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We recently held a vote on whether to add an exception to the controversial six-holds-in-a-row rule, which would have prevented it from affecting wrestlers and teams with perfect strategy totals. The results were split right down the middle. As my goal with the idea had been to establish some common ground between the two camps, it seems I failed in rather spectacular fashion.

Undeterred, I dusted myself off and began thinking of another approach. Since my attempts to convince managers in favor of the rule to loosen their stance have proven unsuccessful, I decided to see if I could sway those against the rule to learn to live with it. Here, then, is my next brilliant idea, which will undoubtedly meet with 100% approval:

  • Six-shooter Champion
  • Double Barrel Champions
  • Triple Six Champions

Every wrestler or team involved in a match -- on either side -- that ends early due to the rule gets a shot ;-) at these new major titles. Each of the six champions receives $66,600 in imaginary earnings and six free matches. The winners will be determined by the same method we use when two or more wrestlers/teams defeat in-league champions by the same point spread (team point flow, then individual point flow, followed by the previous cycle's strategy totals; click HERE for a more thorough explanation), but the singles title will use, as an additional tiebreaker, the previous cycle's full point flow instead of simply the strategy total.

The biggest question is: Is this idea worth pursuing? If the six-in-a-row rule dashes your hopes of winning a major championship, would the knowledge that you get to compete for one of these new major titles make the rule more bearable?

Lesser questions include: Should both the winner(s) and loser(s) of six-in-a-row matches qualify for these belts? Would you prefer we call them something more standard, such as Intercontinental singles, tag, and six-man? Do you have any suggestions for improving the idea?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote on the previous issue. I hope you'll share your thoughts on this new one!

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