Vol. 10, No. 16 -- November 2005
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Opening soon in the Bronze Federation is our newest ladies' league, the Great Amazon League! Transfer your female grappler in for $2, or create a new one for $1 each. The very first cycle of play, everyone gets placed in the battle royal for FREE! This should provide even more competition for our ladies' titles, and is sure to be a fun place to be. Make sure you check it out!

Managers in the High Rollers League have spoken, and we've listened. Beginning right now, the HRL is open for transfers! Every cycle, the champion of this Jade Federation league wins a real-life cash prize equal to fifty cents for each card in the results. (You must be at least eighteen years old to join the excitement.) If you've been putting off trying our only cash prize league because you didn't want to create a brand new wrestler, this is your chance!



Tony Robinson of Florida won another real wrestling belt and 50 free matches or 100 free matches! His wrestler, SCA: Bas Rutten (HML), first claimed the prize in the Gold Federation, then used his perfect 501-point strategy to defeat the other federation winners. Congratulations, Tony!



Gregg Boyle of Maryland was awarded this large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches because his wrestler, DHM: Uncle Bone Face (KKL), had the best strategy out of any league TV champion last cycle. The values of his 15 holds added up to 500 points!



LPPF: Primetime Bruce Thomas (SFL), who manages himself out of Pennsylvania, will soon be receiving a large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches. We added up the values of hold positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 12, 14, and 15 in every league battle royal winner's strategy, and his impressive 274 total was the highest. Nice going, Bruce!



C.J. Frank of California smoked the competition in the Iron Federation with SCA/DC: "420 Kid" Wicked (BTL). The Steel Federation champion was DHM/HAM/NME: Hired Killer (DIL). He was armed with a 500-pointer from "The Ladies' Man" Nick Dendekker of Canada. The Gold Federation went to reigning World Champion Bas Rutten, managed by Tony Robinson of Florida. Tony also claimed the Diamond Federation title! He gave SCA: Bad Boy Tony (ECL) a 499-point strategy. E$T: Man of 1,000 Sugar Packets (OBL) won the Bronze Federation for Zach Gargus of Parts Unknown. He had a 500 total. Anil Mohabir of New York outsmarted his foes in the Jade Federation with nWo/IU: The Cerebral Assassin (TPL), so he wins 25 free matches!



Veteran manager Iron Man Pete Kolomichuk of Ohio dominated in not just one, but two regions last cycle! He took the Central title with UKA: Jason the Snake (IGL), who edged OTR: Billy (The Kid) Pauch (HML). He also picked up the Dixie region with UKA: Dark Justice (GBL), then both tied for the National honors! His wrestlers (and Billy Pauch) had 500-pointers. Pete gets his choice of a large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches. Winning the remaining regions were...

Atlantic: DHM: Co-Jack (KKL)
edged DHM: Bob "O" (DIL), ???: Austin Armadillo #1 (NSL), PA: Executioner Sean Danger (ECL), SCA: Randy "The Natural" Couture (HML), LB/MOR: Master of the Demon Axe (BRL), and LIGHTNING XPRESS: Ballistic Brad Horner (MRL)
Eastern: NVUS: The Wiley Crustacean (WAL)
beat MDS: Mr. Wrasslin' Star (MRL) by point flow
Mountain: NVUS: Killmaster Chris Achilles (TML)
499 total
Northern: LPPF: "Barely Legal" Bobby Black (DIL)
499 points
Pacific: COT: Red Dragon (ECL)
Prairie: Exotic Aden Planet (MRL)
edged out DHM/HAM: The Ripper (DIL) and Dimitrios the Traveler (BRL)
Southern: NVUS: Gravedigger (DIL)
Western: LPPF: "The Italian Stallion" Dino Bravino (DIL)



Three managers hogged all of our ladies' titles last cycle! DHM/NME: Missy the Vampire (VVL) flew the Ladies' World belt out of Sweden and home to "The Ladies' Man" Nick Dendekker in Canada, bringing along an engraved plaque or 15 free matches. Her strategy was worth 500 points. Nick also won the Ladies' U.S. title! DHM/NME: "Amazingly Hot" Angela Sweetheart (VVL) had a 499 total. The Ladies' National Champion was NME: Sexy Kima Thomas (FFL), managed by "Rotten" Robert Maitland of New York. She edged out DHM/NME: Buffy the Vampire (VVL). Robert teamed Kima with "Da Brat" C.J. Thomas and ended up with the Ladies' Tag-team straps! SCA: Dracula's Bride Verona (VVL) took the Queen of the Ring crown for Andre Sabucco of Texas. She edged her stablemate Moody Maddie (FFL), who paired with Evil Erin to win the U.S. tag titles. Then Andre added Sinister Samantha to the team and claimed the World Six-woman championships. He finished his cycle by taking the U.S. Six-woman belts with SCA: Terrible Torrie, Brutal Britney, and Maniac Molly (GDL)!



Steve Young of Ohio got an engraved plaque or 15 free matches for having the tag-team with the best strategy last cycle. The pair who picked up $50,000 apiece was xXx: Mr. Destiny and Max Morgue (HML)! The first three teams listed had 516 points.



1. xXx: Mr. Destiny & Max Morgue (HML)
2. HIGH OCTANE: Cam & Fuel (AAL)
3. SCA: Sgt. Billy Club & Fate (TDL)
4. MDS: The Hooded Superstar & Hooded Destroyer (MRL)
5. NVUS: Morgan Graves & Damien Dark (DIL)
6. WWW: Warped Drive & Mike White Lightning Moore (HAL)
7. COT: Lord of Suffering & Damien Deadsoul (ECL)
8. UKA: Super Destroyer & Nightmare Hangman #9 (QPL)
9. UKA: Samoan Savage & Samoan Nightmare (STL)
10. NVUS: Gorku the Giant Armadillo & the Wiley Crustacean (WAL)



These $20,000 titles remained in Canada, as EDGE: The Terminator and Pain (HML) used their perfect 516 team total to win the honor for Jeff Annable. Way to go, Jeff!



C.J. Frank and Eugene Quintana kept their hands on these titles, while two other managers also shared in an unbreakable four-way tie! Tony Robinson of Florida continued his winning streak with SCA: Diamond Dallas, HBK, and DEE (NYL). Anthony Fazio of Illinois teamed his SCA: Jason Bourne and Jessica Alba with SCA/DC: "Jacknife Hammer" Nash Braden (HAL), managed by C.J. Frank of California. C.J. also owns SCA/DC: Baby Ray, Don Dawson, and "420 Kid" Wicked (BTL), who tied for eighth place in the six-man standings last time. EDGE: Tim Faucet, Sheriff Johnson, and Kefin Lee (RHL) took home some of the prize money for Eugene Quintana of California. They competed for these belts because of an in-league error, which pushed SCA: John, Tony, and Mike Ceno (SSL) off the top 10 rankings. The top eight teams in the list had 521 points!



1. SCA: Diamond Dallas, HBK, DEE (NYL)
SCA: Jason Bourne, Jessica Alba, SCA/DC: "Jacknife Hammer" Nash Braden (HAL)
SCA/DC: Baby Ray, Don Dawson, "420 Kid" Wicked (BTL)
EDGE: Tim Faucet, Sheriff Johnson, Kefin Lee (RHL)
5. LB/DEAD: Randy Scouse Git, People's Choice Mike Bullrock, Scojo Fantasy (GBL)
6. DHM: Fast Eddie, Pockets, Bob "O" (DIL)
7. UKA: Super Destroyer, Nightmare Hangman #9, Dark Patriot (QPL)
8. DC: Johnny Dream, American Dream Scott Olson, Kevin the Cause Starr (BRL)
9. NVUS: Gorku the Giant Armadillo, the Wiley Crustacean, Jui-Jitsu Jaguar Ruas (WAL)
10. COT/UA: Morbid Terror, COT: Lord of Suffering, Damien Deadsoul (ECL)



Two teams ended in an unbreakable tie for these belts. SCA: The Professional Alex Cross and Silent Assassin John Clark belong to Anthony Fazio of Illinois. They partnered with C.J. Frank of California's SCA/DC: "Irish Technician" Mickey McLaughlin (HAL) for the win. Eugene Quintana of California kept his name in this section with EDGE: Jon Quakers, Merit Goose Mon, and Kevlin Hawg (RHL). They were put in the running for these titles due to an in-league mistake. Both teams had a perfect 521 total!



Ranked below, by the number of matches, are the most active leagues for the Fall cycle. Also included is the average strategy total for each league, using active wrestlers only. Evil Clown League managers get two matches for $1 next cycle, since they had the highest average. The previous winner, the Heart Throb League, rode the special price to the top of the list!

1. HTL (757 matches) 485.814
2. MRL (709 matches) 489.452
3. DIL (691 matches) 489.325
4. ECL (608 matches) 492.605
5. KKL (602 matches) 485.273
6. ASL (591 matches) 487.871
7. JIL (548 matches) 480.200
8. BRL (532 matches) 489.583
9. JRL (508 matches) 463.273
10. IGL (492 matches) 477.474



1. EDGE: Darian Tomb (ECL) 7,340-1,491-306
2. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 5,509-757-116
3. COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor (HAL) 3,735-794-194
4. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 3,702-1,219-219
5. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 3,473-1,628-260
6. IIEII: Izzy Stradlin (RHL) 3,374-566-101
7. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 3,282-1,616-245
8. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) 3,265-1,641-256
9. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 3,160-689-133
10. DC: Burnout (NYL) 2,811-618-117
11. DC: Diesel Duddick (NSL) 2,722-136-87
12. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) 2,620-509-160
13. RENEGADE: Eric "The Cobra" Langdon (PKL) 2,591-924-119
14. WYD: Super Stud Biff Backhand (ASL) 2,516-589-135
15. BETRAYAL: Venom (NYL) 2,398-599-120
16. CD: Kael Bloodblade (MOL) 2,376-607-136
17. NVUS: Macho Man Daniel Savage (CFL) 2,358-626-124
18. CD: Aeneas Bloodblade (MOL) 2,332-656-113
19. SCA: Bad Boy Tony (ECL) 2,310-294-71
20. Special Agent B.M.F. (JIL) 2,203-699-184



IRON FEDERATION: Battling Titans, Danger Zone, Heart Throb, Iron Man, Lethal Weapon, Mount Olympus, Murder Incorporated, Northern Lights, Quick Pin, Under Fire, Yankee Clipper

STEEL FEDERATION: Devil Inside, Fight Night, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, King Kong, Mid-Atlantic Region, Praying Mantis, Red Hot, Sterling Silver, Vicious Valkyries

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Chicago Legends, Eastern Stars, Gold Digger, Hit Man, Living Nightmare, Ninja Dojo, Olympic Gold, San Francisco, Texas Death

DIAMOND FEDERATION: Arm Lock, Axe Blade, Chaotic Rebellion, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Fractured Jaw, Jack Hammer, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Wild Kingdom

BRONZE FEDERATION: Alter Ego, Coffin Filler, Famous Talent, Glory Bound, Grim Reaper, Iron Glove, Mat Action, Mat Mayhem, New York, Odin's Blood, Trouble Maker, Wild America, World Championship

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, High Rollers, Jade Dragon, Jolly Roger, Just Incredible, Kings Court, Lovely Ladies, Prime Time, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Total Package, World Wrestling

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