Vol. 10, No. 10 -- July 2005
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Each wrestler listed below was awarded $100,000 in imaginary earnings, and his manager now holds the corresponding title in our newest American league, the National Cities League! Congratulations to all the winners. Special thanks go out to everyone who provided them with such fierce competition!

Baltimore: BOC: Jadgtiger (HAL)
Henry Boegle of New York
Boston: LB: Bodacious Brad Blaze (LBL)
Frank Snow of North Carolina
Cleveland: SC: High Stakes Chris Edwards (CFL)
Ed Cassens of Missouri
Houston: BEST: Walker "The Evil" Clown (TPL)
Tony Robinson of Florida
edged Flying Space Tiger (KKL) and LB: Catfish Jackson (STL)
Los Angeles: LB: Leather Rebel Spike Frenzy (BRL)
Frank Snow of North Carolina
Miami: NVUS: Black Mamba (LWL)
and NVUS: Anaconda (MIL)
Larry A. Thompson of Michigan
New Orleans: LB: Jean Paul Van Damage (QPL)
Frank Snow of North Carolina
edged BOC: Louisiana Wildfire (WKL)
New York: BEST: Bas Rutten (GNL)
Tony Robinson of Florida
Philadelphia: TS: Super Nuclear Assassin I (BRL)
Dale Swan, Jr. of Utah
San Francisco: BEST: John Ceno (SSL)
Tony Robinson of Florida



He is the cheese-eatingest grappler who ever put on the tights. His name is IIEII: Mighty Mouse (1,112-256-29, $2,136,100 *13), and he's entering our Hall of Fame from the PML! He always stood up for good, and despised evil, except when he was overcome by the "Magic Cheese," which temporarily turned him evil. Luckily, though, he came to his senses, and finished his career as a champion of justice. In his retirement, he will be on the board of directors of the Swiss Cheese Company, located in Zurich, Switzerland. Congratulations to Tom Heholt of Michigan, who wins an engraved plaque!

The GNL closed, so the Hit Man League is our newest hardcore league. (Remember that hardcore leagues do not allow wrestlers to transfer in.) The LVL also closed recently, so we've made the NFL an Urban Legend League.

We're strongly considering converting our special leagues (hardcore, American, and Urban Legend) to normal leagues, since the concepts have lost some of their luster over time. Please let us know how you feel about this possible change!



Dan Delaney of Ohio led NVUS: Jam (LWL) to the top of the imaginary wrestling world with a 500-point strategy! He gladly traded in his grappler's Iron Federation prize for 100 free matches or a real wrestling belt plus 50 free matches.



Bubba Johnson of Mississippi kept the U.S. title in his possession by arming STUD/DEAD: Evil Goblin (TBL) with a 500-pointer. He wins another large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches!



Fuel (CLL), managed by Charles Spencer of Maryland, was crowned King after adding up the values of hold positions 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 13, 14, and 15 in his strategy. His 271 total earned his manager a large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches!



NVUS: Doctor Pain (NLL), managed by Raymond Ho of Canada, wrote himself a 500-point prescription for success! Raymond wins the choice between an engraved plaque and 15 free matches.



World Champion NVUS: Jam (LWL), managed by Dan Delaney of Ohio, stormed through our hardcore leagues with his 500 total. Now Dan can add either an engraved plaque or 15 free matches to his collection!



Tony Robinson of Florida won his choice of an engraved plaque or 15 free matches when Bronze Federation winner BEST: DEE (NYL) also claimed this title! Losing by point flow was Anthony Dudick's DC: Crosscheck Chris Simpson (TBL).



Eventual World Champion Jam edged stablemate NVUS: Doctor Pain (NLL) for the Iron Federation title. Both men had 500 points. Also managed by Dan Delaney of Ohio was Steel Federation champion NVUS: Dr. Richard S. Tife (SSL), who had to use point flow against COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor (HAL). GOTH: White Knight (LNL) edged HOT: Marcus Knightwing (BBL) and OUTLAW: Brady Allen (CLL) to win the Gold Federation prize of 25 free matches for Mike Dorsett of New York. Taking his ninth Diamond Federation championship was veteran manager Michael Eaves of Mississippi! He used PA: Celtic Tiger (NFL) to achieve the feat, edging out both DHM: "FSL Owner" Nick Dendekker (LVL) and stablemate PA: War Machine (ECL). In the Bronze, Urban Legend Champion BEST: DEE (NYL) won the title for Tony Robinson of Florida. He defeated PA: Seymour Batts (FTL) and USA: OS (SCL) by point flow. The free matches for winning the Jade Federation belt went home with Steve Schrimpshire of Mississippi, who coached UKA: S.M. Punk (TPL) to victory.



After defeating BOC: Vigorous (MAL) by point flow for the Eastern title, EDGE: Idol Ike Damage (FWL) used his 500-pointer to win the National prize of a large, engraved plaque or 25 free matches. He's managed by Gilbert Arroyo of California! The other regions went to...

Atlantic: NVUS: King Cobra (LWL)
edged WWW/DBD: Dangerous Danny Danzig (ASL), both with 499
Central: Jeff Youngblood (MRL)
499 total
Dixie: DC: Dizdane (LWL)
Mountain: WWW/DBD: Bad Attitude Brett Deville (ASL)
edged out HOT: Midir (BBL)
Northern: NME: Gothic Lord II (DZL)
used point flow to defeat Matt Fugate (YCL)
Pacific: NME: Lord Power (SFL)
Prairie: STUD/DEAD: King Aladdin (MIL)
edged NVUS: Tic (LWL), both with 499
Southern: NVUS: Diamondback (MIL)
499 points
Western: DC: Highstick Brett Simpson (TBL)
edged out DHM: Too Sexy Nasty Nick (SCL), NVUS: Terminator (IIL), NME/SBWC: "Stunning" Stanley Oliva (WCL), and NVUS: Slayer (MIL)



Gaining the Ladies' World Championship with a 499 was SWO/HM: Lady Red (LLL), managed by Mike England of Alabama, who can now enjoy an engraved plaque or 15 free matches. Mike teamed his lucky Lady with "The Real Deal" Rosario Dawson and soon found himself holding the Ladies' Tag-team straps! Then he added "Awesome" Amanda PEET to the mix and they conquered the U.S. Six-woman titles by edging out DHM: Buffy, Stephy, and Missy the Vampires (VVL). MOAV: Katherine Culman (FFL), managed by Marc Phaneuf of Rhode Island, ended up wearing the Queen of the Ring crown when all was said and done. Marc teamed her with Prunella Pythagoras and Kurvaceous Kyla Rennington to win the World Six-woman championships, and the move paid off! Not content with the men's U.S. belt, Bubba Johnson of Mississippi decided he would also win the Ladies' U.S. title, and the $20,000 prize went to his STUD/DEAD: Ms. Clause (WUL). Taking the Ladies' National honors was NME: Ice Queen Tonya Harding (WUL). She's managed by Steven J. Deane of Nebraska. Jake Duvall of Georgia's TD: Dr. Phyllia Feelgood joined forces with DHM: Stephy the Vampire (VVL), managed by "The Ladies' Man" Nick Dendekker of Canada, and together they won the Ladies' U.S. tag titles.



Justin West and the Warrior Duke (WAL) won these belts for Joshua Haight of Wisconsin, who can now decide between an engraved plaque and 15 free matches! Also with a 516 total was the team of NVUS: Kilo and Gramm (TML).



1. Justin West & the Warrior Duke (WAL)
2. NVUS: Kilo & Gramm (TML)
3. GOTH: Brian Coldheart & Snake Badlands (DZL)
4. FOH: Giant Japanese Warrior & Sumo Sasaki (BBL)
5. DC: Ice Cream Man Gregory Howard & the Iceman Richard Kulinski (ESL)
6. "Purebred" Jermaine Shepherd & "Small Change" Willie from Philly (STL)
7. NVUS: King of All NV & Root of All That's NV'd (GRL)
8. EDGE: Analysis & Combination (OGL)
9. EDGE: The Terminator & Pain (HML)
10. WWW: Lord "All Your Base" Zig & the De-Railer (NDL)



Gaining these $20,000 purses were NME: Harlan Johnson and Harlem Guiness (WCL), managed by Mr. Michael J. Paciga, CEO of Infamous Unlimited. Their total was a perfect 516.



Eugene Quintana of California earned an engraved plaque or 15 free matches by leading two teams to a draw for these straps! Ashy Larry, Leonard Washington, and Rodney "Quills" Dinkins (STL) tied with EDGE: Hiarcs, Obsidian, and Carnelian (OGL) for the win. The top four teams listed had 521 points.



1. Ashy Larry, Leonard Washington, Rodney "Quills" Dinkins (STL)
EDGE: Hiarcs, Obsidian, Carnelian (OGL)
3. NME: "Everybody's Idol" Chris Magnum, Evil Elvis Elliot, Ali Babba (WCL)
4. xXx: 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, the Prototype, the Ultimate Creation (SSL)
5. NVUS: Kilo, Gramm, Mind Corrupter (TML)
6. Justin West, the Warrior Duke, Clever Price (WAL)
7. BEST: Diamond Dallas, HBK, DEE (NYL)
8. PA: Colossal, Rogue, War Machines (ECL)
9. EB: Dark Angel, Dark Angel #2, DC: Doomsayer (DIL)
10. COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor, COT: "Dangerous" Danny, "Devastating" Doug Destiny (HAL)



NME: Harlan Johnson and Harlem Guiness picked up another $20,000 for these U.S. titles, as did their stablemate Haynes Harris (WCL). All three are managed by Mr. Michael J. Paciga, CEO of Infamous Unlimited. Also with a 521 but losing by point flow were EDGE: Lambda Omicron, Sigma Zeta, and Iota Kappa (JIL).



1. IIEII: Izzy Stradlin (RHL) $16,287,600
2. EDGE: Darian Tomb (ECL) $16,157,100
3. COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor (HAL) $10,414,300
4. DFI: American Freedom Fighter E.J. (SHL) $9,968,738
5. nWo: Evil Wonder Woman (WUL) $9,786,500
6. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) $9,669,900
7. PA: King Krusher (HHL) $9,437,500
8. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) $7,690,700
9. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) $6,748,100
10. DC: Diesel Duddick (NSL) $6,491,400



Going by the number of matches, the most active leagues for the June cycle were: MRL (in first place yet again, this time with 1,204 matches), WKL (springing into second with an awesome 895 matches), TDL (moving up to third with 644 exciting matches), DIL, YCL, ECL, ASL, KKL, BBL, and HTL.

The YCL continued its streak of winning the two matches for $1 cycle! It had an average strategy total of 492.5 points for all active wrestlers. The HTL was right behind with 492.281, and the TDL took third with an average of 490.607 points.



1. EDGE: Darian Tomb (ECL) 7,318-1,441-303
2. "Mr. Powerful" Ken Lambeau (PKL) 5,157-744-113
3. COT/ALLIANCE: The Survivor (HAL) 3,730-786-189
4. WWW: Mike White Lightning Moore (QPL) 3,610-1,202-211
5. PAIN: Dragon Tzu (AAL) 3,362-1,610-252
6. PAIN: Manitou (AAL) 3,199-1,603-240
7. IIEII: Izzy Stradlin (RHL) 3,181-541-94
8. PAIN: Cougar - WK (AAL) 3,166-1,634-248
9. JL6: The Hooded Inmate (IML) 3,138-679-133
10. nWo: Evil Wonder Woman (WUL) 2,731-1,166-169



IRON FEDERATION: Battling Titans, Danger Zone, Heart Throb, Iron Man, Lethal Weapon, Mount Olympus, Murder Incorporated, Northern Lights, Quick Pin, Tampa Bay, Women Unite, Yankee Clipper

STEEL FEDERATION: Devil Inside, Fierce Warrior, Hired Assassin, Intense Impact, King Kong, Mid-Atlantic Region, Praying Mantis, Red Hot, Sterling Silver, Unknown Wrestler, Vicious Valkyries

GOLD FEDERATION: All Star, Battle Royal, Blood Bath, Chicago Legend, Eastern Stars, Gold Digger, Hit Man, Living Nightmare, Ninja Dojo, Olympic Gold, San Francisco, Texas Death

DIAMOND FEDERATION: Axe Blade, Chaotic Rebellion, Evil Clown, Femme Fatale, Last Breath, Lights Out, Night Falcon, Noble Savage, Saber Tooth, Wild Kingdom

BRONZE FEDERATION: Alter Ego, Coffin Filler, Famous Talent, Glory Bound, Grim Reaper, Iron Glove, Mat Action, Mat Mayhem, New York, Odin's Beard, Southern Comfort, Trouble Maker, Wild America, World Championship

JADE FEDERATION: Atomic Age, Hard Hitting, High Rollers, Jade Dragon, Just Incredible, Kansas City, Lovely Ladies, Psychotic Killer, Super Hero, Total Package, World Wrestling

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