Vol. 10, No. 17 -- December 2005
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Many of you know that Shane "Hurricane" Helms began his wrestling career in the IWA, and our game was also home to Hawaiian movie star and pro wrestler Daryl Bonilla. Now another IWA manager has achieved notoriety in real life. David Callaham, known to his friends in the game as Big Brother Stingray, actually wrote the screenplay for the recently released DOOM movie! In fact, if you visit DoomMovie.com and check out his official profile, he lists play-by-mail wrestling as a hobby -- how cool is that? Words can't express how proud we are of his accomplishment. His writing career is off to an incredibly impressive start, and he's another example of the fine caliber of people we have playing our game. We wish David continued success in Hollywood!

WWW: "The Enforcer" Charles Ballard enters our Hall of Fame this cycle with career stats of 1,398-229-66, $2,125,300 in the bank, and 16 stars. He manages himself from Georgia, so that's where we'll send the engraved plaque. CFL wrestlers will undoubtedly miss competing with this IWA great. Congratulations on a job well done, Charles!



WYD: Super Stud Biff Backhand (ASL) first dominated the Gold Federation with his perfect 501, then edged out the Iron Federation champion to win 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt plus 50 free matches for Ian Greaves of New York! Nice going, Ian.



Gregg Boyle of Maryland held onto this title, gaining another large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches! This time he used the Best (LOL) to edge out WWW: Silent Wolf (QPL), Minneapolis Bad Boy (LBL), WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (ECL), "Manslaughtering" Mario Mansen (FJL), and DC: Young Gun Sean Masters (NFL). All six had 500 points.



Successfully fighting off all other battle royal winners for this crown was TUFF: The Crippler (OBL)! After adding up the values of hold positions 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15 in all their strategies, his 272 total couldn't be beaten. Congratulations to manager Israel Melendez of New York, who can now decide between a large, engraved plaque and 25 free matches!



Matt Henderson of Virginia picked up the 25 free matches for the Iron Federation belt by arming UKA: Super Destroyer (QPL) with a perfect 501-point strategy. He came really close to being World Champion! In the Steel Federation, DC: Doomsayer (PML) gained the $40,000 purse for manager Scott K. Olson of Arizona. Biff Backhand was the champion in the Gold before trading in his prize for the World title. Retaining his Diamond Federation belt was SCA: Bad Boy Tony (ECL)! Tony Robinson of Florida led him to this impressive feat. His man edged out LEGACY/PTK: Midnight Rose (CRL), LPPF: Sir Dancealot (NFL), G Money (LOL), and the Living Legend Frank Leatherman Snow (LBL). They all had 500 points! SCA: DEE (NYL) didn't have as much trouble winning the Bronze title. He is also managed by Tony Robinson! WWW: Sammy Solar (SHL) earned the Jade Federation championship and its prize for his manager, IWA veteran Austin Pierce of Wisconsin.



COT: War Machine (ECL) switched into high gear last cycle, winning the Atlantic region by point flow over WWW/RK: "The Horror" Nick Nitemare (BTL), SCA: Doomsday Destroyer (CRL), and UKA: Sinister Shane Silliman (LBL). All four had a 500 total. His manager, the well known Les McCarver of Michigan, can now choose a large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches! Taking the rest of the titles were...

Central: COT/UA: Morbid Terror (ECL)
500 points
Dixie: SCA: Mahar Tajal (ECL)
edged HTL/TIC: Tony Hurricane (LBL), both with 500
Eastern: COT: Damien Deadsoul (ECL)
beat both "The Needle Freak" Brian Ink (NSL) and LEGACY/PTK: Ravenhawk V (CRL) by point flow, all with 500
Mountain: UKA: El M, N, O, P (BTL)
edged out UKA: Killer of Giants (HTL) and PG: "Redneck" Billy Ray Funk (BRL), all with 499
Northern: DR: Sominus (HTL)
edged WWW: Ripper Borden (QPL), both with 499
Pacific: SDI: Max Overdrive (HTL)
won by point flow against WWW: Gutterspike (QPL) and UKA: Chaim Witz (LBL), all with 499
Prairie: DEAD/COD: "Bloodshed" Tommy Blood (HTL)
Southern: UKA: Sexxy Beast (WKL)
500 total
Western: OSI/DEAD: The Genius (Spanky) (MIL)
500 points



NME: Godzooky (GDL) won big last cycle, gaining both the Ladies' World Championship and the Queen of the Ring honors! Her World victory earned an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for Jason Battaglia of New York, who gave her the 499-pointer. Winning the Ladies' U.S. title's $20,000 was CB: Christi "Got It All" Paul (FFL). She's managed by W.P. Mills of Wisconsin. SCA: Sinister Samantha (FFL) took the Ladies' National belt with her 500 total. Her manager is Andre Sabucco of Texas! The Ladies' Tag-team champions were DC: Videl and Android 18 (LLL), managed by Chris Spellman of Illinois. He teamed them with Bulma and they won the World Six-woman belts! Eric Lindsay of Pennsylvania coached XXX-PRESS: Anna "Brown Sugar" Amore' and Audrey "Freek-A-Leek" James (FFL) to the Ladies' U.S. tag titles. They had to edge out NME: Godzooky and Rachel "The Whale" Huntoon (GDL). Going home with the U.S. Six-woman straps were LB: Kimona, Dragon Lady, and Lotus the Ninja Girl (LLL). All three are managed by Frank Snow of North Carolina.



PA: Renegade Terry Idol and Austin "2 Tuff" Love (HTL) gained these $50,000 titles with their perfect teamwork. Their manager, Whit Whitaker of Indiana, will soon be receiving an engraved plaque or 15 free matches! The top three teams in the standings had 516 points.



1. PA: Renegade Terry Idol & Austin "2 Tuff" Love (HTL)
2. UKA: The Disciples of Fear & Pain (WKL)
3. HOT: Marcus Knightwing & Midir (BBL)
4. PA: Executioner Sean Danger & WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (ECL)
5. SCA: Neo & the 13th Warrior (ESL)
6. WWW: Ripper Borden & Zomby Woof (QPL)
7. EDGE/XR: Superstar Billy Silva & "Insane" Shane Hogg (GRL)
8. SCA: Diamond Dallas & DEE (NYL)
9. Minneapolis Bad Boy & "Sultan of Ice" Herb Brooks (LBL)
10. LB: John & Tommy the Butchers Berkowitz (WCL)



Joshua Haight of Wisconsin led his team of SCA: Cardshark and Blackjack (WKL) to point flow victory over SCA: Achilles and Faztradamus (ESL), Man Mountain John Link and Deviant Angelo Bianchi (BRL), DHM: Doomsday and Bull Pain (MOL), plus FTW: James Terence Bryson and Rufus, the Good Time Cowboy (LBL). His men added $20,000 to their earnings. Great job!



SCA: Diamond Dallas, HBK, and DEE (NYL) kept these belts around their waists another cycle, but Tony Robinson of Florida had to share ownership with four other teams. The Strykers (SFL), who belong to married super duo Mark and Rebecca Duchaine of Vermont, also had a perfect strategy. The GFY team from the NDL made sure that John Hollister of Maryland took part of the prize money. Chris Spellman of Illinois' DC stablemates grabbed a share, as did the EDGE/XR team, which is managed by Jeff Annable of Canada. The top eight teams listed had 521 points!



1. SCA: Diamond Dallas, HBK, DEE (NYL)
DEAD/MHC: Brutal Barry, Sinister Steve, Killer Kenny Stryker (SFL)
GFY: Octane, Retribution, Loaded Gun Complex (NDL)
DC: Outcast, Paranoia, Insomnia (KCL)
EDGE/XR: Commissioner Hannibal, the Last Call Legend, the Inebriated Icon (GRL)
6. Minneapolis Bad Boy, "Sultan of Ice" Herb Brooks, Minnesota Madman (LBL)
7. SCA: Ruthless, Hollywood Chris Fox, the Silly Doctor (WAL)
8. "Big" Tom, American Statesman #4, American Patriot #4 (JDL)
9. EDGE: Mr. White, Mr. Blue, Mr. Blonde (HML)
DC: Orange Crush, Blue Blazer, Red Rooster (ABL)



Tony Robinson of Florida had these $20,000 belts all to himself last time, after he led SCA/DEAD: Walker "The Evil" Clown, Cosmic Invader, and Darkness (KCL) to victory over LB: Jake the Hammer Muldoon, Bodacious Brad Blaze, and Saxe Gotha (LBL). Awesome teamwork, guys!



Listed below are the most active leagues for the November cycle, going by the number of matches. Our very first league, the All Star League, is still going strong. In fact, it's in first place! Also shown is the average strategy total for each league, counting only active wrestlers. Femme Fatale League managers can take advantage of the special "two matches for $1" price next cycle, since their active wrestlers had the highest average total!

1. ASL (1,199 matches) 491.453
2. HTL (979 matches) 494.310
3. MRL (803 matches) 478.134
4. DIL (754 matches) 481.800
5. IGL (744 matches) 474.689
6. ECL (692 matches) 493.883
7. KKL (586 matches) 482.412
8. JIL (578 matches) 490.389
9. LLL (563 matches) 486.659
10. BTL (509 matches)
FFL (509 matches)



1. IIEII: Izzy Stradlin (RHL) $16,632,500
2. EDGE: Darian Tomb (ASL) $16,448,100
3. COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor (HAL) $10,483,200
4. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $10,135,738
5. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) $10,040,500
6. LPPF: King Krusher (WAL) $9,555,100
7. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) $7,816,400
8. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) $7,321,700
9. WYD: Super Stud Biff Backhand (ASL) $6,647,200
10. DC: Diesel Duddick (NSL) $6,566,300
11. NVUS: Macho Man Daniel Savage (CFL) $6,509,900
12. GOTH: Johnny Cage (OGL) $6,445,238
13. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) $6,392,800
14. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) $6,329,400
15. GOTH: Snake Badlands (OGL) $6,322,745
16. GOTH: Deacon Frost (OGL) $6,255,900
17. IE: Sister of Night (LLL) $6,191,100
18. TD: General Johnny Contract (JIL) $6,064,800
19. CD: Aeneas Bloodblade (MOL) $5,828,000
20. CD: Kael Bloodblade (MOL) $5,745,500



IRON FEDERATION: Battling Titans, Danger Zone, Heart Throb, Iron Man, Lethal Weapon, Mount Olympus, Murder Incorporated, Northern Lights, Quick Pin, Under Fire, Yankee Clipper

STEEL FEDERATION: Devil Inside, Fight Night, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, King Kong, Mid-Atlantic Region, Praying Mantis, Red Hot, Sterling Silver, True Grit, Vicious Valkyries

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Eastern Stars, Gold Digger, Hit Man, Living Nightmare, Ninja Dojo, Olympic Gold, San Francisco, Texas Death

DIAMOND FEDERATION: Arm Lock, Axe Blade, Chaotic Rebellion, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Jack Hammer, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Wild Kingdom

BRONZE FEDERATION: Alter Ego, Coffin Filler, Famous Talent, Glory Bound, Grim Reaper, Iron Glove, Mat Action, Mat Mayhem, New York, Trouble Maker, Wild America, World Championship

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, High Rollers, Jade Dragon, Jolly Roger, Just Incredible, Kings Court, Lovely Ladies, Prime Time, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Total Package, World Wrestling

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