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The Jade Federation hold values were inadvertently published in two Bronze Federation bulletins this past cycle, so we had to quickly redo them. Understandably, this threw a monkey wrench into the plans of our Jade managers, as they couldn't un-see those numbers. After much deliberation and very well thought-out feedback from some of our many intelligent players, we decided to postpone the Jade Federation portion of Stablecade 2019 so those managers could compete on a level playing field. Our other five federations will be unaffected by these events.

If you manage wrestlers in any Jade Federation leagues, you have until the end of this cycle (May) to enter them into Stablecade. They will use the May cycle hold values for the purposes of the contest.

If you manage wrestlers in a league which is in the Iron, Steel, Gold, Diamond, or Bronze Federation, your Stablecade entries are already locked in. They will use the April cycle hold values for the contest.

Since there is extra time available, we will be contacting everyone who entered wrestlers from the Iron through Bronze Federations to make sure all their entries were processed correctly, and to ensure that Jim receives every cent he is entitled to. Players will not be permitted to substitute or withdraw wrestlers, nor will they be allowed to change stable affiliations; we will only make corrections to stable initials or missing entries, and will verify this info with each player's previous emails.

In other words, for all wrestlers except those in the Jade Federation, Stablecade time will be suspended. It wouldn't be fair to our Jade players if we allowed managers in earlier federations to make changes now, but locking in Iron through Bronze is not unfair to the players in those five federations, because they will still be receiving what they were promised, and will not have a worse chance at victory than our Jade managers.

A big "thank you" goes out to managers including Caleb Crawdad and Seth Brubaker, who complemented Donald Henry's suggestion with a great compromise to this situation involving hold values that were compromised. Caleb also requested that we get the donations received thus far to Jim Ripka's family as quickly as possible. See below for the amazing outcome of his request.

We really appreciate everyone who took time out of their busy weekday to help us arrive at a resolution that was as fair as possible. We're very sorry our error ruined your day, but are blown away by how fantastic you've all been about it. Our players rock!

Amount raised for Jim Blazer, not counting Jade Federation entries: an incredible $858! We were also honored to donate $50 on behalf of a very generous manager who submitted contest entries, as well. Just look at the quality of the people playing this game!

UPDATE: We were so moved by the selflessness you have all displayed, and we thought getting Jim's family the money immediately was such a terrific idea, that we donated the $322 needed to complete the medical fund's initial goal of $5,000. We don't expect to receive that many Stablecade entries from the Jade Federation -- in fact, if the only reason you were going to enter the contest was to contribute to Jim's fund, please donate that money yourself by visiting his Plumfund page.

On a related note, Facebook users should consider leaving Jim some words of encouragement on his Plumfund page, with or without a monetary contribution. Remember, Jim needs emotional as well as financial support!

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