Vol. 12, No. 1 -- January 2007
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Our goal with the IWA has always been to create a wrestling "playground" where people from all over the world are free to start feuds, challenge other wrestlers to series, form stables, etc. We think YOU should be able to choose the stipulations while we act as referee. We want to give you as much freedom as possible when it comes to how you play our game, but things are starting to get a little out of hand.

Therefore, effective immediately, managers are limited to a maximum of TEN wrestlers per league. Those over this limit must be transferred to another league this coming cycle, free of charge. We will no longer honor requests to create new wrestlers if you already have 10 in that league.

We feel that allowing you to keep 10 wrestlers in the same league is a generous amount -- one that shouldn't have much of an impact on current angles or storylines. We hope you understand that we have to take this action to prevent any one manager from overwhelming a league, and appreciate everyone's cooperation.

We're looking forward to providing all of you with another year of "The Greatest Fun Since Wrestling Itself!"



One of "StableKing" Eric Sickler of California's wrestlers is calling it quits with stats of 1,002-184-20, $1,827,400 in the bank, and 12 stars. ACE: Kensuki Tanaka became a household name between 1997 and 1999, when he held the GTL Intercontinental Championship twice and was a 2-time GTL Wrestler of the Year. Most notable from his time in the GTL were his violent feud with IWA Hall of Famer Sudden Death and his co-founding of GR8. Tanaka retired in early 1999 due to a severe injury, but returned in September of 2005 to prove his merit and show that he still had what it took to compete in the game. At his acceptance speech, Tanaka had this to say: "All the blood, sweat, and tears led up to this, and I never could have done it without my partner, Hard Hitten Harry. I wish you could still be competing, brutha. You belong here, too."

Also entering our Hall is MWC: "White Chocolate" Dave Silliman of the ALL, who managed himself out of his New York office. He came back to the IWA about 2 years ago, after an 8-year hiatus, and accumulated a record of 1,072-210-62, $3,405,000 in imaginary money, and 24 stars. He's been all over the IWA, and was in the Unified Knights of America for over 10 years before parting ways and joining the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. He wants to thank all his fans, stablemates both past and present, and the IWA staff for an awesome career. It's been said he is probably the best wrestler that competed who never won the World title.

Our final retiree this cycle is NVUS: Strange Man from the LOL. He finishes his tour of duty with a record of 1,002-416-76, $3,479,200 in earnings, and 26 stars. An engraved plaque will soon be sent to his manager, Dan Delaney of Ohio!



Gaining $300,000 in imaginary earnings for being deemed best in the game last cycle was DFP: Trent Acid (SPL)! He stormed through the Iron Federation with a 500 total before conquering the IWA World title. Congratulations to his manager, Michael Drake of New York, who gets his choice of 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt and 50 free matches!



Jason P. Miller of Kansas led UZI: Black Mamba (NFL) to the top of our TV champions last time. His wrestler's 499-pointer has earned him an engraved plaque or 25 free matches!



We added the values of hold positions 1, 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 15 in each battle royal winner's strategy, and UZI: The People's Champ (UFL) emerged victorious! Randy Angel of Kentucky, who gave him the 499-point strategy, can now decide between an engraved plaque and 25 free matches. Also with a 272-point KOTR total (but a lower 15-hold total) was UZI: Ultimate Stinger (PKL). The hold positions we used to find the battle royal winners were 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 14.



UZI: Crazy Gangster (GRL) secured this $25,000 purse for the Smooth One Jeff Manning of Ohio, who wins 10 free matches!

Beginning next cycle, the champion of the Center Stage League will compete for this title, and the Grim Reaper League will switch from an Asiatic to a Hardcore league.



Michael Drake of New York won the Iron Federation belt with Trent Acid's 500-pointer, but quickly traded up to the World prize. In the Steel Federation, Kirk Hennig (MRL) won 25 free matches for Craig Peton of New Jersey! He had to use point flow against Cheo Diablo Vega (APL) and OC: Death (RYL). The Gold Federation champion was UZI: Thug Dionte Russell (BRL), managed to a 499 by the Smooth One Jeff Manning of Ohio. Jeff also scored the Bronze title, using Asiatic Champion UZI: Crazy Gangster (GRL)! He edged out MWC: Basher (FTL), TUFF: The Avenger (AEL), and UZI: Eternal Doom (WAL). Tony Robinson of Florida picked up his fifth Diamond Federation victory with FOE: Living Legend Bad Boy Tony (FJL), who beat UZI: Regal Rathmyer (NAL) by point flow. UZI: Pandemic (DHL) edged stablemate Prince Doom (THL) for the Jade Federation, earning more free matches for Jason P. Miller of Kansas.



Jason P. Miller of Kansas was awarded the choice of an engraved plaque or 25 free matches for leading UZI: Indifferent Narcissistic Sociopath (SPL) from a point flow win over LAW: James Pittman (IDL) in the Mountain region to the National title! His strategy was worth 500 points. Taking the remaining regions were...

Atlantic: The Lethal Weapon (DZL)
managed by Dominick Valenti of New York; edged out both LAW: Kyle Blackthorne (SPL) and LAW: Buzzsaw McGraw (IDL), all with 500
Central: "The Alabama Bad %#$" Shane Poteet (SPL)
owned by Nicholas Hill of Georgia; narrowly defeated NAA: The Super Natural Nick Rampage (IDL), both with 500
Dixie: LAW: Ian Recker (SPL)
also owned by Nicholas Hill; edged NAA: "Double J" James Johnson (IDL), both with 500
Eastern: UKA: Devil Dog #1 (CSLS)
managed to a 499 by Craig Peton of New Jersey
Northern: LAW: John "Scarface" Anderton (SPL)
another win for Nicholas Hill, who gave him a 500-pointer
Pacific: LAW: Mike Vendetta (SPL)
world class manager Michael Drake of New York coached him to 500 points
Prairie: LAW: Maniac Mike Hunter (IDL)
Nicholas Hill also armed him with a 500 total
Southern: "The Rebel Kid" T.J. Cattlett (SPL)
received the last 500 from the one and only Nicholas Hill
Western: LAW: Mike Drake (ABL)
the New Yorker stepped in the ring and earned one himself



Just like the previous cycle, the same wrestler took both the Ladies' World Championship and the Queen of the Ring honors! This time it was MWC: Brandy Dirt (FFL). She won an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for Steven M. Shotliff of Minnesota, who gave her a 500-pointer. She had to edge out UZI: Miss New Booty (GDL) for the Queen's crown. FOE: Allyson (FFL) picked up the Ladies' U.S. strap for Chad Burton of Indiana, then she teamed with stablemate Alexis Sapphire and they won the U.S. tag belts by point flow over PLAGUE: Gothic Angels #2 and #3 (LLL)! Great job, Chad. Three nWo members from the Femme Fatale League drew for the Ladies' National honors! Evil Wonder Woman, Maren Jensen, and Yancy Butler all belong to Tony Ibrahim of Kansas, who led them to point flow victory over Alexis Sapphire. Luke Fletcher of Georgia looked on proudly from ringside as UZI/FDC: Elektra and Marlana Blaze (LLL) were awarded the Ladies' Tag-team titles. The World Six-woman champions were ACE: Louise "Weezie" Jefferson, "Every Woman" Rosanne Conner, and "Super Mom" Maggie Seaver (GAL). Eric Sickler of California provided them with a 521-point team total. Taking the U.S. Six-woman belts were UZI: Lawanda Shonda Diamond, Boteefa Shaquanda, and Shaquita Mogadishu Shiraz Jackson (LLL). Jason P. Miller of Kansas managed them to the win over stablemates Aunt Flo, "Misery" Sharon, and Anita "Lotta" Payne (GAL).



ACE: Awesome Force and Hitman Howie Sandberg (NAL) proved to be unstoppable in their quest for these belts. Their manager, Howie Sandberg of New York, wins his choice of an engraved plaque or 15 free matches! Anthony Rodriguez of Alabama should also be proud, since his team of Da Masked Outlaw and Anthony S. Spivey were still ranked in the top ten.



1. ACE: Awesome Force & Hitman Howie Sandberg (NAL)
2. PLAGUE: Loyal Servant #2 & the Plague (QPL)
3. UZI: Le Mortician & Biggs "Muay Thai" Carpathian (XWL)
4. UZI: The Brooklyn Park Brawler & Big Country (CLL)
5. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore & Simply Sexy Sammy (GRL)
6. UZI: Rasheezy & Yankee Black Mamba (BRL)
7. UZI: Ruthless Rick & Demonic Dave Riot (ASL)
8. ACE: Hitman's Fury & Hitman's Wrath (HML)
9. UMI: Randy & Bill Mulley (APL)
10. UZI: Da Masked Outlaw & Anthony S. Spivey (TDL)



These $20,000 titles went to WWW: Johnny Slaughter and Lone Wolf Xavier Sanchez (ECL), who add another line to Mitchell Morrissey of Missouri's resume!



Ending in an unbreakable tie for these belts were Chase Garza, Steve Malone, and Distorted Reality (owned by Jonathan Akers of Texas) and Gregg Boyle of Maryland, who teamed with the Brooklyn Park Brawler and Big Country (whom he also manages). The top four teams in the standings had 521 points. Sly Smith of West Virginia's Awesome Sean MCA, Ric Legend, and Hollywood Armstrong made the list last time, and Howie Sandberg of New York's the Textbook Technician, the Sharpshooter, and Hitman Howie Sandberg stayed in fourth place!



1. COT: "South Texas Deathride" Chase Garza, "The Untouchable" Steve Malone, Distorted Reality (TPL)
UZI: "Too Deviant" Gregg Boyle, the Brooklyn Park Brawler, Big Country (CLL)
3. UMI: Living Nightmare, Bones, Ace (XWL)
4. ACE: The Textbook Technician, the Sharpshooter, Hitman Howie Sandberg (HML)
5. ACE: Unemployed Jimmy, Welfare Willie, Trailer Park Tommy Lamb (DZL)
6. ACE: Awesome Sean MCA, King of Hearts, Ric Legend (ECL)
7. FOE: Masters of Wrestling, Nothing, Disaster (NSL)
UZI: Outlaw Tony Taylor, Loverboy Louie Lopez, Nasty Nick Spalla (NFL)
UZI: Ego, Legion, Empire (DHL)
10. ACE: Awesome Sean MCA, Ric Legend, Hollywood Armstrong (APL)



UZI: Deadbeat Dads #1, #3, and Demon Spawn (CLL) fought to an unbreakable draw for these $20,000 titles with UZI: Pit Viper, Black Mamba, and King Cobra (ASL). Jason P. Miller of Kansas owns them all, and gave each team a 521-point total!



Listed below are the most active leagues for the Holidays cycle, based on the number of matches. Staying on top for the fourth cycle in a row was the All Star League! The Non-stop Action League had the best average strategy total (when counting only active wrestlers), so its managers can choose to take two matches for $1 next time instead of paying the regular match prices. Last cycle's winner, the ABL, finished a close second.

1. ASL (727 matches) 487.133
2. JEL (649 matches) 472.518
3. APL (635 matches) 484.283
4. LLL (617 matches) 483.353
5. ABL (608 matches) 491.829
6. IDL (590 matches) 488.472
7. JIL (538 matches) 483.500
8. NAL (533 matches) 492.670
9. KSL (472 matches) 473.182
10. BWL (460 matches) 472.378



1. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 6,963-822-130
2. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 4,112-1,308-239
3. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 3,962-1,724-306
4. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 3,787-1,701-280
5. I-AM: Izzy Stradlin (TGL) 3,756-591-107
6. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL)
COT: The Survivor (HAL)
8. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 3,623-745-146
9. RENEGADE: Eric "The Cobra" Langdon (MIL) 3,556-1,057-146
10. PRO: Bad Boy Tony (MWL) 3,440-304-98
11. Johnny "2 Kold" Koolakowski (LOL) 3,248-135-28
12. RDI: Super Stud Biff Backhand (ASL) 3,178-720-179
13. NVUS: Macho Man Daniel Savage (CFL) 3,104-729-136
14. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 3,039-573-170
15. SE: Diesel Duddick (NSL) 3,009-150-101
16. ROW: Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) 2,851-859-225
17. CC: Danny Boy O'Day (NSL) 2,841-542-137
18. S..A..L: Willie Wino (NSL) 2,831-480-112
19. CC: Oliver Shagnasty (NSL) 2,797-563-111
20. ACE: Morbid Minotaur (HTL) 2,773-550-22



IRON FEDERATION: Battling Titans, Center Stage (North and South), Danger Zone, Hardcore Wrestling, Heart Throb, Imminent Destruction, Iron Man, Murder Incorporated, Quick Pin, Southern Pride, Under Fire, Unknown Wrestler

STEEL FEDERATION: Absolute Pain, Caribbean Coast, Devil Inside, Executioner's Axe, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, King Kong, Mid-Atlantic Region, Pittsburgh Power, Praying Mantis, Rebel Yell, True Grit, Vicious Valkyries

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Classic Wrestling, Gold Digger, Good Times, Hit Man, Masked Wrestling, New Millennium, Ninja Dojo, Olympic Gold, Texas Death

DIAMOND FEDERATION: Arm Lock, Axe Blade, Dark Days, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Internal Rage, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Non-stop Action, Xtreme Wrestling

BRONZE FEDERATION: Alter Ego, Barbaric Warrior, Coffin Filler, Famous Talent, Gorgeous Amazon, Grim Reaper, Iron Glove, Jagged Edge, Knight Time, Main Event, New York, Wild America

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Just Rasslin', Killer Shark, Kings Court, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Thor's Hammer, Total Package, World Wrestling

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