MRL were each less than a point behind.

1. NBL (2,481 matches) 472.940
2. GRL (804 matches) 493.933
3. UWL (763 matches) 494.815
4. MRL (638 matches) 494.472
5. NSL (574 matches) 492.107
6. WWL (531 matches) 495.369
7. XPL (492 matches) 491.545
8. HWL (472 matches) 491.162
9. JIL (455 matches) 494.255
10. LLL (417 matches) 494.844



(Inactive wrestlers were not included on this list.)

1. CAST/DFS: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (XPL) $15,325,200
2. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) $14,484,200
3. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) $13,926,200
4. wWw: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) $13,720,400
5. Kaptain Kryptonite (NBL) $13,193,700
6. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $12,356,738
7. UL/TSD: The Survivor (ECL) $11,412,100
8. CAST/NAA: Medieval Tymes (GRL) $10,952,600
9. CAST: King Krusher (EEL) $10,769,400
10. CORE: Johnny Cage (JIL) $10,593,638
11. CAST: Bloody Assault Jessica Lee Richards (LLL) $10,090,400
12. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) $9,862,200
13. CC: Danny Boy O'Day (NSL) $9,596,700
14. wWw: Motorheadbanger Annihilator (JIL) $9,403,400
15. CC: Oliver Shagnasty (NSL) $9,027,200
16. Easy E. Joe Cool (CWL) $8,886,600
17. S4C: Willie Wino (NSL) $8,833,500
18. CAST: Diesel Duddick (NSL) $8,697,300
19. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) $8,494,600
20. CAST: Wyld Stooge Larry Logan (PKL) $8,419,700



IRON FEDERATION: Center Stage, Extreme Action, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Iron Man, Jersey City Wrestling, Murder Incorporated, Mysterious Benefactor, Next Generation, Quick Pin, Rising Stars, Wrestling Superstars, Xtreme Poison, Young Lions

STEEL FEDERATION: Absolute Pain, Burial Grounds, Casting Couch, Devil Inside, East Side Wrestling, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King Kong, Lost Souls, Mid-Atlantic Region, New Blood, Old School, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, Vicious Valkyries, Zeus Power

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Black Ops, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Dark Angel, Extraordinary Power, Federated Suns, Masked Wrestling, Mystic Diva, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death, Union Express

DIAMOND FEDERATION: American Bodyslam, American Legion, Armed Forces, Bounty Hunter, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling

BRONZE FEDERATION: Assassin's Order, Barbaric Warrior, Coffin Filler, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hot Streak, Iron Glove, Main Event, Men of Steel, Old Timer's, Raging Bull, Soul Asylum, Torture Chamber, Unknown Wrestler

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Born Tough, Iowa Corn, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Just Rasslin', Lovely Ladies, Primal Rage, Psychotic Killer, Pure Adrenaline, Smoking Gun, South Central Wrestling, Super Hero, World Wrestling, Wrestlers Elite

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