Vol. 14, No. 17 -- Holidays 2009
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Ronnie Wagoner of North Carolina is retiring "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher Lawler (1,000-207-76, $1,911,300 *16) this cycle. Lawler was a house of fire several years ago in the MRL. He is a former MRL United States Champion, as well as a former dominant MRL World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, Lawler's career has been cut short due to an injury he suffered in a motorcycle accident after an MRL house show. He will always be remembered as a brash, confident, cocky yet extremely successful, young, talented performer.

Also entering our Hall of Fame this time are four superstars from the ACE stable who wrestled under the leadership of Tony Robinson from Florida. John Basedow (DDL) amassed a record of 1,430-100-10, with $1,796,400 in earnings and 4 stars. The LLL was home to Daniele Donato (1,084-120-10, $1,426,500 *2), who won both the Ladies' World Tag and World Six-woman titles this year. Leaving the NGL for good is Evil Dr. Will Kirby (1,069-156-29, $1,491,900 *5). Last, but certainly not least, former World Champion (from last year's Summer cycle) ACE: The Great Bad Boy Tony is bidding a fond farewell to OTL friends and foes alike. His final stats were 1,430-226-46, with an imaginary $3,347,400 in the bank and 27 stars. Tony will receive four engraved plaques as a reward for his excellent managerial skills!



Taipan 'Venom' Yin, drawn by Cody SchibiAfter taking out his competition in the Bronze Federation, CTI: Taipan "Venom" Yin (TCL) used his 500-pointer to secure this $300,000 purse. His manager, Scott Bernes of Ohio, can now choose 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt and 50 free matches!



John Gabriel of Pennsylvania won an engraved plaque or 25 free matches by coaching CTI: Sacrament (APL) to point flow victory over stablemates Mr. Vegas (SGL) and Roah "The Serpent" Yang (TCL)! Each grappler had a strategy worth 500 points.



This prize of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches went to John Durrani of Connecticut, whose PSY: Razor Jack Skaarj (NDL) had the highest total (274 points) when we took the total of the values of hold positions 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 15 in each battle royal winner's strategy! Hold positions 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 14 were used for the regular league battle royals.



Still hungry for victory, World Heavyweight Champion CTI: Taipan "Venom" Yin (TCL) picked up this $25,000 belt with his 500-pointer. His manager, Scott Bernes of Ohio, wins 10 free matches!



This title's 10 free matches were awarded to John Gabriel of Pennsylvania, who guided CTI: Dangerous Donnie Duo (CFL) to a point flow win over PSY: "The Future" Devon Destiny (ECL) and 4REICH: "Caged Xplosion" Quentin Jackson (JDL)!



Mike Moore of North Carolina added 10 free matches to his winnings last cycle by coaching wWw: Simply Sexy Sammy (GRL) to this $25,000 championship! Sammy's strategy total was 500 points.



Mike Moore of North Carolina kept this title in the Wild West Warrior's possession! He gave wWw: Simply Sexy Sammy a strategy worth 500 points, and brought the belt to the GRL for the first time. Mike wins 10 free matches for the achievement!



Matt Fugate of Ohio managed American Justice (EAL) to the top of our rookie leagues, and thus claimed these 10 free matches for a second consecutive cycle! His ring warrior had a 499-point strategy.



Cody Schibi of Texas brought home the Iron Federation belt, thanks to CTI: Simon the Psychotic (SML), who edged out 4REICH: Raging Powerhouse Ricky A. Maple (XPL), American Justice (EAL), and PSY: Galan Dracos (IML)! Each had a 499 total. In the Steel Federation, CTI: Flex Cavanaugh (APL) won the prize for John Gabriel of Pennsylvania. Nathan Fann of Tennessee earned 25 free matches by helping DDT: Eye Candy Joey Wilds (CLL) use point flow successfully against MMI: "The Money" Derrick Mathis (FSL) in the battle for the Gold Federation honors! Both men had 499 points. The $40,000 Diamond Federation title went to 4REICH: The Yam from Outerspace (RCL), who is under contract to Peter Houston of Canada. PSY: "The Future" Devon Destiny (ECL) was edged out. Taipan Yin overcame both wWw: Simply Sexy Sammy (GRL) and CTI: "Raven" Ward (IGL) to take the Bronze strap, then used his 500-pointer to gain the World Heavyweight belt. PSY: Feng Bloodsport (THL) edged both NME: Dr. Venom (JRL) and DFI: The American Protector (SHL) for the Jade Federation accolade. Jonathan Akers of Texas devised his 500-point strategy!



Kevin Burr of Virginia won a well-deserved engraved plaque or 25 free matches by managing NME: Kyle Weatherspoon (SAL) to the only perfect 501-point total last cycle! First Kyle used it to gain the Prairie regional title, then he defeated our other regional champions and was awarded the National prize. Taking home the remaining $20,000 purses were...

Atlantic: Æ: Awesome Sean MCA (THL)
managed by Sly Smith of West Virginia; had to edge out wWw: Delivery Boy #1 (MIL), NME: "Malibu" Mike Kelly (SAL), and PSY: Wapakman (PKL), all with 500
Central: DDT: Agent Omni (GRL)
reports to Bob Dippy of Pennsylvania; used point flow against NME: "Flyin" Brian Pillman (WWL), both with 499
Dixie: Æ: Custon Grill (JRL)
coached to 500 points by Johnathan Bridgeman of Arkansas
Eastern: ILL: A.C. Steel (PKL)
owned by Rob Bream of Pennsylvania; edged NME: Tommy Knox (SAL), both with 500
Mountain: NME/NSL: Bayou Billy Beau (OSL)
managed by Tim Zaegel of Virginia; defeated DDT: Capital Apocalypse (GRL) and Æ: Ultimo Warrior (MBL) by point flow, all with 499
Northern: PSY: Bobcat Valentine (HWL)
owned by Jonathan Akers of Texas; edged out Æ: The Sensation (GRL), both with 499
Pacific: Æ: Gangsta Dre (GRL)
carried a concealed 500-pointer provided by Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama
Southern: ILL: "The Prodigy" Grayson King (GRL)
scored another victory for Rob Bream; had a 500 total
Western: CTI: Diamond (SGL)
managed by Joshua Haight of Wisconsin; edged NME: Jaxx Justice (MEL), both with 500



Persistence paid off for Hott Heather (VVL) -- although she was edged out for the Ladies' World Championship last time, she returned with a vengeance, and ended up with the $40,000 belt around her waist! Manager Lee R. Beishline of Pennsylvania will receive his choice of an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for supplying her 499-point strategy. CTI: Baby Ash (FFL) took the Ladies' National honors for Mike Carver of Pennsylvania. Anthony Dudick of New York kept his name attached to the Queen of the Ring title with the help of 4REICH: "Droppin' Jaws" Magdalen Ginter (LLL). He also teamed his 4REICH: "Sweet-As-Sugar" Stephanie Diamond with stablemate Brandy Dirt (FFL), who is owned by Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota, and the pair walked away with the Ladies' tag straps. Then Anthony added "Sick-As-*&#!" Alexis Diamond to the mix and watched the trio win the World Six-woman belts! NB: Milena "Double J" Velba (FFL) picked up the Ladies' U.S. championship for Eric Lindsay of Pennsylvania, then partnered with "The Voluptuous One" Eden Mor and "European Knockout" Nadine Jansen and added the U.S. Six-woman titles to Eric's resume. Eric also gained the Ladies' U.S. tag straps! His winning team consisted of NB: Danni Ashe and Aneta "The Brabuster" Buena (FFL).



Two teams had to divide these $50,000 prizes equally, but the engraved plaque or 15 free matches went to only one manager: Michael Drake of New York! He guided Steve Corino and Deathmatch Celebrity Charles Manson (PKL), plus Ultimo Warrior and Legendary MD (MBL), to these titles. All 10 teams in the rankings had 516 points!



1. Æ: Steve Corino & Deathmatch Celebrity Charles Manson (PKL)
Æ: Ultimo Warrior & Legendary MD (MBL)
3. 4REICH: "Caged Xplosions" Matt Hughes & Evan Tanner (JDL)
4. RUNXT/4REICH: Extreme Street Hustle Tim A. & 4REICH: Raging Powerhouse Ricky A. Maple (XPL)
5. CTI: "The Outsider" Scott & "Big Sexy" Kevin Carver (AAL)
6. CTI: Weeds & PSY: Judas Travellar (NDL)
7. CTI: Justin Sane & Released (TCL)
8. Æ: Andre Linoge & Low Ki (CLL)
9. PSY: Ice Weazel & King Handsomeness (HWL)
10. PSY: Hot Lathered Jim "In a Speedo" Ross & the Tulsa Tornado (AFL)



John Durrani of Connecticut teamed his PSY: Skywalker Johnny Brutal with King Shadow (HWL), who is owned by Jonathan Akers of Texas, and the pair fought their way to these $20,000 titles! wWw: Bloodaxe and Mike White Lightning Moore (NAL) also had a 516-point team total, but lost by point flow.



There was an unbreakable seven-way draw for these belts. Previous U.S. Six-man winners Dominant Factors Retribution, Anarchy, and Smoke belong to Tim Zaegel of Virginia, as do fellow Factors Nemesis, Fury, and Rage. Chad Burton of Indiana owns the NME team from the TCL. John Durrani of Connecticut worked with Jonathan Akers of Texas again, and they were victorious for a second straight cycle! This time their wrestlers were Tooth Scraper and Bobcat Valentine, respectively, and Garett Guzman of Kansas had his Shotgun Messiah lend a hand. Mike Carver kept his name on the titles by combining his General Zod with Jeff Reilly's Dean "JR" Cain and Chris Silver's Dean "Queen 9" Cain (all three hail from Pennsylvania). The PSY grapplers from the DDL belong to Mike Dorsett of New York, and Mark Duchaine of Vermont made sure to represent for his wWw stablemates. The top nine teams in the standings had a perfect 521 points!



1. NME: Dominant Factors Retribution, Anarchy, Smoke (GRL)
NME: Dominant Factors Nemesis, Fury, Rage (CFL)
NME: Cracker Jack Black, the Landlord, the Tax Collector (TCL)
PSY: Tooth Scraper, Bobcat Valentine, Shotgun Messiah (HWL)
CTI: General Zod, Dean "JR" Cain, Dean "Queen 9" Cain (MSL)
PSY: The Vampire Lord Kal Zakath, the Dressed Wombat, Sheik Hassent Ben Sober (DDL)
wWw: Awesome Adam, Sinister Steve, Killer Kenny Stryker (CSL)
8. wWw: Chit Rodriguez, Bloodaxe, Mike White Lightning Moore (NAL)
9. DDT: Player's Club Poppa, Apollo Legend LeRoy, Bogarting Bob Sax (MBL)
10. PSY: Ultimate Surprise!! It's the Renegade?:/, the Barbwire Princess Koriand'r, Dr. X Eric Champagne (SHL)



Jeremy Nace of Oregon instructed his team from ringside, and before long these belts were being presented to TOXIC: "Demonic Angel" Damien Lucien, "Back from the Dead" Jeremy Nace, and Orcus the Black Prince (MBL)! Also with a perfect 521-point team total but losing by point flow were DOD: Scourge, Pestilence, and Plague (CSL).



Based on the number of matches in each, the most active leagues for the December cycle are shown below. The latest incarnation of the Unknown Wrestler League debuted in first place! Because the active wrestlers in the Grim Reaper League had the best average strategy total, their managers can take two matches for $1 next cycle if they choose! The NAL's average was less than half a point behind.

1. UWL (1,311 matches) 491.258
2. NBL (1,122 matches) 490.125
3. ASL (930 matches) 489.840
4. GRL (877 matches) 493.206
5. PKL (693 matches) 491.953
6. UEL (633 matches) 473.034
7. NAL (594 matches) 492.875
8. BOL (554 matches)
RSL (554 matches)
10. MRL (495 matches) 490.066



(Inactive wrestlers were not included on this list.)

1. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 10,381-1,225-260
2. NME: Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (LOL) 5,797-173-36
3. wWw: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 5,699-1,505-276
4. RENEGADE: Eric "The Cobra" Langdon (MIL) 5,618-1,477-222
5. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 5,338-988-195
6. wWw: High Stakes Chris Edwards (CFL) 5,140-1,290-124
7. King Cobra (KKL) 4,884-419-65
8. S4C: Willie Wino (NSL) 4,713-728-177
9. CC: Danny Boy O'Day (NSL) 4,607-852-182
10. CC: Oliver Shagnasty (NSL) 4,583-869-153
11. Easy E. Joe Cool (CWL) 4,478-712-162
12. 4REICH: Innovator of Arrogance Keith A. Maple (SGL) 4,411-254-91
13. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 4,371-1,821-363
14. Æ: Mike Drake (DDL) 4,318-489-150
15. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 4,269-1,786-335
16. *?*: Sir Gunther Kinderwacht (NAL) 4,253-467-126
17. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) 4,243-1,138-271
18. Dimitrios the Traveler (ABL) 4,193-518-204
19. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) 4,131-1,820-361
20. PSY: The Survivor (ECL) 4,073-922-210



IRON FEDERATION: Center Stage, Extreme Action, Extreme Existence, Hardcore Wrestling, Iron Man, Murder Incorporated, Mysterious Benefactor, Next Generation, Quick Pin, Rising Stars, Slumber-party Massacre, Wrestling Superstars, Xtreme Poison, Young Lions

STEEL FEDERATION: Absolute Pain, Burial Grounds, Complete Carnage, Devil Inside, Fighting Legends, Intense Impact, King Kong, Lost Souls, Mid-Atlantic Region, New Blood, Old School, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, Vicious Valkyries, Zeus Power

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Black Ops, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Dark Angel, Federated Suns, Majestic Property, Masked Wrestling, Mystic Diva, Ninja Dojo, Texas Death, Union Express

DIAMOND FEDERATION: American Bodyslam, American Legion, Armed Forces, Bounty Hunter, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling

BRONZE FEDERATION: Barbaric Warrior, Coffin Filler, Extreme Hardcore, Grim Reaper, Hot Streak, Iron Glove, Main Event, Men of Steel, Old Timer's, Raging Bull, Soul Asylum, Torture Chamber, Unknown Wrestler

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Born Tough, Iowa Corn, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Just Rasslin', Killer Soldiers, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Smoking Gun, South Central Wrestling, Super Hero, Thor's Hammer, World Wrestling, Wrestlers Elite

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