Vol. 12, No. 4 -- Winter 2007
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Our first retiree this cycle is DSI: "Mr. Perfect" Robbie Viars (1,022-246-55, $2,163,800), who manages himself out of Virginia. Robbie began his career in September of 1999 in the FSL, and quickly became one of the top stars there, becoming the first FSL wrestler to hold a regional belt and both sets of multi-man titles at the same time. He also had a run as the FSL U.S. Champion for over a year, and ended his time in the league with 36 championships. He moved onto the ESL and GBL, where he was both an in-ring entertainer as well as the commissioner! While commish of the GBL, it made the IWA Top 10 list 4 cycles in a row. He later moved on to the TPL, where he reigned as the TPL World Champion for a time. During his career he had a strong following among fans, as both an athlete and in-ring showman. He ends his career with over 70 regional championships, and would like to thank everyone who he had the chance to get to know over the years.

Our reigning Ladies' World Champion, FOE: Sexy Sunny Beach of the LLL (1,655-143-36, $2,699,400), is retiring as a triple crown champion; she has held the World, World Tag-team, and World Six-woman titles from our ladies' division. As a member of PRO -- arguably one of the best stables from the '90s -- she won her first ever Ladies' World title, and she also won the Queen of the Ring title that same cycle! Her dominance continued from there. In the last 26 cycles, she has won the Ladies' World title twice, the Queen of the Ring crown, a Ladies' Tag-team belt, a Ladies' U.S. tag belt, a World Six-woman title twice, and a U.S. Six-woman strap! She has definitely earned the engraved plaque we will be sending to her manager, Tony Robinson of Florida. He should be proud that Sunny is entering our Hall at the top of her game, leaving the crowd wanting more.



Coming out of the Jade Federation with a perfect 501, WWW: The Sicilian Chris Gianino (JDL), who manages himself out of Missouri, went home with $300,000 in imaginary earnings, plus his choice of 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt and 50 free matches!



UZI: Mr. Garrison (AAL) edged out ACE: "Rock Star" Razor Seether (JIL) to win an engraved plaque or 25 free matches for his manager, Jason P. Miller of Kansas! Both wrestlers had a perfect 501 points.



WWW: Bobby Brainbuster (JIL), managed by Austin Pierce of Wisconsin, claimed this crown once we added the values of hold positions 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, and 15 in each battle royal winner's strategy. Austin wins his choice of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches! Also with a 274 total using the eight KOTR holds, but having a total strategy worth 500 points compared to Bobby's perfect 501, was MWC: Pit Boss (ALL). The league battle royals used hold positions 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 13.



Before winning the World belt, Missouri's own WWW: The Sicilian Chris Gianino (JDL) used his 501-pointer to take this title's $25,000 and 10 free matches!

The Coffin Filler League in the Bronze Federation is now our newest Asiatic league.



Body Rock (PKL), who is an esteemed member of the Alliance (SD and FDC), handily defeated the champions of our other Hardcore leagues to win $25,000 plus 10 free matches for J. Hook of California! His strategy was worth 501 points.



The Iron Federation champion was FOE: Tony "The King of Pancrase" Robinson (HTL) of Florida, who edged UZI: Indifferent Narcissistic Sociopath (SPL), UMI: Bad AZZ (HWL), FOE: The Sharpshooter (BTL), and SWA: "Sugar" Shawn Thornton (IDL). Taking the Steel Federation honors was UZI: "Hardcore" Hughes (IIL), managed by Randy Angel of Kentucky. He used point flow to defeat LAW: Troy Van Dam (APL), LAW: Mike Corino (DIL), "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher Lawler (MRL), and HOD/MOB/nWo: Assassin Shawn Diamond (PPL). In the Gold, COT: Malefic Michael Eaves (HML) of Mississippi edged out LOC: Real Deal (NML), Dark Shadow (GTL), Death Warrant (MWL), UZI: Anthony S. Spivey (TDL), SDI: The Crucifier (BBL), UZI: Thug Dionte Russell (BRL), Tacoma Thunder (CWL), and UKA: Count De Mo'Ney (OGL). Each man had 500 points! Nick Jones of Ohio won the Diamond Federation's 25 free matches when FOE: DJ Skee (NAL) edged out both MWC: Pit Boss (ALL) and HF: Travis Trueblood (IRL). Each had a 500 total. The Bronze title went to XVP: Hyphy (KTL), managed by Juan Lepe of California. His 499 proved to be slightly better than the one belonging to ACE: "The Beast" Matt Hayt (AEL). In the Jade Federation, Chris Gianino had to use his 501 to edge out NGAA: Dionysus (SHL), A: Body Rock (PKL), WWW: Bobby Brainbuster (JIL), and ONE LIFE CREW: Furious Styles (TPL) before he could move on to win the World Championship.



J. Hook of California won the choice between an engraved plaque and 25 free matches when THO: The Silent Crow (PKL) went from winning the Atlantic region to taking the National title with his 501-pointer! The rest of the belts went to...

Central: UZI: Custon Grill (JRL)
managed by Johnathan Bridgeman of Arkansas; edged ONE LIFE CREW: Mr. Hyde (TPL), both with 501
Dixie: UMI: Polish Power (NML)
owned by T. Hunt of New Jersey; edged out FOE: Rock Star (BBL), UZI: Steve A. Spivey (TDL), and Nasty Nick (JIL), all with 500; missing this title by point flow again, with a second straight 500, was EBM: "Poster Boy" Jeff Gordon (ASL)!
Eastern: X-RAIDED: Mystic Knight (ASL)
managed by Eric Jones of Maryland; used point flow against LOC: Iceman (NML) and WWW: Caius Pendragon (BBL), all with 500
Mountain: Dangerous Danny Andrews (JIL)
"StableKing" Eric Sickler of California gave him a 501-point strategy
Northern: COT: Kraven Kaine (CWL)
managed by Chris Stevens of Texas; he was entered into the running for this title due to an in-league error; otherwise the champion would have been LOC: Moon Dog Spot (GTL), managed by Rodney Dixon of New Jersey, who edged out WWW: Damon Rude (BBL); also losing by point flow, for the second cycle in a row, was EBM: The Punisher (ASL); all four had 500 points
Pacific: IW/OF: Bluebottle (ASL)
managed by Paul C. Low of Maryland; edged FOE: Man of No Remorse (BBL), both with 500
Prairie: WWW: Motorheadbanger Dehumanizer (JIL)
IWA veteran Mike Moore of North Carolina armed him with a 501
Southern: UZI: Satanic Stan Marsh (AAL)
managed by Jason P. Miller of Kansas; edged out RDI: Cal Chaos (ASL), both with 500
Western: UZI: Pockets (NAL)
owned by Gregg Boyle of Maryland; beat UZI: Fate (TDL) by point flow, both with 499



FOE: Sexy Sunny Beach (LLL) decided to end her career on top of the world -- by taking the Ladies' World Championship! After winning the Queen of the Ring title last time, she used her 501-pointer to win this engraved plaque or 15 free matches for Tony Robinson of Florida. Tony also manages the Ladies' National Champion, FOE: Bad Girl Jessica Simpson (LLL)! She also had a perfect 501. They combined their strategies and won the Ladies' tag titles with a 516! S. Daniel Stunes of Arkansas led NGAA: Mara O'Connor (GDL) to the Queen of the Ring title with a 500-pointer. UZI/FDC: Sunny Blaze (GDL) took the Ladies' U.S. belt with her 500 total. Her manager, Luke Fletcher of Georgia, coached her sisters Marlana and Diamond to the Ladies' U.S. tag straps, then sent his triple threat of Sunny, Sable, and Missy Blaze to conquer the U.S. Six-woman belts! The World Six-woman champions were UZI: Spiffy Tiffany from Queen City, Crabby Patty from the Nati, and Nasti Natalie from the Nati (GDL). Their manager, the Smooth One Jeff Manning of Ohio, also owns UZI: Aunt Flo, "Misery" Sharon Payne, and Anita "Lotta" Payne (GAL), who missed winning these titles by point flow for the second time in a row! Both of his teams had a 521 total.



These $50,000 purses went to ACE: Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker (HWL), who won an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for Bob Dippy of Pennsylvania! The top seven teams in the standings had 516 points. Last cycle's champions, Ruthless Rick and Demonic Dave Riot, remained on the list for the fourth cycle in a row!



1. ACE: Stone Cold Steve Austin & the Undertaker (HWL)
2. UZI: Ruthless Rick & Demonic Dave Riot (ASL)
3. EDGE: Tosswreck the Terrible & White Knight (NDL)
4. UZI: Blackest Hell & Tribulation (CWL)
5. ACE: "The Irish Carbomb" Patrick McPatrick & "Russian Revolution" S.V. Zhitnik (CSL)
6. UZI: Chemical Equation & Stoichiometry (RCL)
7. NOTACE: Vinyl Groove Colossus & Seymour Batts (QPL)
8. MWC: Fred Ficklestein & the Iceman (HAL)
9. ROCK 'N' ROLL: Robert Morton & Ricky Gibson (MRL)
10. ACE: Hardcore Dawkins & Axeman Trotter (NML)



Gregg Boyle of Maryland must be smiling, because he won these straps in back to back cycles! This time he took them with UZI: Brad Clifton and Hooters' Regular (CWL), who edged out Jeremy "Krayzie" Howard and "The Wildman" James Mason (IML). Both teams had 516 points.



UZI: Plague, Pillage, and Plunder (TGL) reclaimed these titles for Jason P. Miller of Kansas! Gregg Boyle of Maryland shared in the victory with his UZI team, and Andre Sabucco of Texas kept his name in this section with a different FOE trio than last time. All 10 teams listed had 521 points.



1. UZI: Plague, Pillage, Plunder (TGL)
UZI: Pockets, Fast Eddie, Bob "O" (NAL)
FOE: Taker of All Life, Man of No Remorse, Destroyer of Souls (BBL)
4. UZI: Uzi Pawn I, Rasheezy, Thug Dionte Russell (BRL)
5. UZI: Samoan Ute Setu Hatu, "Big Choo Choo" Trayne Williams, Senor Magnifico (JEL)
ACE: Emerald Weapon, the Final Boss, Omega Red (HWL)
7. ACE: The Psycho Shooter Drake Younger, Matthew X, Lightning Mike Quackenbush (RYL)
ACE: The Golden Boy K.C. Colossus, Electric Death, Electric Doom (PPL)
ACE: The Masked Playboy - WK, Magnificent Marc Tracey, the Future Tony Paragon (PML)
10. Ninja Saber, Ninja Blade, Ninja Steel (NDL)



WWW: Radu, Mordrid, and Sebastian Bloodthorne (BBL), managed by Andrew Johnson of Shell Beach, picked up $20,000 apiece when their 521 total proved to be the best among all our TV six-man champions last cycle!



Listed below are the most active leagues for the March cycle, sorted by the number of matches. The All Star League continued to dominate, staying in the top position for a seventh consecutive cycle! In an impressive display, the Rajun Cajun League shot up to second place. The Lovely Ladies League won the two matches for $1 cycle, since its active wrestlers had the highest average strategy total. Both the JEL and ASL were hot on its high heels.

1. ASL (954 matches) 492.495
2. RCL (711 matches) 462.000
3. LLL (699 matches) 493.786
4. APL (651 matches) 488.491
5. JEL (610 matches) 492.617
6. PKL (575 matches) 487.977
7. MWL (567 matches) 485.000
8. IGL (565 matches) 489.840
9. RYL (523 matches) 480.932
10. DIL (513 matches) 489.585



1. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 7,187-836-133
2. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 4,177-1,324-241
3. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 3,994-1,735-312
4. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 3,859-1,704-288
5. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) 3,797-1,744-309
6. I-AM: Izzy Stradlin (TGL) 3,756-591-107
7. TSD: The Survivor (ECL) 3,746-818-195
8. RENEGADE: Eric "The Cobra" Langdon (MIL) 3,693-1,062-148
9. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 3,623-745-146
10. FOE: Bad Boy Tony (PML) 3,524-311-98
11. Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (LOL) 3,412-137-29
12. RDI: Super Stud Biff Backhand (ASL) 3,264-737-185
13. NVUS: Macho Man Daniel Savage (CFL) 3,157-753-139
14. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 3,071-580-173
15. ONE LIFE CREW: Diesel Duddick (NSL) 3,031-159-101
16. CC: Danny Boy O'Day (NSL) 2,953-567-138
17. S..A..L: Willie Wino (NSL) 2,940-508-112
18. CC: Oliver Shagnasty (NSL) 2,908-603-111
19. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) 2,906-865-227
20. ACE: Morbid Minotaur (HTL) 2,773-551-22



IRON FEDERATION: Battling Titans, Center Stage, Danger Zone, Hardcore Wrestling, Heart Throb, Imminent Destruction, Iron Man, Murder Incorporated, Quick Pin, Southern Pride, Under Fire, Unknown Wrestler, Wrestling Superstars

STEEL FEDERATION: Absolute Pain, Caribbean Coast, Devil Inside, Executioner's Axe, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, King Kong, Mid-Atlantic Region, Pittsburgh Power, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, True Grit, Vicious Valkyries

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Gold Digger, Good Times, Hit Man, Masked Wrestling, New Millennium, Ninja Dojo, Olympic Gold, Texas Death

DIAMOND FEDERATION: Arm Lock, Axe Blade, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Internal Rage, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Rajun Cajun, Xtreme Wrestling

BRONZE FEDERATION: Alter Ego, Barbaric Warrior, Coffin Filler, Flowing Blood, Gorgeous Amazon, Grim Reaper, Iron Glove, Jagged Edge, Knight Time, Main Event, New York, Wild America

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Just Rasslin', Killer Shark, Kings Court, Lone Wolf, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Thor's Hammer, Total Package, World Wrestling

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